Zion’s Child-Killing Spree Continues: 15-Year Old Palestinian Arkan Thaer Mezher Slaughtered By IOF On Monday

by Jonathan Azaziah

The demonic sons of Zion have murdered another Palestinian child. This little boy is Arkan Thaer Mezher. Just 15 years old. From the Dheisheh refugee camp of occupied Bethlehem. ‘Israeli’ occupation forces invaded his home along with several others at dawn on Monday. They didn’t have a reason other than keeping up with the routine of terrorizing and dehumanizing a refugee population who haven’t and won’t ever abandon their right to resist. Young Arkan and many of his friends heard through the grapevine the raid was coming so they decided to wake up even earlier than they normally did and keep watch at the entrance of the camp. After conducting the raids, IOF moved towards the front of Dheisheh where they saw the gathering of shabab who were armed with nothing but rocks and their courage. The Jewish colonizers, as cowardly as ever, opened fire with live ammo and tear gas. Arkan was shot square in the chest by the usurping filth and died almost instantly. Videos of his lifeless body being carried away bring tears to your eyes and give birth to the most gnawing pit deep in your stomach. Seeing him draped in the blood-red flag of the PFLP only breaks the heart further and invokes memories of Mouqawamah heroes like Commander Abou Ali Moustafa (R.A.) and recently martyred journalist Ahmed Abou Hussein (R.A.) The boy should’ve lived to see his land liberated. Instead he’s been buried alongside other precious Shouhada and will have to see the inevitable day of Palestine’s deliverance from the Other Side. He died with a stone in his hand. He died fighting. He died a warrior–a true Palestinian, a true Mouqawamist, even at such a tender age.

How many more Palestinian children does ‘Israel’ have to slaughter before you STOP following charlatans like Jewish Voice for “Peace” and START listening to Al-Qassam Chief Muhammad al-Deif, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi? Sincere question. How many more Arkan Thaer Mezhers do there have to be? So long as the Zio-Tumor exists in our midst, there will be bloodshed. Chaos. Fitnah. Terrorism. War. Rape and pillage of this ancient land. If you’re not bellowing “DEATH TO THE ENTITY”, you’re not just doing a disservice to the Palestinian cause and its martyrs, you’re failing as human being. You shouldn’t even be speaking let alone weighing in on a matter that affects all of Earth if you think that ‘Israel’ as a project should continue and ‘Israelis’ – who are all supremacists and killers – should be able to stay on that which isn’t theirs. Arkan Thaer Mezher and Falasteen’s children need lions, not lambs. So roar and put up. Or hold your tongue and shut up. May the young fedayee rest in power–he will never, EVER be forgotten. #Ta7yaFalasteen #ThisLittleBoy #DeathToIsrael #RiverToTheSeaNoLess

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