Zionist Political Theater: New UN “Anti-Settlements” Resolution Is A Massive Farce

by Jonathan Azaziah

Anyone who thinks that the resolution just passed at the UN Security Council “against” the usurping Zionist entity is a good thing, really needs to wake up and smell the malignant Jewish supremacist tumor. Because if anyone actually *****READ***** the piece-of-shit resolution–yes, piece-of-shit is what it should be labeled as, for it is the most academically and intellectually accurate phrase available–then they would know it is a document which upholds the existence of ‘Israel’ as wholly legitimate (and not criminal) and outright calls for the disarmament and dismantlement of the Palestinian Resistance under the guise of the prevention of terrorism. When it comes to anything and everything related to the criminal Zionist regime, one mustn’t pay attention to the lollygagging that unfolds in the public eye between American politicians and “Tel Aviv” officials. This is nothing but political theater. One must read between the lines, look at the global picture with a 360-degree view, follow the money and remember the golden rule vis-a-vis the UN and ‘Israel’: Not a damn thing has ever been enforced and not a damn thing ever will be enforced.

Firstly: Who introduced the resolution? None other than the tyrannical Egyptian regime which doesn’t blink or breathe on matters pertaining to the ‘Israeli’ entity without approval from the Washington ZOG. This is a regime, under Mubarak, Mursi and worst of all now with Sisi, which has flooded Palestinian lifeline tunnels in Gaza with sewage, which has been a party to the siege on the Strip from day one, which has worked hand-in-glove with the Mossad in Sinai and which has played a prominent role in every genocide against Gaza and the ongoing evisceration of Yemen, a Zionist war merely subcontracted out to Saudi Arabia. Cairo would never do ANYTHING to jeopardize the $1.5 billion in annual military aid it receives from the United Snakes to uphold the surrender treaty with ‘Israel’. And considering the utter toothlessness of the resolution, it continues to cling to that tradition for dear life.

Secondly: Why did the American regime abstain from voting? Because this was a last-ditch effort by Obama and Kerry to salvage something at least resembling a spinal chord after they’ve kowtowed to every last one of Netanyahu’s whims, after they were beautifully humiliated on the world scene by the Islamic Republic of Iran with the nuclear deal–something Benny Net The War Criminal Fruit Loop ripped them to shreds over–and the capture of the US naval officers, and of course, after Russia has outmaneuvered them every step of the way in Syria and prevented a NATO takeover of the Black Sea with the liberation of Crimea–losses that the Jewish neocons (who are Netty The Nut’s allies) have taken them to task over. In the simplest terms, they were trying to look tough when they’ve been exposed as weaklings and pushovers by “friends” and foes alike. Besides, in spite of all the bitching and moaning from World Jewry and the Zionist cancer, fact is, there’s been no president more subservient to ‘Israel’ than Obama. He gave the occupation entity the “Arab Spring” to weaken every major state in our region AND a military aid package worth nearly $40 billion over ten years. He also left the loan guarantees and other grants intact, thus preserving what ‘Israel’ ACTUALLY gets every year: $13 billion, according to Zionist Lobby stalwart Martyn Indyk.

Thirdly: Why is ‘Israel’ having a hemorrhage if Washington and Cairo are engaged in farce? Because “kvetching” is a defining personality trait of Zionist Jews and Benny The Beastly would love to have the entire world of “Goyim” bowing before him like they were peasants from an Old Testament story. Ultimately however, like the pointless and disgusting declaration of the “State of Palestine” at the same UN just a few years ago, this new UN resolution is exactly what Netanyahu, Lieberman, Bennett and the rest of the Halakhic-Talmudic Thieves Brigade want because it bestows legitimacy on the enemy entity at a time when more and more are awakening to the global evil that it is ‘Israel’. Also like the “State of Palestine” declaration, it renders the Right of Return–which is not mentioned in name by the resolution–irrelevant because, contrary to the enthusiasm of Judeophilic “one-state solution” and “equal rights” fraudsters, Palestinians cannot return if squatting, usurping, genocide-inflicting Jews are occupying their homes, farms, villages, stores, fertile soil, waterfronts and more, now can they? Like Egypt and the US ZOR, not to mention the corrupt “Palestinian” Authority led by Mahmoud “I Miss The Butcher of Qana Shimon Peres So Much” Abbas–which is about as Palestinian as matzoh ball soup–the ‘Israelis’ are indeed playing their part in this political theater extravaganza too. They have their money. They have their entity. They have their global influence. They couldn’t be happier.

Fourthly: Back to the text. There are no punitive measures whatsoever in the resolution and it is nothing more than a symbolic reaffirmation of past resolutions that were never upheld anyway. Throughout this current document, “1967 borders” is thrown around ad nauseum as if there were no massacres, colonies and land/resource theft operations before that; the illegitimate, illegal violence of the occupier is equated with the legitimate, legal, resistant, counter-violence of the occupied; “peace” is repeated so much you could vomit; “negotiations” which have historically benefited ‘Israel’ and only ‘Israel’ are championed; “security” is held up as paramount as if there was ever a security issue in Palestine before the ‘Israeli’ tumor erected itself on 531 destroyed Palestinian villages and the agony of 800,000 Palestinian refugees in the Nakba; and the “two-state solution’ is cited as the begin-all, end-all proposition to fix the “conflict” despite the facts that this “solution” was still-born the moment it was ever suggested and that a “one-state reality” already exists between the River and the Sea, with Palestinians set to outnumber their Jewish tormentors by 2018. To recap: There’s nothing good whatsoever about this draft. Even the paper it’s written on is an insult to the Palestinian cause.

And it is here where we shall conclude. For seven decades, beginning with the recognition of the Entity on May 11th, 1949, the UN has done nothing but protect ‘Israel’, coddle it, grant cover to its crimes against humanity on certain occasions and ignore them on others, upholding zero resolutions ever passed by member states against the six-pointed-star of death masking as a “Jewish and democratic state”. Even the famous “Zionism is Racism” resolution–an acknowledgement so obvious that one noting clear skies are blue and healthy grass is green would actually seem profound–was overturned. No justice, no victories and certainly no liberation of any sort will ever emerge from the United Nations.

From within and around Palestine itself, the only force which has historically brought deliverance is armed resistance. Hizbullah proved this with its liberation of Lebanon in 2000 and its beatdown of the Zionist enemy in 2006. The Palestinian Resistance solidified this too with its liberation of Gaza at the end of the Second Intifada in 2005 and its defeat of the ‘Israeli’ invaders during Operation Mighty Cliff. On the global front, what frightens World Jewry is not a movement which only boycotts ‘Israeli’ products like the toothless, subversive, corrupted BDS movement, but one which stands for 9/11 truth and with true Mouqawamist states and organisms like Hizbullah, Syria, Iran and Yemen as well as one which rejects ALL Jewish supremacist products, whether it’s the Golani Brigades-linked Sabra Hummus, the clothes of globe-holding zillionaire Jew Leslie Wexler, Talmudist Ralph Lauren and settlement-building, Hip-Hop culture-vulture Marc Ecko, the food products of Tesco, the home goods of Marks & Spencer, the coffee of Starbucks, the ice cream of Ben & Jerry’s and Three Twins, the electronics of Amstrad and it goes on and on and on. The Zio-demons own most of the world’s capitalist infrastructure and people of conscience shouldn’t be buying ANY of it.

It is armed resistance and anti-Parasitic activism which spell doom for ‘Israel’ indeed and as more Palestinian shabab (youth) become fed up with the debauchery and indignity of the PA along with the liberal confines of the BDS movement, not to mention Western Diaspora Arabs/Muslims and awakened Westerners turning to more radical forms of expression because they’re sick to death of Sorosite groups clamping down on all free thought, it really isn’t long until the proverbial axe comes down on the false kings of World Zionism, starting with the cancerous thing called ‘Israel’. And truly, the death of the usurping Jewish supremacist regime is exactly and solely what will bring peace to the Holy Land.

Dismantle the nukes, demolish the settlements from the River to the Sea, hang the criminals and the collaborators, send every last ‘Israeli’ (who wasn’t hung for crimes against humanity) no matter if they’re Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Sephardic or Ethiopian packing and then invite every Palestinian refugee on the face of the planet back to the land that is rightfully theirs. That’s a REAL resolution. The UN has never offered and shall never offer any such thing, so stop singing its praises and stop looking to it for help. Fixate your eyes instead on the Palestinian people, their Mouqawamah, their regional partners in the Resistance Axis and their steadfast global supporters, who CAN and WILL bring freedom to Falasteen. Death to ‘Israel’ isn’t a pipedream… It’s an inevitable reality. And it’s long overdue that the world gets brave enough to admit it.

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