Zionist One-Man Regime-Change Machine George Soros Is Also A 9/11 Co-Conspirator

by Jonathan Azaziah

There is nothing more pathetic than so-called “anti-imperialist” leftistanis who go out of their way in the name of Peak Level Virtual Signaling to defend George Soros against “anti-Semitism”. Let’s go beyond the fact that the Hungarian billionaire criminal is responsible for destabilizing societies and/or overthrowing governments in no less than several dozen countries. Wherever you find the Open Society Foundations – the crown jewel of the Soros “philanthropic” portfolio – you find chaos, upheaval, killings, thievery and coups. Soros is indeed the “king” of the NGO-industrial-complex and the big cheese of humans-rights-imperialism aka “humanitarian” interventionism. The color revolutions that turned Eastern Europe on its head. The Green “Revolution” in Iran. The “Arab Spring”. Amnesty (Shamnesty) International. Human Rights Watch (Botched). All Soros. These facts alone – which are certifiable, verifiable and not that difficult to find in even mainstream media no less – should give anyone identifying as an “anti-imperialist” pause. But like I said. We want to go beyond that. Because apart from Soros being a serial nation-ravager, he’s also a hardcore Zionist, with monies invested in the United Jewish Appeal, Chabad, Birthright, J-Street, World ORT and many a church and synagogue with ties to the fake Halakhic-Talmudic regime. “Anti-Semitism”, they say. Off-base doesn’t even cut it. They couldn’t be more spineless if they were hit with a Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat fatality.

And digging deeper into this abyss that is his love for the usurping Zionist entity, we find a megaton bombshell that connects George Soros to the greatest deception of the new millennium: The September 11th terrorist attacks, perpetrated by the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s Mossad and falsely blamed on Muslims. Because you see… George Soros was one of the premier investors in a dangerous little ‘Israeli’ tech firm called Comverse Technology, owned by three Mossadniks, Kobi Alexander, William Sorin and David Kreinberg. Comverse provides wire-tapping technology for many law enforcement agencies across the US, both at the state and federal level. The Alexander-Sorin-Kreinberg outfit also had a stake in ‘Israeli’ messaging service company, Odigo, owned by ‘Israeli’ brothers Avner and Maskit Ronen. Odigo is infamous for sending text messages to 4,000 ‘Israelis’ who worked in the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 and telling them not to go in that day. Three months after the Twin Towers were pulverized, Comverse became Odigo’s sole owner. Just to close the loop, Alexander, Sorin and Kreinberg would ultimately get brought up on charges of securities, wire and mail fraud. They escaped the US with the help of chief 9/11 player and Zionist war criminal Michael Chertoff then hid around the world before getting caught.

To put it bluntly, Soros’s money is what made Comverse into the subversive power it was; Soros’s money allowed Comverse to find Odigo, invest in it, guide it and finally merge with it; Soros’s money is stained with the 9/11 victims’ blood. So just to recap. He’s a one-man regime-change machine. He’s the head honcho of the “human rights” imperialists. He’s a die-hard Zionist–despite attempts by himself, a handful of neocons and the Netanyahuites saying the opposite. He’s a 9/11 co-conspirator. And, following the money again, we know that he invested in Indigo too, the commercial digital printing company (riddled with ‘Israeli’ spy tech) founded by Hebrew University and Technion alum Ben Zion “Benny” Landa. That makes him an investor in Talpiot–the global ‘Israeli’ intelligence apparatus that gives the usurping Zionist entity a backdoor into damn near everything. Remember the revelations contained herein the next time some Judaized, Westoxified fool dares call you “anti-Semitic” for criticizing this devil. And let it be known from this moment onward: When we mention all the Zionist Jews responsible for blowing up the World Trade Center and giving birth to the worldwide Judeo-Amreeki crusade against Islam known as the “War On Terror”, the name of George Soros is right there at the tippity-top of the list.

One thought on “Zionist One-Man Regime-Change Machine George Soros Is Also A 9/11 Co-Conspirator”

  1. I firmly believe Soros gained inside knowledge of an assassination plot attempted in Las Vegas Oct.1 and how the sloppy execution of it caused the FBI to quickly contain the narrative and locate witnesses to suppress . Paddock was a veteran gun-runner with his ATF connection firmly protected.
    As an informant , he was in a position to ensnare top-level people wanted by officials. On this transaction, his identity was tipped off and one thing I can say with confidence : Paddock never fired a shot and the poorly executed Saudi plot required CIA & FBI officials working together to keep LVPD from crucial details , even as contradictions remained over eye witness accounts from Campos the guard to concert goers.
    –Talpiot likely provided clues for Soros to short MGM .
    Once again , the Zionist fraud only realized with Law Enforcement & media complicity is the type of story that must be cracked open to shock America into action and purge these institutions that have engaged in this War Against U.S. , which is us, the citizens being led to continued slaughter.

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