Zionist Juggernaut B’nai B’rith Wages War On Anti-Parasitic MC Madd Cold But Loses Miserably

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

After ten and a half months of torment, slander, harassment and placement of my entire life under a microscope by World Zionism juggernaut B’nai B’rith and its lapdog, the Canadian ZOG, I am finally free and clear. On May 25th, 2018, the 18th Resistance and Liberation Day marking Lebanon’s freedom from Zionist occupation and one year since my album that caused all the controversy to start with, “Eternally Husseini”, dropped, the last vestiges of their thin, absurd and spurious case came to a crashing halt. Alhamdulillah. Since July 14th, 2017 though, I have been the subject of what can only be described as an unhinged witch-hunt and total inquisition by the world’s oldest and most powerful Jewish communal organization that wields a global influence in the highest levels of geopolitics. “Eternally Husseini” really got under their skin THAT MUCH.

My Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube pages were shut down at the behest of B’nai B’rith; monies made from “Eternally Husseini” were stolen as a result of the deletions and I’ve yet to recover them; my website, Mouqawamah Music, was attacked by agents of “JIDF”, undoubtedly as a result of the smears from B’nai B’rith or directly in complicity with it, and if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of my team and I to manually lock the site, all of our data would’ve been lost forever; and then, for the nasty gelatin on top of the Gefilte fish, the Montreal Police Department’s Hate Crimes Unit–an entity actually set up under the supervision and at the behest of B’nai B’rith, several other affiliated Zionist groups and powerful, warmongering Zionist MP Irwin Cotler–followed by the Canadian Justice Ministry sought to have me charged, extradited and locked up under Section 318 and Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code for “incitement to violence” and “incitement to genocide” as well as “wilfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group”.

Why? Because I rhyme words rather well about rather evil people and B’nai B’rith can’t have such a militant, artistic, pro-Resistance, Ishmaelite-Amalekite-“Goy” such as myself running around and spitting excellently over extremely dope beats. This may inspire other Mouqawamist Gentiles to do the same and then the Kehilla would have an uncontainable problem on its hands. A global convergence of musical Anti-Parasitism. Oy vey! The very thought of it is just inconceivable! This isn’t me being snarky either. This is exactly what the deal is and the Zionist pigs at B’nai B’rith have even admitted as much themselves. More on that later.

But now that the initial case, the special inquiry and the appeal have all fallen flat by the grace of ALLAH (SWT), The Best of Planners, The Best of Providers, The Only Sustainer, The Deliverer of Justice and The Debaser Of Oppressors, I can get back to doing what it is that He (SWT) put me on His Earth to do: Expose the Jewish Power Matrix and piss off the psychopaths who run it… starting with B’nai B’rith. Indeed, before I can tackle anything else, there are a few things I need to address about the lies that the “Sons of the Covenant” and their tribalist cohorts in the ‘Israeli’/Jewish communal press spread about my person and my music. I was shackled from responding because my very words were being used against me by hostile “chosenite” operatives who thrive on stretching, distorting and outright deceiving. Thus, silence became my best–and really, my only–strategic option. And make no mistake, the Zio-imposed exile that followed has torn very heavily at my heart and created more emotional turmoil in my life and that of my family than I care to get into.

Those shackles however… have, after nearly a year, come off. Allahu Akbar. My brilliant and steadfast lawyer, who I am eternally indebted to, cleared me in the court of law. I will handle it from here on out in the court of public opinion. Or rather, the court of war–information war, that is. “Anti-Semitism” is an entirely false ideological construct–one that I laid categorical waste to on “When The Rocks & The Trees Cry” off Eternally Husseini, a song that B’nai B’rith conveniently and typically didn’t go anywhere near with a ten foot pole–so I won’t dignify the accusations of me being an “anti-Semite” with a retort, as such idiocy doesn’t require one. I’m not a “hater”. I’m not a “racist”. I’m not a “bigot”. What I am is thoroughly and unapologetically Anti-Supremacist, Counter-Hegemonic and Anti-Parasitic. And I am the wrong one to have trifled with.

1) B’nai B’rith, an institution of Jewish exclusivist Freemasonry, was founded by 12 Jewish merchants in 1843, all of whom had shops connected with the economy of slave owners, plantation owners and bankers down south who offered up the loans which financed the purchases of Black slaves. These merchants and their immediate successors and partners made their money in tobacco, sugar, coffee and cotton–all of which were plucked by the hands of enslaved Black men and Black women. In 1851, B’nai B’rith founded the Maimonides Library, named after the rabidly anti-Black racist and universally celebrated rabbinical “sage” who infamously wrote, “Those who are incapable of attaining to supreme religious values include the Black Colored people and those who resemble them in their climates. Their nature is like the mute animals. Their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey.” And for a century following, B’nai B’rith would remain key in pushing through anti-Black legislation and constructing anti-Black policies across America from North Carolina to Arkansas to Alabama and far, far beyond.

2) At the forefront of the foundation of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ entity was none other than–you guessed it–B’nai B’rith. The chief of the organization at the time, Frank Goldman, and committed member Eddie Jacobson, a dear friend and intimate business partner of Harry Truman, were responsible for organizing the secret meeting between President Truman and top Zionist leader (as well as future ‘Israeli’ prez) Chaim Weizmann as well as exerting the most tremendous pressures on the US head of state to ultimately recognize the nascent Jewish regime in light of this rendezvous. Jacob Blaustein, who sat on Truman’s National Advisory Board, was the top dog at the American Jewish Committee and also the co-founder of Amoco with a mountain of money at its disposal for whatever Organized Jewish Interests needed, worked closely with B’nai B’rith from the inside of the administration. Notorious pro-‘Israel’ philanthropist, gun runner and Jewish supremacist Abraham “Abe” Feinberg was the one who delivered $2 million in cash to Truman which sealed the deal and bought US support for the Zionist regime. B’nai B’rith honored Feinberg as its “Man of the Year” in 1960.

And with all of the years since the founding of ‘Israel’, B’nai B’rith has been a consistent supporter of every last one of its aggressions, assassinations and massacres, coming out of the woodwork whenever the slightest criticism of the Entity’s crimes is made by anyone of even the slightest note–all to brutally bully them into silence and submission. The hitlist is gigantic and beyond the scope of this piece. Moreover, B’nai B’rith is actually a fundamental part of the ‘Israeli’ colonization project, with its first lodge being built in 1888 and now sporting a network of 70 lodges across occupied Palestine that pride themselves on being of service to the terrorists of the ‘Israeli’ occupation army . There are also two B’nai B’rith outposts that coordinate with other tentacles of World Zionism–one in “Tel Aviv” and one in occupied Al-Quds–and B’nai B’rith has given millions upon millions of dollars to the Jewish National Fund, the genocidal central organ of the genocidal Entity’s land theft. In other words, B’nai B’rith is quite literally bathing in the blood of the Palestinian people and the many Arab, Muslim and Christian victims of ‘Israel’ not only across the Islamicate but the entire globe.

3) In 1913, B’nai B’rith set up the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) with the express purpose of battling “anti-Semitism” in America despite the fact that former president of B’nai B’rith, Simon Wolf, a prominent Freemason and Jewish supremacist businessman, political subversive and author, declared 7 years earlier in 1906 that if “anti-Semitism” had existed in America, he had failed to find it. In reality, the creation of the ADL was designed to institutionalize “anti-Semitism” as a political weapon that could shield Jews and allies of Organized Jewish Interests from any criticism whatsoever, including and most especially when they committed the most horrific crimes. Case in point is the debacle that catapulted the ADL into the spotlight: that of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager and high-ranking B’nai B’rith operative in Atlanta that raped and savagely strangled a White Gentile girl named Mary Phagan but then made up one cockamaime story after another falsely blaming innocent Black men.

When all of these wrongfully accused African-Americans testified in court to Frank’s chicanery, in typical Zionist false flag fashion the murderer-rapist hired a private detective to plant false evidence on these poor, poor souls all while maliciously crying out that a man like him (i.e. an Ashkenazi Jew) could never commit what he called “negro crimes”. Justice ultimately prevailed however and in an unprecedented turn of events at that particular historical time, the White prosecutor, the White jury and the White judge sided with the truth of the Black men and threw the book at Frank. To this day, the ADL and its cohorts have the gall to claim that Frank is innocent and through the power of Jewish-Zionist Hollywood producing one movie and “documentary” (more like crockumentary) after another, it has become part of the Establishment’s narrative that the “evil Blacks” killed Phagan while the “chosenite” Frank was victimized.

4) But the ADL’s modus operandi of lying, cheating and worse didn’t even come close to stopping there. As the decades passed, it became a full-service intelligence agency with deep-rooted ties to the artificial ‘Israeli’ regime, and its prime targets were Arabs, Muslims and African-Americans who identified as either Anti-Zionist or simply critical of ‘Israel’ and its crimes. The ADL spied on Martin Luther King Jr. The ADL spied on Malcolm X (R.A.) The ADL spied on Dr. Muhammad Taki Mehdi (R.A.) And it gets more malevolent still. In 1993, the San Francisco DA dropped a bombshell: 700 documents revealing an utterly Brobdingnagian spying operation that targeted over 10,000 American citizens across 600 organizations. Arab, Irish, Asian, Native American and Black groups, including the Nation of Islam and its stars Minister Louis Farrakhan and Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad (R.A.) Even more ominous is that document dump revealed that the ADL also had a hand in the murder of Palestinian-American Christian activist Alexander Michel Odeh and South African revolutionary giant Chris Hani.

In fact, the ADL had conducted surveillance on dozens of Black South African revolutionaries forced into exile along with American anti-apartheid activists, then passed this intelligence to the security apparatus of the White supremacist regime in Pretoria. After all, Apartheid South Africa had no closer ally than ‘Israel’ and all the proof one needs can be found in “The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky. Fast forwarding to today, the ADL brings blue bacon (pigs/police) from all over America to the ’48 lands of occupied Palestine where they are trained by IOF, Shin Bet and Mossad. These pigs then come back to America even more militarized than they were previously and wind up policing Black and Brown communities as if the former were a counter-insurgency death squad and the latter were an occupied people. Let there be no doubt whatsoever: The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is not a “human rights” organization. It’s the American branch of the usurping Zionist cancer’s security-intelligence network.

5) Unbeknownst to many, the ADL maintained a working relationship with the hideously anti-Black and anti-Gentile Jewish Defense League (JDL), which has been designated by the FBI as a terrorist group. First example is the deplorably Orwellian House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC), which worked hand-in-glove with the JDL, the ADL and the American Jewish Committee to spy on Black communities as a whole and particularly Black student groups (courageous enough to speak about Jewish hegemony over schools in New York and other pernicious Jewish activities within the city), as well as antiwar leftists along with Arabs and Muslims.

Second example is the International League for the Repatriation of Russian Jews (ILRRJ), which was at the forefront of undermining the Soviet Union politically and diplomatically and sought to send large swathes of Soviet Jewry to the Entity as a new wave of colonizers. One of the founding members of the ILRRJ was Bernard Deutsch, who organized meetings between Yemeni-Moroccan-Turkish-‘Israeli’ Tehiya Party leader Geulah Cohen, notorious Judaic terrorist as well as future Zio-PM Yitzhak Shamir and JDL founder Meir Kahane. The purpose? To launch a campaign of terrorism against Soviet targets worldwide and generate public sympathy for Soviet Jewry. The IOF and Mossad were intimately involved in the operation and oversaw everything that Kahane and his goons executed. Indeed, it was Shamir who served as the chief of the entire campaign, bringing in multiple officers from the ‘Israeli’ military-intelligence establishment to provide weapons and sabotage training to the JDL terrorists. And Mr. Deutsch, a confidant of another infamous “chosenite” murderer and future Zio-PM, Menachem Begin, who stayed at Deutsch’s house whenever he had business to conduct in New York, just so happened to be the chairman of the immensely influential Brooklyn chapter of–yup, you guessed it–the ADL.

Third example is after Kahane fled the US for the Zionist entity where he would become a member of the occupation law-making body and window-dressing for the supremacist Rabbinate known as the Knesset, he came under fire from the American regime itself for his openly hateful, anti-Gentile bills that he attempted to push through on the floor. Washington stripped him of his passport. Who came to his defense right away? None other than the ADL, which stated it was extremely concerned that such a move would send a “message that an American Jew cannot be loyal to both ‘Israel’ and the United States.” The fourth example is Kahane protege and founder of the JDO (Jewish Defense Organization) Mordechai Levy infiltrating Lyndon LaRouche’s organization whilst pretending to be a “loyal” security guard. Levy gathered information on LaRouche himself and members of his team and ultimately revealed that he was passing off what he was documenting to the ADL and several other Zionist Lobby groups. Levy, like Kahane, would go on to become a federal rat.

All of this information isn’t “conspiracy theory” or “hate-mongering” either but rather the work of one of the most courageous investigative reporters of our time, New York Jew Robert Friedman, may he rest in eternal peace. It can be found in his books “Zealots For Zion: Inside ‘Israel’s’ West Bank Settlement Movement” and “The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane, From FBI Informant To Knesset Member”. Mr. Friedman was assassinated by the Russian-Jewish mafia (aka Red Mafiya aka Organizatsiya) for the truths he revealed in “Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America”, chief among them being that Russian criminal gangs running amuck in the United States were predominantly Jewish and had MAJOR ties to both the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime and Jewish pressure groups, including, not surprisingly, the ADL, which were ***literally*** protecting them from FBI investigation and arrest because of “anti-Semitism”. Friedman called the gang of bullies headed for years by Abraham Foxman and now led by Jonathan Greenblatt “the Jewish thought police”. A most apt description. Friedman, also not so surprisingly, was abused and harassed for years by the ADL.

6) The former regional director of the Quebec chapter of B’nai B’rith is convicted child pornographer Bill Surkis. He held the post up until 2008 when he was found red-handed with the aforementioned filth. This vile creature, who also headed the Montreal “Holocaust” Memorial Centre at one point, was caught with nearly two dozen videos on his computer that showed adult men raping pre-teen girls. While B’nai B’rith, behaving like the utter and insidious cowards that they are, distanced themselves from this degenerate in public, they still nevertheless had their leading legal officer, Steven Slimovitch, defend him and secure him a paltry and pathetic 45 days in prison. Rest assured, anymore than that and there would have been a shrieking, screeching and gnashing of teeth exactly akin to the Leo Frank case. Something to the effect of, “How dare you Goyim demand that this stellar member of the Jewish people, one of ‘God’s chosen’, be sent to prison for any length of time due to his possession of child rape videos. The very suggestion is ‘anti-Semitic’! The very thought even is sheer ‘Jew-hate’! Bigots!” All kidding aside, the truth is that sexual abuse against children is rampant in the Jewish community. A reading of ” Sexual Abuse, Shonda and Concealment in Orthodox Jewish Communities” by Michael Lesher, “Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities and Child Sex Scandals” by Amy Neustein, the “Failed Messiah” blog and many more display this in spades. Ever see B’nai B’rith come out and condemn it? Ever? Even once? No. Instead, they actively cover it up and sweep it under the rug (that they probably stole from Palestinian homes or looted from Iraq) to the detriment of countless innocent Jewish children. Just like they did with Surkis.

7) What do all of these ugly truths about B’nai B’rith and the ADL have to do with me? EVERYTHING. Because it was none other than Steven Slimovitch–aforementioned legal boss at B’nai B’rith and the lawyer for child pornographer Surkis–who was on CTV News Montreal the day that the Judaic guillotine came down and the Hate Crimes Unit came looking for me, running his mouth as a “Morality Maven” that my music showed a “clear intent” and a “concerted effort” to promote “hate”. Now just imagine… Seriously… Just imagine the gall of this shaytanic group which was founded with dirty, bloody money made from slavery and that defends pedophiles, covers up sexual abuse, spies on the citizens of the countries they’re based in, partakes in assassinations of their political opponents, maintains a working relationship with a known terrorist group, upholds apartheid, finances the theft of Palestinian land, protects the murderers of Arab children, manipulates governments, spreads hatred of all types from Islamophobia to Anti-Blackness…. TO PASS SOME ALL-ENCOMPASSING MORAL JUDGMENT ON ME FOR BEING 100% OPPOSED TO THEIR CRIMINAL, IMMORAL SKULLDUGGERY!! Again, I implore you… JUST IMAGINE.

Sorry not sorry here B’nai B’rith, but Anti-Black Jewish supremacists like YOU who try to get child pornographers off the hook and who finance the IOF monsters who slaughter babies in Palestine don’t ever… and I mean EVER… get to tell ANYONE what is and isn’t “hate”; what is and isn’t moral; and what is and isn’t good. It’s incredible that everything you accuse Anti-Parasitic activists of like dissemination of “hate speech” or “terrorism” is what you yourselves are guilty of. Sit and spin on your psychopathic projections.

8) A vital note on “How The Hooks Hook”, the 9th track off “Eternally Husseini”, that caused the most ruckus among the Zionist swine at the ‘Sons of the Covenant’. In B’nai B’rith’s first smear of me, they took the following bars, “I don’t want to murder you quick/I want you to suffer for pitting brother against brother, destroying each other, and tearing us all asunder in your servitude pits/”, 100,000% out of context, deliberately failing to mention lyrics before it or after it or even the topic of the song and ***who*** I was addressing to begin with. Ironically, “How The Hooks Hook” is about Brown Muslims and White European Christians seeing past the divisions created among our respective ranks by Zionist Jews who promote the erroneous “clash of civilizations” stratagem and then uniting to better humanity. Nothing upsets Empire Judaica like Gentiles working together to fight back against its schemes. I refer to the “shadowy Jews” in the first verse who are responsible for giving us the aforesaid “Clash of Civilizations” as well as the Kalergi Plan and Oded Yinon’s balkanization strategy (in the second verse).

And while B’nai B’rith portrayed my bars as a call to violence, it was actually THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT as the previous bars unequivocally indicate. Khanzeeristani Michael Mostyn, the gnome-like CEO of B’nai Brith’s Canadian chapter, said I was “inciting” people to “murder Jews”. Nothing could be further from the truth but what else is new for the Stretchers and Distorters? ***This*** is the full section from the second verse, “Hip-Hop is my hammer, you Flip-Flop and you stammer when you go toe-to-toe but I’m steel, while you steal, I’m still here, to instill fear in you frill queers ‘cause Gentile liberation, really is not a concern to you twits/Judaism has got you gone, I want to free you from your bondage, if that don’t work, let me show you on the map where Birobidzhan is, I don’t want to murder you quick/I want you to suffer for pitting brother against brother destroying each other, and tearing us all asunder in your servitude pits/Rise Goyim, today it is the end of our Goyhood/Anti-“chosen” revolt, just like the Goys should/How the Hooks Hook?! How the Hooks lie, tell me how the Hooks fool?/Don’t even matter after this joint ‘cause ‘Never Again’ will the Hooks rule/I said ‘Never Again’ will the Hooks rule…”

Clearly, plain as day, I’m saying loudly and unmistakably that I DO NOT want to kill anyone–and this is articulated further on “When The Rocks & The Trees Cry” in the breakdown of a famous Hadith that always has the Jews’ tefillin in a bunch–and that the “shadowy Jews” responsible for all of this havoc have two options and only two options… Abandoning their supremacy and I am inviting them to be free of it, or facing exile in Birobidzhan (which is where all the land-stealing Jews in Palestine should’ve gone instead of committing atrocity after atrocity for the last 70 years) and it is there where they will “suffer” long and hard–in exile–for all the crimes they’ve committed against the human family. So no, despite all your malicious twisting and boondoggling, I don’t want to “murder” any Jews B’nai B’rith, not even Zionist scum like you. That’s why the Canadian courts, as infiltrated as they are by your ranks, broke down and freed me. Truth be told, I don’t want to “murder” anyone! Shocking, I know, that a militant “Jew-hating” Amalekite like me is not out to inflict wanton violence on “God’s chosen”. But my agenda as you so accurately pointed out –thanks for the plug, you clowns–is to liberate the discourse in the West from the appeasement of Zionist Jews like you. This is a lyrical struggle. My weaponry is my art–“Hip-Hop is my hammer”. My bullets are my bars. And the only thing I’m “murdering” is the victimhood narrative you’ve rammed down our throats since–pun intended here–time immemorial.

What’s equally interesting is that B’nai B’rith took grave offense to me calling the Yahoudlings behind these Zio-Imperialist designs “demons” but didn’t care one bit about me referring to the Saudi “royal” family as “demons” on the same song! The elucidation is perfect. Calling Arabs–even “Arabs” as Judaic and Zionist-aligned as Al-Saud–otherworldly creatures affiliated with Satan for the horrors they’ve brought upon innocents is fine but doing the same with Jews… Tremendously un-kosher and simply unacceptable.

9) On that topic, B’nai B’rith also took major issue with “Universal Anti-Parasitism”, the intro track off “Eternally Husseini”, because I refer to certain personalities who happen to be Jewish as “parasites”. Well. Sorry not sorry yet again because if you’re part of an international kill-gang (Mossad), own a mainstream media outlet or are involved in usurious fractional reserve banking, you are… by definition… a parasite. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Yahoudling, a Gentile, or a Dragon-Ball-making Namekian. The fact that all of the people I mentioned happen to be Jews sounds like a personal problem, B’nai B’rith. Why don’t you ask your tribalist brethen to stop lying to the world and promoting illegal wars and “regime change” schemes through their corporate press outlets, stop ripping off the global citizenry through high-interest loans and stop assassinating those who aren’t too fond of the genocidal malignant growth known as ‘Israel’? Then maybe… MAYBE… parasite will be dropped from my lexicon when referring to such Jews. Until then… you can pound sand.

10) I do call myself the “Iraqi destroyer of Jewish lies” and I happen to be quite proud of it. Jewish lies destroyed my homeland. Jewish lies destroyed still-occupied Afghanistan. Jewish lies destroyed Libya. Jewish lies are currently destroying Ukraine and Yemen. Jewish lies are the backbone of the occupations of both Palestine and Kashmir. And if it wasn’t for the Resistance Axis and Russia–which Jewish Lobby groups lie about every hour on the hour–Jewish lies would have destroyed Syria too. If the Zionist representatives of World Jewry would just stop manufacturing so many damn lies, then the Iraqi destroyer of them named Madd Cold wouldn’t need to do what he does, now would he? Case closed.

11) While I was attacked by CTV Montreal News, The Suburban, The Times of ‘Israel’, devil-queen of Islamophobia Pamela Geller–who hilariously thinks I’m Christian–the Toronto Sun, the Montreal Gazette, the Canadian Jewish News and others, their globs of mendacity, which were taken predominantly from B’nai B’rith and reflects the coordinated nature of the assault on my person, have already been dealt with in the confines of this piece. What I do feel is most imperative is to offer up an explanation to the ultra-Zionist Algemeiner for its article, “Music Platforms Drop Antisemitic Canadian Rapper as Montreal Police Launch Hate Crime Investigation”, in which these–just for you, B’nai B’rith–PARASITES, have a conniption over my strong solidarity with Syria, its people, its army and its government. Ben Cohen writes, “Azaziah is also a vocal supporter of Bashar al Assad’s dictatorship in Syria. In one track entitled ‘Long Live the Resistance!’ he paid tribute to Assad’s war on the Syrian people as a blow to ‘Zionist hegemony.'”

The name of the song, you halfwit, is actually “Long Live Syria”, and yes, YES I AM a vocal supporter of Dr. Bashar al-Assad. Unabashedly so. But he isn’t a “dictator”. He’s the democratically elected President that the overwhelming majority of Syrians both at home and abroad voted for in an internationally observed proceeding. And he’s not waging a “war on the Syrian people”, Zion and its NATO and GCC allies are. Assad and co. are SAFEGUARDING Syrians and the region from World Zionism’s proxy terror. It is ‘Israel’ that has attacked Syria more than 100 times since 2012. It is ‘Israel’ that is arming, training, financing and providing medical treatment to Al-Qaeda and ISIS Takfiri terrorists–something admitted by both ‘Israeli’ media and the UN. It is ‘Israel’ that engineered the destabilization of Syria from day one. And it is ‘Israel’ which illegally occupies Syrian land, imprisons Syrian civilians, steals Syrian water, plunders Syrian oil and assassinates Syrians inside their own borders. And yes, that President Assad and his confederates have toppled this “regime change” scheme is absolutely a blow to Zionist hegemony, for if they did not, there would be a Saudi-style regime in place in Damascus we speak which already would have signed a surrender treaty with “Tel Aviv”. l’d rather be on the side of an independent, pluralistic, Anti-Zionist government than church-burning, head-chopping, gravedigging, Zionist-normalizing contras. But I don’t expect you Christ-haters who defend every act of the Judaic usurpers’ expansionism to understand nor could I give a single damn if you do. I just needed to provide a clarification.

12) As mentioned in the third paragraph of this piece, B’nai B’rith’s second statement about me actually betrayed the real reason behind this whole mind-numbing debacle. Mike Cohen, B’nai B’rith Canada’s Quebec news bureau chief, wrote that because I’m “a person who could appeal to younger people through his production and development of rap and hip hop”, my “music could particularly do damage to listeners who have no prior knowledge of the Jewish community or the State of Israel, who could be susceptible to believing the propaganda and hateful content he espouses. It could easily send an impressionable listener in the wrong direction.” Allow me to cut through the Jewspeak. Because I write high quality, truthful, fact-filled and unique lyrics over wonderfully produced beats that culminate in mentally delectable tracks, this music could ENLIGHTEN and HAS enlightened listeners about the obscene power and negative influence that the Jewish community wields over domestic and global politics as well as the sheer, unadulterated wickedness of ‘Israel’. It could easily send an open-minded, truth-seeking listener in the RIGHT direction. Mr. Cohen then goes on to whine that he’s “physically sick” over my joints “Death to Israel” and “Overthrow the Saudis.” The way Zionists shake in fear over the potential loss of their Entity as well as their crypto-Jewish Wahhabi monarchy in Riyadh is adorable, isn’t it? He also writes something extraordinarily telling, “Arresting him is one thing, but refusing to book him anywhere represents an even more powerful message. If there is no venue, there is no show!” It’s as if Cohen and B’nai B’rith as a whole knew that this Orwellian assault would not land me in a cell, but they went ahead with it anyway just to make my life a living hell and keep me quiet as long as they could, even permanently if possible. Needless to say… That ain’t really work out so well!

13) If there’s no plot against every segment of humanity by a close-knit network of Zionist Jews (among them B’nai B’rith)… If it’s all just a fantastical, “anti-Semitic”, delusional “conspiracy theory”… then why did a close-knit network of Zionist Jews do everything in their power to silence me and upend my life for bringing light to such a plot? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Eat your heart out, Halakhic-Talmudic globe-holders.

In conclusion, I wear all the slander, all the libel, all the insults and all the agony inflicted upon me and those I love as badges of honor. Long live freedom of speech. Long live freedom of thought. Long live the oppressed. Long live the Palestinian cause. And long live the Axis of Resistance as well as all those who stand in solidarity with it across the globe–North and South, East and West, Black, Brown and White, Muslim and Christian, and every other human of conscience in between. Death to ‘Israel’. Death to World Zionism. FTJ. And to the deepest, darkest caverns of Saqar with the Jewish thought police of B’nai B’rith. You waged war on Madd Cold and you lost. Miserably. Why? Because you plot and ALLAH (SWT) plots and ALLAH (SWT) is The Best Plotter Of All. You say ALLAH’s (SWT) hands are tied but in reality, yours are. And lastly but most certainly not least…. the Party of God, or in this instance, Hip-Hop Hizbullah, will be… and is…. VICTORIOUS.

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  1. Reading this fills me with joy.

    I’ve been scouring the internet periodically the last year looking for any signs of you.

    I am so happy you are back !

    PS – yes they definitely picked on the wrong man !

  2. Thank you brother,
    The goyim Has no a strategic unity to defend himself…..until the goyim becomes conscious of each other, love each other,support each other, because the chosenites are capitalising in our differences….take the Jew away, live the goyim all alone, and we shall start another witch hunt…..we won’t have peace,we need a strategic consciousness beyond all our convictions

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