Zionist Al-Saud Is Lying: No Way Did It “Liberate” Mukalla Or Kill 800 Qaeda Fighters

by Jonathan Azaziah

The murderous Saudi tyrants, true to their Dönmeh roots, really have mastered the Zionist art of lying, haven’t they? These despotic freaks would actually like us to believe that they “liberated” the Al-Qaeda-occupied Yemeni port city of Mukalla and killed around 800 of the group’s fighters, when the very press release that these Wahhabi idiots put out elucidates that GCC forces faced ZERO resistance whatsoever once they entered Hadramawt’s capital. HA!

This is a glaringly stark contrast to what goes down when Ansarullah enters a Takfiri-occupied city/town/village; the terrorists fight the Houthis with everything they have, from their best weapons to brutal suicide attacks, all to prevent any further Ansarullahi advancement and to keep the territory they’re illegally holding in their possession. Is this not a blatant, open, direct confirmation of the deep-rooted alliance between Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) along with its offshoot Ansar al-Shari’a as well as ISIS and the Saudi regime? Not just the ideological likeness which is obvious even to someone who is blind, deaf and dumb but an all-out military partnership? Keeping that in front of your mind’s eye, is it really plausible that Al-Saud would eliminate 800 of, essentially, its own men? No sir; no sir, it damn sure ain’t. So where’d the number come from? Easy! Al-Saud made it up! Carbon copy of ‘Israeli’ hasbara tactics.

In fact, it has already been reported by the BBC of all places that Al-Qaeda forces are indeed fighting alongside Saudi-led occupation troops, a juicy tidbit of info that has already been documented by Al-Masirah, Saba, Al-Masdar, Al-Manar, Fars News and other Resistance media outlets for months. Summarized in layman’s terms: Takfiris fight the Yemeni Mouqawamah while actively collaborating with Al-Saud, Qatar’s Al-Thani, Bahrain’s Al-Khalifa and the UAE’s Al-Nahyan and Al-Maktoum, in a total contradiction of all the laughable, militant rhetoric in their Rita-Katz-disseminated Wahhabi propaganda magazines and audio recordings about cleansing Najd, the Hijaz and the Khaleej of “moustakbireen (oppressors)”. Ain’t just that the Takfiri terrorists themselves are the oppressors and killers of ALL Yemenis, be they Zaydi Shi’a, Shafi’i Sunnis, any other Islamic school of thought or Christians, it’s that they’re being funded, armed and protected by the very same dictators they claim they’re going to fight… One day… Like… A hundred, or a thousand years from now… After they slaughter all those pesky Rafidah (derogatory term for we Shi’a) and all the other kuffar (nonbelievers). Catch my drift?

What unfolded in Mukalla today is eerily similar to events in the Western Iraqi city of Ramadi last winter, when the Iraqi Popular Mobilization revealed that ISIS leaders had been evacuated by the artificial US-led “anti-ISIS” coalition (presumably ‘Israel’ and Al-Saud too) to Mosul. Once the American-Zionist propaganda about a “Washington-led triumph in Ramadi” died down, the Takfiris returned to Al-Anbar’s capital and the unrest has persisted ever since. Let there be no doubt that just like its Zionist-owned US patron in Iraq, once the Saudi regime is done milking this nonexistent “victory” for all it’s worth, AQAP, ISIS and all other like-similar Takfiri gangs will return to Mukalla and all of Hadramawt en masse to terrorize the Yemeni residents there once again.

Every single place that Al-Saud has taken over on the Yemeni battlefield–and it doesn’t amount to much as the Houthis maintain their victorious stature on just about all fronts–Takfirism in all its bloody, head-chopping, woman-hating, un-Islamic, crypto-Talmudic splendor has emerged as the system of governance, from the Shafi’i Sunni lands of Hadramawt to the secular Arab nationalist hotspot of Aden. Now just imagine what Yemen would look like if it wasn’t for Ansarullah’s revolution and ongoing campaign of righteous Resistance against the US-‘Israeli’-UK-Saudi invasion. The Arab world’s poorest country would be a carbon copy of Saudi Arabia or the Takfiri-occupied, dystopian Syrian wastelands of Raqqa, Idleb and parts of Deir Ez-Zor.

Nishkour ALLAH for these brave lions we love and admire so much known as the Houthis, for like Hizbullah in Lebanon, they have not just prevented the takeover of their homeland by Takfirism, but stopped it from spreading even further throughout our entire region. May their steadfastness only increase as they keep sending Al-Saud and its Takfiri proxies to Jahannam’s scorching depths until Yemen is totally free and clear of such scum. ‪#‎LongLiveYemen‬ ‪#‎LongLiveAnsarullah‬ ‪#‎WeLoveTheHouthis‬ ‪#‎DeathToSaud‬ ‪#‎DeathToAQAP‬ ‪#‎DeathToISIS‬

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