Zio-Style Political Correctness Hits Pakistan: Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz Chohan Resigns After Truthfully Calling Hindus “Cow Urine Drinkers”

by Jonathan Azaziah

Listen, I don’t wanna live in a world where we can’t call idol-worshipers who drink cow urine because they think it’s “holy”… Idol-worshipers who drink cow urine because they think it’s “holy”. Get me?

Why should we not be able to take the piss because such people drink the piss?


Okay, that’s enough on the jocularity front, Gentiles and Gentilesses. Because this is actually quite a frightening matter. Language is an important warzone of our struggle against Dajjal and we can never, repeat, NEVER allow it to dictate the parameters of what we can and can’t say–especially when the sayings are rooted in 100% Haqq.

Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan resigned yesterday over remarks he made at an event in Lahore last month. He called Hindus “idol-worshipers” and “cow-urine-drinking people”. This created such an uproar on social media that Imran Khan’s special assistant on political affairs, Naeem ul Haque, chastised Chohan’s comments as “insulting” and “degrading” and “nonsense” and he made it known that the PTI government will be taking action because such words just won’t be tolerated. There’s just one problem though. The man. Didn’t. Tell. A single. LIE.

Along with the abysmal caste system, idol worship is the foundation of Hinduism. We don’t need “Hinduism experts”, nor commentators, nor activists, nor analysts to chime in on the matter. Granted, many Hindus themselves will tell you that they’re not worshiping the idol itself but “God” through the intermediary of the image, which has been endowed with “godly” qualities. But that load of bollocks is no different than a Jew saying that “Goy” isn’t a derogatory term, it just means non-Jew. Sorry, but we know better. If you’re treating the image you bow before as “divine” in any way, shape or form, by definition you are an idol-worshiper. Case closed. Thus, Hindus worship idols. And they’re polytheists too. Live and let live and it is what it is, but those are indeed the facts. So it is wrong to call such persons who engage in such acts idol-worshipers? Resoundingly, not the hell at all. Why then did Chohan apologize for telling a truth? Moreover, as disgusting it is, and as shocking as it may to be to some who aren’t aware, Hindus do in fact drink cow urine.

Now prior to delving into the proofs as well as the Murderous Modi regime’s odd obsession with the gag-worthy, vomit-inducing concept, we have to take a bit of a wordy detour. Saying “Hindus drink cow-urine” isn’t an automatic indictment of all Hindus. Even if Chohan had said “THE Hindus drink cow-urine”, it shouldn’t have triggered this hysteria. It is a phrase… And a phrase alone, meant to highlight a practice, trait, belief, custom of any one given ethno-religious group. It would be wrong to say Muslims drink cow-urine. Or to say the same thing about practitioners of Shinto. Or Christianity. Why? Because! None of these groups do it!

There is a trend though among Hindus and Hindus alone who consume cow urine–among other forms of nastiness–because they think the cow is holy and its piss possesses some sort of holiness. Such statements aren’t generalizations. Nobody would–forgive me here brethren, it’s just too easy–HAVE A COW if one were to say Italians eat pasta. Or Russians drink vodka. Or Lebanese like shish barak. Or Palestinians love knafeh. Or Iraqis enjoy Masgouf. Or Yemenis chew qat. Are we referring to all Italians/Russians/Lebanese/Palestinians/Iraqis/Yemenis when we point any of this out? No. They are merely observations of occurrences from certain communities–nothing sweeping about them. The Judaic-like hyper-sensitivity (more on this in a moment) to Chohan’s actual facts is misplaced and absurd.

With that noted, allow us to reiterate: Hindus. Do. Absolutely. Drink. Cow. Urine. It’s called “Gaumutra” and Hinduism considers it “holy”. Hindus consume cow dung too. It’s in their health drinks, porridge, tooth paste and spice mixes. It’s even in their colas. And we’re not talking about some cult here and there but MILLIONS ON TOP OF MILLIONS of Hindus engaging in this consumption under the guise of “Ayurveda”. A key note here is that it is the RSS’s Cow Protection Department leading the way in the promotion of this obscenity. The RSS of course is a Hindutvadi terrorist organization responsible for the murder of thousands and has been involved in major aggressions against Muslims, including the Babri Masjid demolition and the 26/11 false flag.

Back to the cow-piss, it is at the very forefront of the Modi/BJP regime’s agenda, with promotion at the state and federal level happening just last month. Uttar Pradesh is ground zero if you will and the RSS, as well as its Hindutvadi terrorist partner, the VHP, are in the thick of it. Like cow-urine “disinfectant”–yes, I realize the oxymoronic nature of this description, but that’s Hindutva for you–the goal is to make cow-urine readily available to the public. And it isn’t just popular with Hindu fanatics in India itself. It’s now spread–or would “flowed” be the better term here, we wonder?–to the UK among Diaspora Indian Hindu fanatics, in both shops and temples. While a quarter of a billion people in India live in poverty, many of them Hindus, Modi has spent 5.8 billion rupees in total on cow protection programs which entail the processing of cow waste. And some want Modi the Maniac go even further, like Subramanian Swamy, the Hinduvadi lunatic and Zionist who has been clamoring for the balkanization of the Pakistani state following the latest Indian aggression.

Taking all of this into account, was Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan incorrect in describing Hindus as “cow-urine-drinking people”? Not. Even. In. The. Slightest. Should he have apologized and subsequently resigned. Not. Even. In. The. Slightest. And it’s nothing less than a national disgrace for all Pakistanis and moreover, an international disgrace for the entire Ummah, which has been typically silent about the ordeal, that it has unfolded in this manner. Returning to that Judaic-like hyper-sensitivity we mentioned, as Malcolm X (R.A.) wrote in his autobiography, “I mean, you can’t even say ‘Jew’ without him accusing you of ‘anti-Semitism’.” That apparently can now be applied to Hindus too. You can’t even point out truths about Hindutvadi Hinduism without being called a “bigot” and “Hinduphobic” and putting your livelihood at risk. It must be a result of the increasingly incestuous relationship between the usurping Yahoudling entity, awash in Palestinian blood, and the Hindu surpemacist regime of Modi, awash in Kashmiri, Pakistani and Indian Muslim blood.

Pakistan is already fighting a war on too many fronts to count, with too many plots to fend off. Military. Intelligence. Financial. Political. Cultural. It doesn’t need a linguistic battlefield akin to the one being dealt with in the ZOGified West too. Obviously, under Islamic law and principles, no minority community should ever feel uncomfortable, threatened or unsafe. But at the same time, no minority community should be kowtowed–or in this case, COWtowed–to at the expense of the Islamic majority either. There are 197 million citizens in Pakistan… less than 2.5 million of which are Hindu. If those Hindus are not cow-piss drinkers and they don’t harbor any Hindutvadi sympathies, then Chohan’s comments should roll off of them without them even noticing like sweat rolls down an elephant’s ears. Now if they do feast on bovine waste and subscribe to Hindutva, then that’s their problem. Not Chohan. Not the Pakistan government. And not the Pakistani people. Unless… These very same persons become fifth columnists for the Indian regime like the Jews of Venezuela are fifth columnists for the Zio-Tumor. Then it damn sure is an issue for all of Pakistan.

We understand the position of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is humbly trying fend off further Indian skullduggery after recent events that saw Pakistan mop the floor with the Hindutvadi regime’s warplanes. Anything could set the Hindutvadis off, even comments from a state minister. Diplomatic maneuvering can be appreciated, certainly, but at the end of the day, Pakistan identifies itself as an Islamic republic. How can a nation of Muhammadi stock bow before the whims of… Well… cow-piss drinkers? We aren’t being plucky here. How can a nation that can’t even call an idol-worshiper an idol-worshiper expect to defeat idol-worshiping, Zionist-aligned fanatics in any future battle on the playing field of the geopolitical arena, especially one comprised of predominantly Soft War elements? This is a recording: Chohan shouldn’t have apologized. And he shouldn’t have resigned. Going forward, this Orwellianism and Zio-style political correctness must be rejected at all costs.

After Yemenis, Pakistanis are arguably the most Anti-Zionist, Anti-Parasitic people in the whole world. And speaking of Yemen, it’s like the Sarkha of Ansarullah has been spun into Pakistanis’ spiritual DNA like silk, masha’ALLAH. Considering this reality, what’s going to take place when a Pakistani state minister–or even someone in the higher-ups of the Islamabad government or perhaps a decorated general–says that Jews own and control the global media? Another certifiable, undeniable fact, one which doesn’t mean “ALL JEWS”, but simply, Jews. Zionist Jews at that, and they do run the show on this front. Will such a person be asked to resign because Pakistan doesn’t want to offend the American and Indian regimes’ closest ally? Will this irrefutable notation be deemed “insulting” and “degrading” and “nonsense” by the PTI government? This isn’t a rhetorical exercise. And no doubt it’s farfetched at this current moment. But cultural subversion and societal re-engineering start small and work up.

It begins with the sacking of a minister. It ends with normalization of the Zio-Tumor and laws against criticizing Global Zionism. Pakistan, simply put, must beware. May Chohan find some sort of solace and may all who participated in his downfall be punished for their sheer and utter spinelessness. Our message for the Hindutvadi bovine-waste consumers and the rest of the Modi Mafia is that they can go straight to the Naar of Jahannam and take their cow-idols, urine drinks and dung-toothpaste with them. Abhorrent, Zionist, supremacist, Islamophobic scum, the lot of ’em. And we mean that with every fiber of our beings. Sincerely and militantly. Verily, in this regard… We’re not taking the piss at all.

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