Zio-Killary Isn’t The 2016 US Presidential Election’s “Lesser Evil”! She’s The ONLY Evil!

by Jonathan Azaziah

I want to be unequivocally clear about the 2016 US “election” cycle: There is no “lesser of two evils”. There is only ONE, that’s it, just ONE evil, and its blood-soaked name is Hillary Clinton. It is simply incredible that so many “leftists” are essentially ignoring all the horror that Clinton has inflicted on this planet because the arrogant billionaire Donald Trump has said a few mean things that were blown insanely out of proportion by the gang of apes and pigs that we call the Zionist media. Seriously, I knew y’all “socialist” types were a bunch of chickenshit, wet-blanket, effeminate, precious-snowflake cowards but DAMN, I didn’t realize y’all were THAT bad. Let us review the record now, shall we? The neocons hate Trump and they love Killary. Wall Street hates Trump and it loves Killary. Organized Jewry STILL hates Trump in spite of all his boot-licking at AIPAC and loves Killary. The Saudis hate Trump and not only do they love Killary, they’re actually bankrolling her campaign! And while Trump has done his fair share of shady business deals, has been particularly vile with his hands in gentrification throughout New York City and is, for all intents and purposes, a narcissistic asshole, he ain’t a mass murderer, nor is he the one drinking ‘Goy’ baby blood with the upper echelons of the Kehilla whilst annihilating Global South nation after Global South nation. That distinction solely belongs to Killary.

It musn’t be forgotten just how long the rap sheet of this maniac actually is. Killary and her husband have a trail of somewhere around a hundred bodies that stretches from Arkansas to the Oval Office; go after the Clintons and you bite the dust, this is what history tell us. Killary and her husband are drug dealers. Big ones. Cocaine is how they get down. See “Clinton Coke Lines”, the 14th chapter of former MK Ultra asset Cathy O’Brien’s “Trance Formation of America” and my recently departed (murdered?) friend Victor Thorn’s “Hillary (and Bill): The Drugs Volume – Part Two of the Clinton Trilogy” for all the gory details. And speaking of the heroic Ms. O’Brien, Killary and her husband were involved, intimately and disturbingly, in her CIA-orchestrated torture. Again, see her aforementioned book for the utterly horrifying tidbits. Killary and her husband slaughtered hundreds of thousands and displaced millions more in their dismemberment of Yugoslavia. Killary and her husband passed the notorious “Law Bill”, which expanded the militarization of American police, fattened up the Prison-Industrial-Complex and led to the wrongful imprisonment of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of young Black and Brown men.

Killary and her husband wreaked havoc on Haiti in ’94 and bombed Sudan’s Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical Factory in ’98. Malevolent Killary and her perverted husband signed the Iraq Liberation Act and Killary then voted for the genocidal invasion of the Iraqi state that she and her male puppet paved the way for. This of course comes after 12 years of slaughterous sanctions on my homeland that Killary and her husband implemented on AIPAC’s advice and which Killary’s mentor, the equally demented and insidious demon Madeleine Albright, infamously said were “worth it”. Killary is the godmother of the Takfiri gangs in Libya and Syria–giving them everything from guns to money, mercenary training secured by her Zionist Jew pal Sidney “My Son Made You Stupid ‘Goyim’ Believe He’s Gonna Liberate Palestine” Blumenthal to essentially unlimited State Department support–the patron of the military coup regime in Honduras, the guardian of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ entity, Monsanto’s best friend, Big Pharma’s darling and the facilitator of gigantic arms deals with Saudi Arabia and its GCC partners–arms which are being unleashed on the people of Yemen everyday.

Not to mention, unlike Trump who likes and respects Putin, she’s also quite keen on starting WW3 with Russia once she’s back in the White House and financially speaking, her biggest backers are Jewish supremacist “royals” Penny Pritzker, Haim Saban, George Soros and Laurence Fink. Simply put, Secretary of State Succubus is a sanguinary psychopath who loves nothing more than serving her masters, killing innocents and destroying countries that resist the Global Zionist Imperium.

With every drop of that noted, it should be fully understood that Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, or Zio-Killary for short, is a threat to the very future of humanity. Donald Trump, for all his flaws, obnoxiousness, xenophobia and capitalistic hubris, is not. And if this actually was a democratic choice that could be made by “the American people”, it wouldn’t even be a question that Trump and his pro-Russia stance would be what to vote for, because based on what Trump has said, his seemingly isolationist foreign policy would be better, MUCH BETTER, for all our people who are currently suffering thanks to the Wolfowitz Doctrine employed by Bush and Obama.

But voting doesn’t matter. It never did, as this system is controlled from the top-down by the “chosenites” and the “chosenites” have already spoken: Zio-Killary is theirs and they can’t wait to celebrate her dystopian reign. Compared to the likes of Pritzker, Saban, Soros and globe-holder BlackRock chief Fink, Trump is a piss-on who can be bought and sold a trillion times over and thus, never really had a shot even if he genuinely believed he did. It’s now up to us to make everyone aware, in both the United Snakes of IsraHELL and abroad, of what’s coming. Resistance was our only option before and Resistance remains our only option now. We’ll walk the path ’till liberation or martyrdom and to hell with Zio-Killary. May ALLAH (SWT) help us all.

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    Dear Jonathan,

    I wish to ask you a question about the Koran

    The reason that I have chosen to ask you this question, in lieu of say a college professor etc., is because I feel that you have a natural born gift of language and speech- coupled with a knowledge of the Koran and Islam- and then, on top of all of that– your Mother “situation-” and you’re also Jew-wise. Wow- what a recipe, what an amazing Individual…

    Here’s my dilemma…

    I wish to read the Koran, however I do not know the Arabic language. Yes, smiles and laughter (I know)- Big problem, right?

    I keep hearing all of these horrible terrible things from the Jew-controlled Main Stream Media (MSM) about what the Koran says to do to all Christians etc etc that sounds to me like what the Jews (secretly) wish to do to Christians.

    My instinct tells me that something is amiss, I’m just not sure exactly what, or where…

    It reminds me of how they lied about Adolf Hitler. I did not know they were lying until I read his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) which he wrote in 1924/25 and which finally got published in an honest/acceptable English translated copy in 1939- the James Murphy translation- The only English translation approved by the Third Reich (and rightly so).

    I read other translations that had been either translated into English by Jews or dishonest non-Jews beholden to their Jewish masters. One translation actually had the word “hate” substituted for the correct word “have” all throughout the text LOL. It was very frustrating until I found a neutral (unbiased) type of a person who spoke German 1st as his native tongue and English very well as his 2nd language. He helped me to figure out which translation was the most accurate and honest translation. The James Murphy translation won out.

    But here’s the deal…

    I do not know anyone such as the above to help me select an English translation of the Koran! And of course you, of all people, are not neutral or un-biased when it comes to this particular subject- LOL! But you are a master of languages and you are Jew-wise, so you might can at least help to steer me away from deceptive Jewish translators- if such translations of the Koran do in fact exist. I figured you, of all people, would know who to stay away from, and who (in your opinion) did a great/fair honest job of translating the Koran from Arabic into English.

    Can you reply with a list of translated versions and their translator’s names, along with commentary on each version/translator? For example, if you know the translator was a Jew, or married to a Jew, Freemason, false-Christian zionist, “Radicalized” minority sect, etc. etc.?

    Perhaps that would even make a next good article for your website here.

    Either way, it sure would help.

    I’m willing to read the whole Koran all the way through like I did with Mein Kampf in order to get closer to the Truth.


    P.S. Links to books/articles/DVDs/etc that totally debunk certain false/dishonest English translations of the Koran would prove helpful too (if they exist).

    P.P.S. You’re not just helping me (one person), but a friend also (two people). We both admire your content/context filled fiery MP3 shows- very educational yet enlightening/entertaining at the same time. Again, Thank you.

      Dear Jonathan,

      Woops! I accidentally forgot to mention that in addition to the Qu’ran, I would also like to read the “complete” hadith (the reported sayings and actions of Muhammad recorded in 6 sets of books – but translated into English) too.

      In talking with folks, I have learned that the Quran is organized/compartmentalized into 114 chapters (each with a name/title) called surahs in the Arabic language.

      The part that confuses me though is this…

      They say that the Quran (consisting of 114 chapters in all) was revealed to Muhammad (from Allah via the Angel Gabriel) at different times over the course of about 22 years. So some parts of the Quran came later, and some parts came earlier- it was not all revealed at once. Here is where I get confused…

      They say that the Quran was later compiled/written after Muhammad’s passing away, and that unfortunately, the surahs (chapters) are not all written/compiled in chronological order! If true, how confusing!

      Also, they say that when there is a conflict between two surahs (chapters), later (newer) surahs over-ride earlier (older) surahs in order to avoid any would-be contradiction- sort of like the child’s game of “Rock-Paper-Scissors.”

      So new revelations over-ride (nasikh) previous revelations. If a verse is nasikh, or over-ridden, then it’s as if that verse never existed. If true, OK- got it. But here’s my question…

      Has anyone ever conveniently re-compiled the Quran (as a helpful study-guide so to speak) with the 114 surahs in their original chronological order- as in, in the actual order (in time) that their contents were revealed to Muhammad? I would like to be able to know the exact order of the revelations.

      If so, could you please let me know what that “study guide” would be called. I would like to have one of those (translated into English of course) in addition to all of the above.


      PS. Is the hadith also not in chronological order (time-wise speaking)? As you can see, I’m somewhat confused about this “time” aspect, when it comes to either of the two Holiest books/compilations of Islam: The Quran and the books of hadith (books that record a verified account of things the prophet Muhammad said and did during his life- the teachings of Muhammad in word and example). Just getting myself primed and ready for a full read through of both when I finally obtain a translated copy.

      Thanks to anyone else here too who may offer some helpful guidance. Again, Thanks!

  2. Makes no difference who votes for whom, there is only one way to change things – delete the “elite”.
    Unfortunately, most americans are pussies who wait for khazarian ashkenazi mafia to knock on their door and disarm them.

    1. I believe the Clinton emails contain content on the Clinton/Obama/UN NWO agenda that would put Obama in charge of the UN and allow ISIS into the USA.
      This content is so dangerous that this is why Comey could not move in it. He found out or knew as does Gowdy. This explains Gowdy’s ranting about the emails. It was a show. In addition, lynch and senators like Pelosi and McCain are involved. They all know and can’t risk it.
      If Comey indicted Clinton the whole USA government would have come down. This explains his in action.
      I do not think Trump will even get close. She’s in, and she knows it vis a vie Obama. They will not let this go.
      Obama wants the UN NWO chair that Banke Moon is warming for him.
      My call it involves the UN in the emails.

  3. “Resistance was our only option before and Resistance remains our only option now.”

    I completely agree. I enthusiastically await the day when millions of us descend on Washington, D.C., and remove the criminals from power. I hope it comes soon, though I know not how to make it happen.

    1. Hillary may be evil no doubt. What is the alternative?
      Trump? Or revolt?
      Well revolt will not happen here because most of the eligible voters do not understand the alternatives.
      As long as the IBS cards every money keep getting renewed they the voters are satisfied.
      Is Trump the alternative? Hardly, especially when he meets with the lines of Netanyahu, a leader of a foreign power just 24 hours prior to a presidential debate. Yes he met w Clinton too, but 99% of the voters don’t even know of these mtgs. How is it that this can happen in this country?
      How, because both are bought and paid for, albeit Netanyahu wants Trump so he can do as he promised to dismantle the Iran nuke deal for Israel.
      This is paramount for Israel. Trump will do their bidding as Trumps son said.
      Trumps associations have bothered me tom the start w him. I expressed this to Jonathan here to no avail. He says Trump will not side w Israel. I say baloney(no pun intended), Jonathan.
      We have been manipulated again by the Zionists in this election. They do not sleep. America is in big trouble as there are no alternatives.

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