Your 45 Days Are Up Buhari! Obey The Nigerian Federal High Court’s Order And Free Sheikh Zakzaky Now!

by Jonathan Azaziah

It was right around this time 45 days ago when Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Nigerian Federal High Court in Abuja ruled that Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat were unjustly imprisoned and should be released IMMEDIATELY with housing and compensation for their wrongful lock-up to be subsequently provided by the Nigerian state. During this tumultuous and tense 45-day period, there was an attempt on Zakzaky’s life on December 10th and the Sheikh has continued to be tortured, denied proper medical care and deprived of just about every basic human right imaginable. As the seconds tick off the clock in this zero hour, the father of Shi’a Islam in Nigeria and Africa’s most important Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist personality remains behind bars. The Saudi-controlled stooge Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has already inexplicably rejected the court order on baseless grounds and has also infamously banned Shi’a Islam. So should this be any indication of how the Buhari regime itself is going to behave, Zakzaky’s hideously prejudiced prison stint may not be over just yet. And after the Saudi tyrants’ execution of Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr last year and the Saudi-backed Bahraini regime’s murder of three Shi’a protesters yesterday, it should be lucid to all that with Saudi proxies in Abuja at the helm, Zakzaky’s life is in tremendous danger, more so than ever before.

Admittedly, it is a extra-oxymoronic to speak of Nigeria and sovereignty in the same breath considering that the American ZOG’s AFRICOM lurks at every corner, Saudi petrodollars fuel Wahhabism across the oil-rich West African nation and the entire Nigerian security apparatus from the DSS to the army is run by the CIA and the Zionist tumor’s Mossad. But if Buhari fails to comply with the court order, he will solidify once and for all, without exception, that Nigeria, in spite of its stature on the African continent and post-colonial status, is nothing but an ‘Israeli’-Saudi satellite regime which cannot even abide by its own laws and courts. Indeed, the agenda of “Tel Aviv” and Riyadh is what rules Nigeria, not its people and certainly not its puppet president.

Sheikh Zakzaky, the avatar of Shi’a Islamic Liberation Theology in Africa and steadfast upholder of the Palestinian cause, is still literally rotting away in a dungeon for a crime he didn’t commit. This isn’t just a violation of human rights, nor is it even merely a crime against humanity. The continued oppression of the Zaria Saint and Nigerian Shi’a Muslims as a whole is a declaration of war on Anti-Zionism and Islam; it is the US-‘Israeli’ Empire’s way of telling all revolutionary-minded Africans that they will get the “Zakzaky Treatment” if they oppose the Zio-Imperialist project against the continent. The injustice at work here is beyond unspeakable… With 13 months having passed since the Zaria Massacre, it’s downright unbearable.

But nevertheless, the court order is in place. The deadline has expired. Now all we can do is pray. We can hope. Then we can pray and hope some more. For the Sheikh. For his wife. For the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. And for the Nigerian state itself not being engulfed with even more fitnah, tragedy and bloodshed because the usurping Zionist entity wouldn’t allow Sheikh Zakzaky’s peaceful revolution to flourish. O’ Merciful ALLAH (SWT), please help the Sheikh; please help the Sheikh right this very moment. #LongLiveZakzaky #FreeZakzaky #ObeyTheCourtOrderBuhari

One thought on “Your 45 Days Are Up Buhari! Obey The Nigerian Federal High Court’s Order And Free Sheikh Zakzaky Now!”

  1. This hypocracy of our today’s world will made you to be mad!
    Tyrant Buhari,the dog of imperial masters is waiting 4 their sign.
    #longliveZakzaky#FreeZakzaky#no to injustice

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