Yosemite Goy John Bolton Wants Nicaragua Decapitated, In Line With Four Decades Of US-Zionist War On Sandanismo

by Jonathan Azaziah

Neocon war criminal John Bolton, aka Yosemite Goy, aka JB, Kosher Gentile and Proud, aka Johnny the Jamoke of the Jews, can’t take a breath or probably even blink without thinking of the next country the Zionist Imperium can pursue regime change in. Even for those with a tiny degree of awareness regarding his crimes and character, it’s astounding, really. As the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela remains in the crosshairs of the Empire, with Bolton, Abrams, Mnuchin, Mandelker and Netanyahu all in the mix, the cartoonish villain is at it again, now declaring that the days of the Daniel Ortega government in Nicaragua are numbered and Nicaraguans will “soon be free”–meaning they will soon be invaded and stability in their nation will soon be decapitated. This is of particular significance since Bolton himself as a top “legal” official in the Reagan ZOG, among a few other positions he held, was in thick with the CIA operators running guns to the murderous Contras and had a critical place in crippling the investigation into the “Iran-Contra” scandal as well inquiries into the Contras’ rampant abuses and crimes against humanity, including weapons trafficking and narcotics distribution.

The Sandanistas have been a thorn in the side of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire going back to their overthrow of Anastasio Somoza Debayle (L.A.) on July 19th, 1979, shaking up Latin America and changing the face of the region forever. The Somoza dynasty, it must be elucidated, was scum of the lowest sort. Debayle’s father Anastasio Somoza García (L.A.), infamously referred to by the war criminal Roosevelt ZOG as “our son of a bitch”, had purchased arms for Haganah terrorists in 1939 and 1948 to curry favor with International Jewry. Later on, when the Sandanistas’ pressure was bringing Debayle’s regime to the brink of collapse, ‘Israel’ remained his sole–we repeat, SOLE–arms supplier before the July 19th Revolution triumphed. Under the rule of the Somozas, Nicaragua never backed one UN resolution against ‘Israel’.

Had it not been for “Tel Aviv” indeed, the Sandanistas would have prevailed much sooner. And their victory is celebrated annually not only by Nicaraguan revolutionaries, but Anti-Imperialists of all stripes, including Bolivia’s Evo Morales, and there is a strong solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as well. Principled opposition to Zio-Imperialist designs on the resources of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples is exactly why the American regime, led by Elliot Abrams, Jewish supremacist maniac and Yosemite Goy’s partner-in-crime, armed the Contra death squads to begin with.

‘Israel’ too, Abrams’ one true love, was a major patron of the cocaine-pushing, child-slaughtering Contras, providing them rifles, ammunition, grenades, uniforms, submachine guns, artillery pieces and advisory assistance as IOF trainers were dispatched to their positions. “Prince” Bandar, known also as Bandar Bush, Saudi Arabia’s former top intelligence chief, was keeping the Contras flush with a cool million dollars a month in cash. The notorious Saudi spook would later be dubbed “Bandar ibn ‘Israel'” by the ever-cerebral Iranian geopolitical analyst Sharmine Narwani because of his incestuous relationship with the Zionist intelligence services in their joint destabilization of Syria. No doubt that Bandar the Bastard wasn’t merely trying to appease Washington in bankrolling the Contras, but the Zio-Tumor on top of it.

The leader of the Contras, the Gusano of Gusanos, Adolfo Calero Portocarrero, loved the illegitimate Jewish occupation regime. He was a Shabbos Goy like no other and declared with pride, “We think the ‘Israelis’ would be best [for foreign assistance] because they have the technical experience.” Because of the outwardly collaborationist essence of their enemies, the Sandanistas saw their struggle against against the Zionist-backed Somoza dictatorship and later the Contras as inseparable from that of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. Because of this, Daniel Ortega and his men cut all ties with ‘Israel’ following their success and declared solidarity with the Palestinian cause as well as all who resisted Zionism. This bond continues to this day in numerous fields, including education, health, technology, agroindustry, and green energy.

Fast forward several decades from the Reagan ZOG to the Trump ZOG and the aggression against Managua by Washington and “Tel Aviv” hasn’t ended in the slightest. It hasn’t even changed faces as we’ve documented, for old war-pigs like Bolton and Abrams are back in the driver’s seat of another counterrevolution. Which brings us to last year’s failed coup. The Zionist-controlled corporate media’s coverage of the imperialist-triggered unrest in Nicaragua, a tiresome hodgepodge of “the people vs. the dictator” and “freedom, democracy, human rights, cupcakes, cotton candy and pecan pies” narratives, was designed to cover up the progress under ultra-democratic Sandanismo.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has ushered in a renaissance of sorts for Nicaragua’s downtrodden and indigenous, providing free healthcare, free education and better overall economic policies, not to mention making the country 80-90% food independent–an especially tremendous achievement. He also implemented a “community policing” security program that made Nicaragua a great deal safer and less crime-ridden than its neighbors. Support for the Sandanistas in national votes has gone from 38% in ’06, to 62% in ’11, to 72% in ’16 with a strong 68% turnout at that. Laid bare, Sandanismo is a popular movement of the ACTUAL Nicaraguan people. Also note that its slogan of the last decade, “Christian, Socialist and In Solidarity”, has gotten under the skin of the Zionist-occupied Vatican, which, under the guidance of Pope Francis, has been crucial to executing a “Latin American Spring”. Certainly, Ortega’s Christ-loving awakening has angered thoroughly Anti-Christian Organized Jewry as well.

To crush this organic, Christian-Liberationist resistance and revolution, wanton violence has been employed by the US ZOG’s Nicaraguan Shabbos Goyim, from torture to intimidation, shootings to burnings and other crimes and abuses. And all the usual suspects can be found. USAID. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its Republican offshoot, the IRI. George Soros. Neocon and House Latino Marco Antonio Rubio. And of course, the Nicaraguan section of the neo-capitalist, Gusano-Golpista haven of South Florida, chiefly Miami. The main organ of the Orange Oaf Trump’s war on the Sandanistas is the Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policy (IEEPP) and it is going after the whole of Nicaragua, including the public sector, labor unions, student groups, religious organizations and media. One Soros-funded operation in particular, Global Witness, is trying to pit Nicaragua’s Miskito indigenous people of the Northern Caribbean Autonomous Region against the Sandanistas, in an effort to escalate ethnic strife, a classic imperialist tactic.

Brutal sanctions have also been implemented by the Tangerine Terrorist Trump to bring Sandanismo to heel. The legislation was voted on UNANIMOUSLY–as in ENTIRELY–by the Zionist-occupied Congress. Known as NICA, its sponsorship and passage was led by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the same Zionist Jewess-Gusana who commandeered the assault on Venezuela’s former Vice President Tareck El Aissami. “I have said and I’ll say it again, we have never had a better defender of ‘Israel'”, war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu waxed lyrical and declared about Ros-Lehtinen, the granddaughter of Turkish Jews. And like her campaigns against the Cuban Revolution and the Bolivarian Revolution, she has been at the forefront of destabilizing Nicaragua, targeting Ortega and his sons personally in her rabid clamoring for regime change. She’s also an architect of the war on Syria, an anti-Palestinian fanatic and a top dog in the Zionist Lobby keeping billions of US dollars flowing to the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime.

Her actions, as well as those of the USAID-NED-Soros trifecta, are reminiscent of the Bush Sr. ZOG’s plans in 1990 that originally dislodged the Sandanistas from power. Using a barbaric embargo on the country and spending no less than $17.5 million ($12.5 mill from the NED and another $5 mill from the CIA) on influencing the pivotal election, Sahyu-Washington maneuvered the National Opposition Union (UNO) leader Violeta Chamorro–a Gusana from A to Z–into power.

And while the Nicaraguan government, people and armed forces led by Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, have thankfully defeated the coup in defiance of Zio-Imperialism’s viciousness, the fight is not over. Last November Yosemite Goy Bolton labeled Nicaragua 1/3 of the “Troika of Tyranny”–a throwback to Zionist Jew David Frum’s “Axis of Evil” mantra–and said that sanctions would remain on the country essentially until Sandanismo was no more, “The Troika of Tyranny in this Hemisphere, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, has finally met its match.” Couple this with his new declaration and it’s rather unchallenging to see that America’s aims are total obliteration of all independent movements in Latin America, starting with Havana, Caracas and Managua.

For over four decades, the Sandanistas have stood tall against the US-‘Israeli’ Empire, both at the state and non-state level. They have fought long and hard to maintain their position and they aren’t going to relinquish their gains now. The racism and colonialism of the Monroe Doctrine and Roosevelt Corollary as well as the domination of Zionist Jew Samuel Zemurray’s United Fruit Company will not be resurrected in Managua. Nicaraguans have paid for their freedom and independence with their blood. That doesn’t come cheap. All Moustazafeen must be by their side, as we are with Venezuela. The stratagems of “Tel Aviv”, Yosemite Goy and the Trump ZOG be damned.

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