Wow! Ansarullah Launches Burqan-1 Missile 1,200 KM To Hit Saudi Military Base Near Riyadh Then Says Abu Dhabi Is Next!

by Jonathan Azaziah

God, I LOVE Ansarullah! Don’t you?! If not, you damn well should! Just a few hours ago, the Mighty Moujahideen of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance fired a surface-to-surface missile a whopping 1,200 kilometers from Yemeni territory right into the vicinity of Riyadh. The Houthis’ Missile Unit struck a military base in Al-Mazahimiyah directly, just 40 kilometers west of the Saudi capital. Exact numbers on the casualties remain scarce at the moment but considering the power of the missile and the fact that the Saudi forces had no idea they were about to get eviscerated like the scumbags-who-don’t-deserve-to-live that they are, no doubt it’s huge. A state of emergency was declared in Riyadh. Saudi officials immediately went into panic mode, denying that there even was an attack, while Saudi propagandists on social media said that the explosion was an earthquake, possibly a meteor, or maybe just exceedingly loud construction–no, I kid you not.

Everyone knows that the the Houthiyeen don’t play though and they had already made their announcement, gloriously sending the fathers of Takfiri carnage deeper into madness: “We successfully completed the test-fire of a precision, long-distance ballistic missile in response to the Saudi regime’s aggression against our people. We stress that the capital of the Saudi regime, the capital of terrorism, is now in the range of our missiles and, God willing, what is coming will be even greater.” Oh, and do take note that while most Zionist media outlets are reporting that it was a SCUD projectile that Ansarullah launched, what it ***ACTUALLY*** happens to be is a Burqan-1 missile with a design ***BASED*** on the SCUD but indigenously engineered and produced by Ansarullah and its allies in the Yemeni Armed Forces.

Following the brilliant strike on the capital of Najdi Terror, Filth and Tyranny, Ansarullah boldly stated that its next target was Abu Dhabi, the decadent and devilish home of the Emirati despots. While the Yemeni Mouqawamah humiliated and drove the UAE out of Yemen last Ramadan, the British-created “sheikhdom” remains an integral part of the Saudi-led genocide coalition and has the blood of thousands of innocent Yemenis on its petrodollar-stained hands. The Burqan-1 beauty that splattered the oppressors is the 3rd devastating blow that the Yemeni Islamic Resistance has dealt Dönmeh Al-Saud in the past week. On January 31st, the Houthiyeen drilled a Saudi vessel off the coast of Hudaydah with a Zelzal-3, killing over 100 naval forces of the aggression, AND wiped out some 80 Saudi invaders in a separate attack–using the ever-deadly Burqan-1–on an illegal GCC military base on Zuqar Island.

Yemen’s defenders aren’t just sending a message to the Wahhabi monarchy, which, approaching the 2-year mark on its idiotic move to try to contain and subjugate a land and a people which have NEVER fallen, is still as defeated as ever, but also the new American regime and all the anti-Muslim warmongers Trump has surrounding him: “If you escalate here, we will bury you. For we Yemenis have not merely put invaders into the ground, but empires, dynasties and every hegemony that has ever set foot here.” The Houthis said that’s what’s coming is even greater and I for one cannot WAIT. There is no amount of humiliation and agony too great for the Saudi butchers. In these trying times, Ansarullah and the Yemeni people shine as the apples of our eyes and the pomegranates of our hearts. Salute, o’ warriors! Striking Star Salute and then some.

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  1. Thanks Jonathan for some positive news from Yemen. It is time the cowardly saudis, who prefer killing from a safe distance, receive a taste of their own medicine..

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