With The Golan Heights’ Liberation On Deck, The Quneitra Martyrs’ Sacrifice Means Even More Today Than It Did Four Years Ago

by Jonathan Azaziah

It was the barrage of missiles heard ’round the world. Four years ago today, ‘Israel’, the occupier of Palestine and sections of Lebanon, Syria and Saudi-controlled Arabia (Tiran and Sanafir), breached Lebanese and Syrian airspace to then attack Mazraat Amal in Quneitra, part of Syria’s Golan Heights. The targets were two cars carrying Muhammad “Abou Issa” Issa (R.A.), Jihad “Jawad” Mughniyeh (R.A.), “Sayyed Abbas” Hijazi (R.A.), “Kazem” Abou al-Hassan (R.A.), “Daniel” Ghazi Ali Dawi (R.A.), “Ihab” Ali Hassan Ibrahim (R.A.) and Muhammad Ali Allahdadi (R.A.) Six Hizbullah moujahideen, including one of the most senior commanders of the Mouqawamah along with the son of Hajj Imad Mughiyeh (R.A.), and a Brigadier General of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. While Abou Issa, Jawad and the IRGC top tiger had indeed participated in fighting the Takfiri terrorist scourge before this cowardly assassination by the Zionists, having been stationed in Homs, Damascus and Aleppo respectively, that wasn’t their main mission. Al-Jaulan was.

The central purpose of these men and their martyred counterparts was to establish a Mouqawamist infrastructure in the Golan that would liberate the territory occupied by the usurping Zionist entity in 1967 then annexed in 1981. This would be the second part of the pincer movement–with the first obviously being Lebanon itself where Hizbullah is stronger and more well-equipped than ever before–that would eventually (and inevitably) be launched to retake the occupied Galilee. ‘Israel’, still stung after crushing defeats in ’00 (Lebanon), ’05 (Gaza), ’06 (Lebanon), ’12 (Gaza) and ’14 (Gaza), not to mention the failure of Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009; Gaza), couldn’t fathom such a scenario and took the decision to execute the killings. All the Shouhada (R.A.) had on their persons at the time were their service weapons. Nothing else. This is how deeply the Zio-Tumor feared these heroic warriors.

Now four years after their deaths, a blaze of glory if there ever was one, and going into the eighth year of the war on Syria, we find ourselves at the end of the line as the overwhelming majority of Bilad al-Sham is liberated from Takfiri-Wahhabism. All the main cities, from the desert to the coast, are freed. Nothing remains of the Takfiri Goy Golem except pockets in At-Tanf – which is illegally occupied by America – and Idlib, which is de facto controlled by Turkey’s Al-Qaeda shock troops who will depart diplomatically God willing after Ankara, Moscow and Tehran conclude their talks on the territory. It will be Syrian again. We also know that Iran and Hizbullah, as per the statements of President Assad, Sayyed Nasrallah and Quds Force Commander Suleimani, aren’t going anywhere even after the very last terrorist is sent back from whence they came. Which means all eyes will now FULLY revert back to where they were before the Zionist war on Syria started. Because the Takfiris are not our central enemy, despite the existential threat that they most certainly pose. Indeed, they are merely tools. Proxies. Mercenaries. Auxiliaries… OF our central enemy: ‘Israel’.

Hizbullah’s Secretary-General has said over and over again for years now that the destabilization of Syria is in fact a continuation of the 2006 July War. What ‘Israel’ couldn’t achieve directly with its genocidal invasion that claimed almost 1,400 Lebanese civilian lives and left over four million cluster bombs on Lebanese soil as “parting gifts” for the “Amalekites” of Lebanon, it now tried to do so with marionettes: Break up the Resistance Axis, overthrow the Syrian government and disarm Hizbullah, thus leaving Iran entirely isolated. The Mouqawamah Bloc isn’t some sort of geopolitical lightweight though. It has mastered the art of Imam Hassan’s (A.S.) Heroic Flexibility and Strategic Patience as well as Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) Revolutionary Defiance. So they took the arrogant scheme of Dajjal’s preeminent agent and transmuted it into a stepping stone to leap-frog upon and then go beyond it, using their new presence in Syria, starting with the victory in Al-Qusayr on Naksa Day 2013, to begin setting up shop in the Golan Heights. It’s difficult to find a more brilliant counter-move.

‘Israel’ thought that by murdering the Quneitra Seven, this would stop the Resistance’s project dead in its tracks. Instead, it only grew. Commander Samir Quntar (R.A.) and Commander Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine (R.A.) picked up right where they left off. After these respective legends were martyred on the same path – that which goes straight to Al-Quds – the project continued ever-still. Today, as we speak, the Mouqawamist infrastructure has grown into a behemoth and it is being spearheaded by the Iraqi sons of Muhammad “Abou Issa” Issa (R.A.) and Brigadier General Allahdadi (R.A.), Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba (HHN). ‘Israel’ also attempted to murder Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, HHN’s Secretary-General who founded the Golan Liberation Brigade, last year and miserably failed. We can say with certitude that there’s a sign here for those who genuinely ponder upon it. We also can’t help but think… Nay… FEEL, that the Quneitra Martyrs (R.A.), who are indeed alive as the Qur’an makes clear about all those who fall in ALLAH’s (SWT) way, were in fact the ones who protected one of Iraq’s sharpest swords.

So it looks like what Mouqawamah Music wrote two years ago on this very day – poetically opining that in spite of the loss of the Quneitra Seven (R.A.), the Lebanese Islamic Resistance “still blazes as a fierce as a phoenix” – was not exactly an opinion but an affirmation of a fluid reality positively shifting and blowing winds eternally in the direction of the Moustazafeen. IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami famously described the fighters in Al-Jaulan as an “Islamic Army”. And this Islamic Army is set to disrupt ‘Israel’ in any and every way, shape and form, from settlement building to oil theft by Rothschild-linked ‘Israeli’ colonizers, which have raged in the occupied Golan Heights in one capacity or another for decades. It is this Islamic Army that is undoubtedly a phoenix that will light up an ember-trail to freedom and deliver on President Assad’s solemn promise to regain every inch of Syria–be it occupied by the Takfiris or their Yahoudling masters.

When those flames fade, it will be reborn as another phoenix, one that will illuminate the way in a cataclysmic and glorious storm that will burn Zionism away once and for all, restoring Palestine to its rightful owners. That phoenix will then settle in the white hot room to be reborn yet again as a final firebird, this time on a flight path to eviscerate the whole Rothschild Octopus and the Dajjal itself to boneless, tentacled, cephalopod corpses. Imam al-Mahdi (A.J.T.F.) will be the instigator of that conflagration. And we must never… ever… EVER forget that it all began with the Quneitra Seven. Commander Muhammad “Abou Issa” Issa (R.A.), Commander Jihad “Jawad” Mughniyeh (R.A.), “Sayyed Abbas” Hijazi (R.A.), “Kazem” Abou al-Hassan (R.A.), “Daniel” Ghazi Ali Dawi (R.A.), “Ihab” Ali Hassan Ibrahim (R.A.) and Brigadier General Muhammad Ali Allahdadi (R.A.) Understatement of the century would be that we’re forever in their debt. It also cannot be overstated how saintly and courageous they are, so we will simply say: Blaze o’ Martyrs, blaze. And may all who are blessed enough to know the glow of your inferno partake in the scorching of the enemy to ash.

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