Why We Say DTI: 11-Year Old Palestinian Boy Yasser Amjad Moussa Abou Naja Murdered By ‘Israel’ In Gaza

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

This little boy is Yasser Amjad Moussa Abou Naja.

This little boy is Palestinian from the illegally besieged Gaza Strip.

This little boy was 11 years old.

This little boy was shot in the head by ‘Israeli’ occupation forces at 7:15 pm on June 29th, 2018.

This little boy was hit with a butterfly bullet which explodes on impact and grinds tissue to dust.

This little boy’s skull was shattered.

This little boy was dead on arrival when he got to the hospital.

This little boy was so disfigured that his momma Samah only recognized him because of his clothes.

This little boy was a son of the siege, seeing his home destroyed by ‘Israel’ twice, once in 2011 and then again in 2014.

This little boy loved soccer, horseback riding and swimming.

This little boy was an heir to the Palestinian Resistance, with his father, Amjad, being a leader in Al-Qassam Brigades who had fought the enemy every day of his life.

This little boy was targeted by the usurping Zionist entity out of sheer Judaic viciousness to hurt Amjad.

This little boy was a “ray of sunlight” according to his father’s first wife Naeema, who treated him like her own son.

This little boy was loved. He was loved so, SO much.

This little boy is the 16th Palestinian child slaughtered by Jewish terrorists since March 30th.

This little boy will not be the last child that the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime murders.

This little boy is why we sneer at those who say “two states”, as if a fake state with fake borders will serve as a deterrent to his killers.

This little boy is why we are enraged at those who say “one state”, as if it could ever be humanly possible to share ANY land, let alone the Holy Land, with savage supremacists who enjoy shooting children with miniature bombs.

This little boy is why we are enraged PERIOD at the very ongoing existence of the Jewish “state” which from day one has been as drenched in Palestinian-Canaanite blood as the “chosenite” military campaigns of the Old Testament.

This little boy is why when we say, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free”, we mean that every inch of Palestinian land will be freed of Zio-squatters. Every inch. Because Zio-squatters are child-butchers and rapists, land-thieves and psychopaths.

This little boy is why we scream, “DEATH TO ‘ISRAEL’!”

This little boy, I’ll repeat, is why we SCREAM, “DEATH TO ‘ISRAEL’!”

This little boy is why the Palestinian cause will never burn out.

This little boy breaks my heart into more shards than there are stars.

But this little boy’s precious life will be the rope we use to strangle the Tumor then see every ZOG fall.

This little boy is Resistance and Innocence amalgamated.

This little boy was… and is… all of us, and his name will be written in gold when we achieve FULL liberation.

Rest in power youngin. You remain. You inspire. You LIVE.

#DeathToIsrael #Ta7yaFalasteen #ThisLittleBoy

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