Why Iranians Chant “Death To America”: Today Marks 28 Years Since The US Downed Iran Air Flight 655

by Jonathan Azaziah

Today, perhaps more so than any other day, vividly personifies why the beautiful, resistant, ever-brilliant Iranian people chant “Death to America!” and why they’ll continue to do so until the Empire is relegated to the dustbin of history. It was 28 years ago, July 3rd, 1988, when the American warship USS Vincennes deliberately and maliciously shot Iran Air Flight 655 (IR655) on the Bandar Abbas-Dubai route right out of the sky, slaughtering 290 civilians, including 66 children. William C. Rogers III, the captain of the USS Vincennes and a known “Christian” Zionist warmonger, was given the Legion of Merit for his “service” in the US Navy, i.e. implementing Zio-Imperialist aggression wherever he was ordered to and slaughtering the innocents on Iran Air Flight 655, in a total slap across the faces of the dead. This unspeakable crime against humanity should not be seen in a vacuum as it was part and parcel of the continuous Amreeki bombings of Iran during the entirety of the Iran-Iraq War. The Washington ZOG was not only providing arms (including chemical weapons), intelligence, logistics, advisors and fuel to the tyrannical Saddam Hussein regime, which was also backed to the hilt by the GCC led by Al-Saud as well as the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ entity (read former Mossad Katsa Victor Ostrovsky’s “The Other Side of Deception” for the intimate details on the matter), but numerous direct strikes on the Islamic Republic’s forces and infrastructures, including the particularly cruel US Air Force attacks on Iranian oil platforms in October 1987.

After the Iran-Iraq War came to a close, CIA and Mossad attempts were made on Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) life whilst an AIPAC-designed US-UN sanctions regime was enforced against the Iranian people. Two decades of ongoing subversion followed, with the CIA and Mossad throwing their weight behind every terrorist/separatist/chauvinist/cult-like group willing to do some damage to the Islamic Revolution, from the MEK to Kurdish PJAK to Baloch Jundallah and others. How can anyone wonder why the American regime was called Shaytan al-Akbar (the Great Satan) by Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) and is still called as such today? How can anyone wonder why Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei refuses to work with the American regime on any geopolitical file and continues to eloquently slam it as the head of World Arrogance? How can anyone wonder why Iranians steadfastly maintain their Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Zionist identity in the face of a Washington-led onslaught against their nation that is still very much present in their everyday lives? Let the wondering cease. Get to know the Islamic Republic of Iran and its exceptional, compassionate people. Get to know their suffering. Get to know their resilience, for there is no nation or people on the face of God’s Green Earth who know and epitomize struggle and resistance quite like Iranians. Believe that! Rest in eternal serenity to the Iran Air Flight 655 martyrs; may your killers pay infinite fold for their crime, both in this life and the Akhira.

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