Why Are Black Lives Matter And Other “Woketivists” Completely Silent On The FBI Abduction Of Anti-Zionist Revolutionary Marzieh Hashemi?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Another day has gone by and we’re not any closer to the truth as to why exactly American citizen Marzieh Hashemi was violently abducted and unjustly imprisoned by the FBI. Her son, Hossein, has revealed that she was allegedly detained as a material witness – for what purpose or what case, if there even is a case, remains unknown – and given an inmate number as if she was an offender. He and his siblings have also been issued subpoenas to appear before a grand jury. The mystery swirling around this injustice… This atrocity… Leads us to strongly believe that her material witness status is nothing more than a pretext for the Feds to use her as a piece on the chessboard in the ongoing political, financial, intelligence, military and cultural US-‘Israeli’ war on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In this age of toxic and noxious identity politics (IdPol), where political personalities are supported in the West not for their deeds and character, but simply because they are this or that minoritarian race, this or that minoritarian religious group, or this or that minoritarian nationality, you’d think that all the “Woketivists”–you know, those who run their mouths day and night about White supremacy while dapping up their homies after getting on CNN, meeting war criminal Obama and policing “anti-Semitism”–would be all over Marzieh Hashemi’s plight like anacondas on capybaras in the Amazon.







That’s a sextuple whammy of IdPol that would typically endear a person to the likes of Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, various Muslim LGBTQIA “militants”, Linda Sarsour’s MPower, Tarek Messidi’s Celebrate Mercy, etc. Instead though, they’re all silent. Dead silent. We’re talking not a word. Not even a blip of a blip on the radar. Which just goes to show you how fake, how servile and how controlled all of this so-called “Woketivism” is, as well as how its actual purpose is to undermine, undercut, undo, defang and declaw ACTUAL resistance to this horrific, demonic, hegemonic system we live under. It’s not an arduous task to figure out why either.

Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros.

The Women’s March is funded by George Soros.

LGBTQIAjkfhgksjdfndnfklsd groups within the Muslim community are funded by George Soros.

Linda Sarsour and Tarek Messidi are stooges of Global Zionism and rather than raising monies for starving babies in Yemen or illegally besieged Gaza, they prefer to collect funds for dead Zionists in Pittsburgh and damaged Zionist gravestones in Missouri.

And George Soros, if any of you were disillusioned or thrown off by ‘Israeli’ hasbara, not to mention his own declaration of being “non-Zionist” is VERY MUCH a Zionist motivated by “a deep concern for the survival of ‘Israel'”, and his monies have bankrolled ‘Israeli’ [Talpiot-connected] technology firms, J-Street, Chabad, the United Jewish Appeal, World ORT, Birthright and no less than 15 liberal Zionist synagogues along with a bunch of “Christian” Zionist churches too. Also, Soros is intimately involved with ongoing US-‘Israeli’ attempts to destabilize Iran and played a major role in “Green Revolution” of ’09.

Follow the dough and you understand the flow. This is UNDOUBTEDLY why Marzieh Hashemi has been ignored. She is the polar opposite of this poison. She doesn’t “fit in” with this plethora of self-aggrandizement and the Sorosite re-definition of what it means to be part of the Moustazafeen… This Judaization of oppression and victimhood. She is in fact a genuine revolutionary; a genuine resistor; a genuine truth-seeker; an unconditional friend of the Moustazafeen and a true lioness whose noted ethnic-religious-national characteristics are tied together and amplified through the Husseini-Zaynabi ideology that is the foundation of Wilayet al-Faqih. Islam itself, practiced via the Two Weighty Things of the Holy Qur’an and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), is what defines her. Everything else is secondary. These aforementioned groups are slaves to the sickness of liberalism and IdPol. Moreover, she has principles. She has morals. She can’t be bought. She can’t be broken. The aforementioned groups were purchased long ago.

We can ask the same question to the right-wing flipside of “Woketivism”, i.e. the alt-right and the new right, which are always whining and moaning about big government or one of their rampantly Islamophobic cadres being censored. Here we have a conservative woman being targeted solely because of her politics by the slashing, thrashing cat’s paw of big government, i.e. the filth-ridden maggots of the FBI, and where are they to comment? NOWHERE. How about the “Palestine” Solidarity Movement and its assortment of individual and organizational affiliates? Greenwald? Abunimah? Blumenthal? Code Pink? Jewish Voice For Peace? Anyone? Can anyone out there hear us? Can anyone say a word? Not a lick of “solidarity”? NOPE. Well. Maybe she gets a tweet. Perhaps two. Nothing more than that though.

Case in point is that Marzieh Hashemi is not a cause celebre for any of these “Woketivists” or their counterparts in the corporatized, careerist pundit pool because her Anti-Zionism hasn’t been designated “kosher” by the Jewish Power Matrix. It’s being said that prior to her being abducted and imprisoned by the Zio-Feds, she was working on a documentary about the murder of top Black leaders and organ harvesting against the Black community–two Zionist specialties. The Monsters fear nothing more than Anti-Zionist Black folks, especially when they’re empowered by Islam. And Khomeiniist Islam at that. This is why Marzieh sits behind bars. This and this alone. All the hypocrites discussed herein might have passed her over. But we haven’t. We love, respect and will fight for Marzieh Hashemi. And we will be screaming for her freedom until our lungs give out and our throats are raw and it transmutes from a mere hope to a concrete reality. #FreeMarziehHashemi #FreeMarziehNow

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