While Lindsey Graham Worries About A Russian Spy Ball, ‘Israel’ Maliciously Spies On America At Unrivaled Levels

by Jonathan Azaziah

Spy ball! Not the inflated sphere of leather used in the world’s most popular and beloved sport. Not a gesture of peace and friendship between two nuclear superpowers in defiance of a scheme by a group of international parasites seeking to see them in conflict with one another. But a 3-D circular embodiment of malicious, devious, interventionist, throwback-Soviet, Putinist Russianism meant to subvert the Shining City On A Hill and destroy everything ‘Murica holds dear–most especially its not-actually-democratic, plutocratic, oligarchic, neo-capitalist “democracy”. This is what neocon warmonger and war criminal Lindsey Graham genuinely said about the soccer ball Russian President Vladimir Putin gifted to US President Trump at their Helsinki meeting. The senior South Carolina Senator took to Twitter and said that Trump should have the ball checked for listening devices and also said it shouldn’t be allowed in the White House. If only Graham the Gremlin was this much of a concern troll in February and March of 2011 when he and his fellow maniac John McCain were cheerleading interventions in Libya and Syria as “revolutions”… Maybe each of those states wouldn’t have been infested by Takfiri terrorists who like to chop off heads and enslave women.

Meanwhile, as Lindsey Graham publicizes his delusions of grandeur about a still-living “Red Menace” that Americans must be petrified of, there is a foreign power that is engaging in actual, massive spying operations against the US and it is not only malicious but a major threat to the security of America and truly, the world at large. Not big-bad-boogeyman Russia. Not China. Not the Islamic Republic of Iran. Not the Syrian Arab Republic. No. The foreign power we’re discussing is none other than the Zio-Tumor of ‘Israel’. In an eye-opening May 6th, 2014 report by the Jewish-Zionist Meyer-Graham family’s Newsweek — written by a Jew of course, ’cause if a Gentile had written it, it would’ve invariably been called “anti-Semitic” — ‘Israeli’ spying was described as having “crossed red lines”, as “unrivaled and unseemly”, as “very sobering, alarming, even terrifying”, as “damaging”, and it was further noted that the focus of the Zionist entity’s efforts is America’s industrial and technical secrets. On that note, let it never be forgotten that the most destructive act of espionage in American history was executed by Zionist Jew Jonathan Pollard who stole tens of thousands of US secrets for ‘Israel’, sold large chunks of this information to China and got over 1,000 American agents and diplomatic officials killed, hurt or blown in the process. ‘Israel’ denied Pollard was its asset for over 10 years before finally admitting it, apologizing and swearing it’d never do such a thing again. But just as piranhas swim and vultures fly, Yahoudlings lie and many more ‘Israeli’ spies have been arrested and convicted since then. Stewart David Nozette, a Chicago Jew who pilfered secrets from NASA and DARPA for ‘Israel’, is perhaps the most prominent case.

Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, the criminal Jewish neoconservatives who masterminded the invasion and destruction of Iraq, have all been caught spying for the ‘Israeli’ enemy. So has Jane Harman, Graham’s former congressional colleague. Lest we also forget the NUMEC Affair, in which over 300 kilograms of highly enriched American uranium were stolen by Zionist Jews Zalman Shapiro, future ZOA head Ivan J. Novick and David Lowenthal from Apollo, Pennsylvania then sent to the Jewish entity’s illegal nuclear facility in occupied Al-Naqab. And how can we forget the White Whale? The infamous 9/11 ‘Israeli’ spies, who were posing as art students and running the biggest infiltration ring ever registered on American soil. Hundreds upon hundreds of agents from the Zionist entity arrested before, just after, and on the day the Twin Towers were demolished in a Mossad false flag attack. Carl Cameron of Chabadnik Jew Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News broke the story and then it was flushed down the Zionist media’s memory hole though it still lives on across the Internet today. Dual-citizen Michael Chertoff was the point-man in getting all of the ‘Israeli’ spies quietly deported back to occupied Palestine.

This is why, as revealed by the Associated Press and then reprinted by ‘Israeli’ Haaretz on July 28th, 2012, the CIA’s Near East Division–which oversees all American intelligence activity in the Arab and Islamic worlds–declared that ‘Israel’ is the number one counterintelligence threat in the entire region. For the sake of posterity, let’s repeat: Not big-bad-boogeyman Russia. Not China. Not the Islamic Republic of Iran. Not the Syrian Arab Republic. All of whom are undoubtedly adversaries of the US regime because they stand up to its hegemony in one way or another. But none are a “threat” due to them having no intention of harming Americans. That distinction falls solely to ‘Israel’, which has shown it enjoys not just harming US citizens but slaughtering and maiming them. 9/11. The USS Liberty. Rachel Corrie. Furkan Dogan. Mahmoud Shaalan. Orwa Hammad. Tariq Abukhdeir. Brian Avery. Tristan Anderson.

And all of this utterly damning material doesn’t factor in the tech-heavy, start-up-overloaded hubs like California’s Silicon Valley, where Mossad fifth column group the ADL has a literal troll farm and Boston, which is looking like a damn Judaic colony in Al-Quds there’s so many ‘Israelis’. The usurping Zionist cancer has a backdoor to the NSA and all major American technology companies through shadowy outfits Verint and Narus. Magal Security Systems, owned partly by the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime itself, is in charge of running security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities inside the US. This same Mossad-Shin-Bet-Aman-connected firm also has the contract to surveil 90% of America’s prisons. ‘Israel’ bulldozed its way into the Five Eyes Alliance, ipso facto making it the Six Eyes Alliance. Through its Talpiot, 8200 and 9900 agencies, ‘Israel’ has eyes on just about anything and everything Americans are doing.

It is the Talpiot-8200-9900 nexus that gives the monstrous Halakhic-Talmudic “state” a near-perpetual supply of information that it uses to bully, blackmail and subvert the US regime — thus making the US regime a ZOG — and subsequently convert its politicians into Shabbos Goyim. All of these ‘Israeli’ companies that you see making headlines either in Amreeka or the Eurosphere are Talpions (graduates of the Talpiot apparatus) or 8200ites. In other words… High-level Zionist intelligence operatives. They’re sticking surveillance in everything from your pills to your tooth-implants, your car to your food. This isn’t sci-fi. Nor is it some obscenely bad plot in an obscenely bad espionage flick. This is Empire Judaica at work. “‘Israel’s’ Edge: The Story of The ‘IDF’s’ Most Elite Unit – Talpiot” by Jason Gewirtz. “Start-up ‘Nation’: The Story of ‘Israel’s’ Economic Miracle” by Saul Singer and war criminal Dan Senor. “Spies, Inc.: Business Innovation from ‘Israel’s’ Masters of Espionage” by Stacy Perman. If you can get through the hasbara sandwiched in between, it’s all there. And this is just for starters.

A Russian spy ball though, eh Lindsey? A damn Russian spy ball. It’d be apex comedy if it wasn’t such a dangerous deflection of the truth. Ironically enough as well, if he said it was an ‘Israeli’ spy ball presented by baby-killer Netanyahu to Trump, it would indeed be something worth looking into. Because when all the lies of shrieking Democrats and subversive Republicans are muted and we zero in on the real meddler… The real interferer… The real hacker… The real signer of both their paychecks… What we find are Goy-hating hives in “Tel Aviv” and “Herzliya”. Not Moscow. The sooner the American people realize this, the quicker Zionist-bought traitors like Lindsey Graham can be tossed into prison cells for selling them out to ‘Israel’ and the massive espionage infrastructure of the Talpiot-8200-9900 nexus can be dismantled. Russiagate has been implemented by World Zionism to take the scent off Israelgate–which has been raging ever since the Zio-Tumor came into existence. And ‘Israel’ wants to prevent a US-Russia detente at all costs because this would rip the mask off all the skullduggery it has lurking beneath layers and layers of cover-ups. Do the math and let that — all of that — sink in.

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