While India’s Modi Tweets About Imam Hussein (A.S.), His Occupation Army Brutalizes Ashoura Processions In Kashmir

by Jonathan Azaziah

Something straight out of the Twilight Zone happened last week. Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi tweeted the following at 5:23 am on September 14th, “Imam Husain (SA) sacrificed himself instead of accepting injustice. He was unwavering in his desire for peace and justice. His teachings are as relevant today as they were centuries ago.” Now… As you read that once and then read it again… Do remember that this is the same Modi who oversaw the butchery of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat; the same Modi who expanded ties with the usurping Zionist entity to unprecedented levels; the same Modi who also increased relations with the House of Saud, which is slaughtering Muslims directly in Yemen and by proxy across our region; and the same Modi who has given the green light to the wanton violence dished out against Muslims over the last several years by the Hindutvadi radicals of the BJP, VHP and RSS.

But that’s not even the pinnacle of the hypocrisy. Yesterday, Modi’s occupation army in Kashmir waged a typically savage crackdown on the annual Ashoura processions, firing tear gas and live ammunition on the demonstrators, martyring 5 unarmed Kashmiri youth in the Bandipora district and arresting dozens of others.

We know that the BJP is actively recruiting Muslims for its Hindu supremacist project as a means of presenting a ruse of inclusiveness  when it is in fact exclusivity and dominance that it is seeking through myriad means of subjugation. It’s a tactic used by ‘Israel’, that keeps Palestinians, Lebanese and other Arabs and Muslims on its payroll to keep up its “democratic” facade, as well as Saudi Arabia, which tokenizes a handful of Shi’a so it looks as if it doesn’t impose the most repressive measures imaginable on the predominantly Shi’a population of Eastern Province. Consider it a symptom of the ‘Israeli’-Saudi-Hindutvadi alliance. So Modi’s tweet is essentially an olive branch to the Husseini-minded across India that he understands and appreciates the backbone of their ideology–bodes well for votes in the 2019 election too. The barbaric actions of his goons in the Vale however show that recognition of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) light and authority aside, the Indian Prime Minister remains–and will always remain–a cow-urine-guzzling version of Yazid (L.A.)

Tens of thousands of Kashmiris marched for Imam Hussein (A.S.) and his Caravan over the last 24 hours, defying the Indian regime’s absurd and hateful ban. Flags from the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah were raised throughout the procession, signifying the global Karbala-Mouqawamah-Intifada Consciousness that permeates Kashmiri society. One youth decided to mount an Indian army vehicle draped in the banner of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s men! Fearless! Nothing can keep the Mouqawamistic people of the Vale from honoring the sacrifices of the Ashoura Shouhada indeed! And NOTHING, especially not a tweet from the murderous, maniacal, miscreant Modi, will stop Kashmiris from fighting for their Azadi and striving to end the illegitimate Indian occupation of their land. As we noted the other day… The way of Aba Abdallah (A.S.) in Kashmir isn’t just a way of life… It’s the way to victory. The message to Hindutvadi-Zionist devil Modi is simple: Hayhat minna zilla (Us? Humiliated?! Never, ever!) And don’t you or any of your anti-Muslim mercenaries from the “vanguard” of Hindutva forget it.

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