What A Day For Ansarullah! Scores Upon Scores Of US, Saudi, Bahraini, Qatari, Emirati And Sudanese Occupiers Sent To Hell!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Ansarullah really is the apple of humanity’s eye, isn’t it? While the Yahoudling-dominated mass media kept the “Goyim” thoroughly distracted with the fallout from Mossad’s false flaggery in Manchester yesterday, Dönmeh Saudi Arabia continued its genocidal aggression against the Yemeni people in nearly every province of the Arab world’s poorest nation. The Yemeni Islamic Resistance however did not let the bombs drop on innocents without making the Wahhabi usurpers pay the ultimate price. “Decisive Storm” occupation forces invaded the Midi Desert right near the Red Sea Coast in yet another attempt to control this immensely strategic border region, but Ansarullah was waiting for the invaders. A fierce battle ensued. Yemen’s defenders maintained the upper hand all the way though and prevailed in HUGE fashion. At least 83 enemy soldiers, most of them Sudanese, and four senior GCC officers (2 Saudis, 1 Qatari, 1 Bahraini), were sent to the most excruciatingly agonizing pits of Jahannam. Dozens of the mercenaries’ scorched bodies lined the Yemeni-“Saudi” demarcation line, massively and painfully humiliating Al-Saud further. Meanwhile in the besieged province of Ma’rib, which the US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed Saudi regime is desperate to control, a US-led special operations unit invaded the rural village of Khathla with three Apache choppers under the pretext of “fighting Al-Qaeda”. There is no Al-Qaeda here however, just Sunni tribespeople who are brotherly allies of the Houthis, and they didn’t take too kindly to this Zio-Imperialist assault. They managed to shoot one of the helicopters down and killed at least 7 of the aggressors, including 4 American ZOG horsemen as well as 2 Saudi commandos and an Emirati. The Yemeni Islamic Resistance and its brethren damn sure don’t play!

Let this be a reminder that there is no sectarianism in Yemen except that which emanates from the murderous Wahhabi despots, their mercenaries, their secular-extremist secessionist allies in Yemen’s south and their AQAP/ISIS terrorist cohorts. Shi’a Yemenis, be they Zaydis, Isma’ilis or Twelver-Jaafaris, and Sunni Yemenis are united as one fist punching the Saudi aggression in its face. Yemenis do not view themselves in a sectarian-identitarian way but as one family with a common enemy. Such unity is indeed what burns Riyadh, Washington, London and “Tel Aviv” the most: A people who cannot be fragmented are a people who cannot be conquered. Yemen personifies this. And this is precisely why the following bears repeating: Ansarullah really is the apple of humanity’s eye, isn’t it? The watermelon, the peach, the cantaloupe, the honeydew, the pear, the orange and the Dragon Blood Tree Fruit too.

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