We Remember SSNP Legends Ibtissam Harb And Khaled al-Azraq, Martyred Fighting ‘Israel’ On This Day 33 Years Ago

by Jonathan Azaziah

Bow your heads and be in awe of the Martyrs. Many of you have heard and read about Sana’a “Bride Of The South” Mehaidli, the SSNP warrioress who sacrificed herself in the fight against the Zionist occupation on April 9th, 1985, becoming a Resistance icon recognizable to Mouqawamists and striking fear in the spineless beings of our enemies all over the world. What you more than likely have NOT heard and read about are the two legendary SSNP heroes who followed her dauntless example exactly 3 months later on this day 33 years ago: Ibtissam Harb, a 28-year old Lebanese psychology major from the Chouf Mountains, and Khaled al-Azraq, a 20-year Syrian student from ancient Aleppo. Staging their Resistance attacks only five minutes from one another, they hit ‘Israeli’ checkpoints at Hasbaya, right at the foot of Jabal al-Sheikh, and Ras el-Bayyada, a picturesque little place with a turquoise lagoon known all throughout Lebanon’s South for its beauty. The areas are 3 and 8 miles from occupied Palestine respectively–so close you can taste the Palestinian air. In other words, the operations were more than daring as they were carried out inside the fortified “security zone”. Harb and Al-Azraq however did not fear the Jewish terrorist regime’s helicopters, nor tanks, nor artillery. They went forward with pure hearts and unbreakable determination, giving their lives in the process and also killing and wounding nearly three dozen Zionist invaders and their SLA marionettes.

Following the spectacular Mouqawamistic display, both Jewish-owned mainstream corporate media and the ‘Israeli’ cancer’s press went into a disarray, ridiculously claiming that civilians were the targets of the two Martyrs. Most hilarious considering it was the usurping ‘Israeli’ army itself that had murdered tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians since its occupation began in ’78, and the Lebanese Resistance, of which the SSNP was part, that was protecting civilians. The New York Times, internationally known mouthpiece of the Jewish supremacist Sulzberger family, tearfully described the scorched collaborators of the SLA as “soldiers” and carried water for the ‘Israeli’ occupation army’s narrative to spread sectarian discord as well as prolong the Zionist land thieves’ presence in Lebanon. But the brave actions of the Shouhada Ibtissam and Khaled laid waste to every drop of World Zionism’s hasbara.

In a video taped just prior to her martyrdom, Ibtissam said, “This is a lesson to all the traitors and conspirators who have propped up the ‘Israeli’ regime so that they may know that we do not differentiate between the occupying Jews inside our borders and the occupying Jews outside our borders (i.e. in Palestine).” She also predicted that SLA head honcho Antoine Lahad would have the same fate as all treasonists, and 30 years after her sacrifice, she was proven right as the rat dropped dead of a heart attack on vacation in Paris after living in the Entity in disgrace for over a decade. Khaled for his part, echoing the aforementioned Bride Of The South from her famous video, powerfully declared, “I am the son of Bilad al-Sham and I have come to water my land, the land of the South, with my blood.” They also declared their solidarity and support for Syrian President Hafez al-Assad and proudly noted that they hoped their sacrifices would lay the groundwork for the elimination of ‘Israel’. Considering Hizbullah would liberate Lebanon just 15 years later and put an expedite-order on the Zio-Tumor’s demise, they can rest assured they did just that.

With the men and women of the SSNP on the front lines of Syria today alongside the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah in the battle against the Takfiri scourge, as well as helping defend Lebanon’s borders from those same terrorists, let us never forget their plentiful contribution to the struggle against Zio-Imperialism for more than 80 years. Let us never allow leftistani Al-Qaeda-sympathizers and Zionist Jews posing as allies smear them as “fascist”. Let us never fail to salute them for their bravery, nor falter in making du’a for them when we nightly ask our Creator (SWT) to protect those who confront the tentacles of Dajjal with their bodies and their blood. And let us ALWAYS tell their stories. Our remembrance of such legends drives the dagger ever the more deeper into the heart of Empire Judaica and its regional puppets. Rest in perfect power and even more perfect serenity Shahida Ibtissam and Shahid Khaled. You shall be with us in spirit until we pave streets of platinum in your honor atop the corpse of the failed project once known as ‘Israel’.

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