We Remember Rachel Corrie, An Eternal Soldier Of The Intifada, 14 Years To The Day That ‘Israel’ Murdered Her

by Jonathan Azaziah

Some souls are simply destined to be heroes, you know? The kinds of folks who, from very early on in their lives, have nothing on their minds but coming to the aid of their fellow humans even if it means losing the air in their own lungs in the process. Rachel Corrie was such a being. And it was on this day 14 years ago that she was murdered in cold blood by the Jewish supremacist entity. The Second Intifada was raging in Gaza as Palestinian Resistance forces heavily engaged settlers and occupation soldiers in a steadfast effort to liberate the Strip. Typically however, because fighting moujahideen face-to-face is something that the ‘Israeli’ enemy’s puny army has always failed to do, IOF decided to target civilians in an effort to convince Mouqawamah fighters from moving forward with their righteous mission. Disgustingly, ‘Israel’ rolled out its Caterpillar D-9 military bulldozers and began eviscerating homes in the strategic southern Gaza city of Rafah. And there stood Rachel Corrie.

The Olympia, Washington-born heroine used herself as a human shield to defend Palestinian women and children from the murderous Zionist onslaught. Contrary to hideous ‘Israeli’ propaganda, she wasn’t protecting the home of a “terrorist”–as if the usurping, occupying Jews should ever utter that word when they are the terrorists themselves anyway–but a pharmacist named Samir Nasrallah. Rachel maintained her position and refused to move. Because IOF does not care about any non-Jewish life and it actually revels in slaughtering Gentiles, be they Browns or Whites, Arabs or Europeans, Muslims or Christians, the D-9 just kept coming and ultimately trampled upon Rachel. Her body was crushed and mangled. Palestinians leaped to her aid and rushed her to Najar Hospital but her wounds were too severe. She died in the place she felt most at home: Among the Palestinian people and fighting Zionist terror. That her name barely rings a bell in her place of birth, the United Snakes of IsraHELL, is a testament to how much power Organized Jewry wields over the American system.

March 16th, 2003 should be a day that lives in infamy and one which should be commemorated every year for a woman who is truly an American hero(ine), not to mention a woman who should be adored by all Gentiles regardless of nationality, ethnicity or faith. But instead, the American regime will continuing paying some $12 billion annually (according to Jewish Lobby lifer Martn Indyk) to this parasitic tumor called ‘Israel’, including nearly $4 billion in military aid, because thanks to Jewish-Zionist billionaires backing both the Democratic and Republic parties to the hilt, American lives snuffed out by ‘Israeli’ maniacs are jettisoned down the Zio-Memory Hole. It is thus up to us to Remember Rachel and her sacrifice because she represented everything that the International Palestine Solidarity Movement is ***supposed*** to be as well as everything that we as activists should aspire to become. She cared only for the cause. She lived only to assist in liberation. And she perished as an avatar for the struggle. Yes, we Remember Rachel as a martyr. As a heroine. Our martyr. Our heroine. Truly… She lived and died as one of us.

Indeed, Ms. Corrie, like her comrade Tom Hurndall who was shot by the ‘Israeli’ enemy less than a month after she was martyred, is more Arab and more Muslim than too many “Arabs” and “Muslims” to count today who have lost their sense of identity in service of every scheme that the Zionists have concocted against our region. She never let her American privilege get in the way of her activism, nor did she operate as anything less than the peak of humbleness. Judaized Amreeki society may not claim her because they’ve been too brainwashed with “Christian” Zionism to do so, but we in the Resistance Camp most certainly will. A radical. A revolutionary. An eternal soldier of the Intifada. We Remember Rachel. And we miss her, we mourn her and we celebrate her life and martyrdom as we do with ALL of our fallen. Because she was… And will forever remain… One of us. Rest in infinite serenity dearest sister. #RememberRachel #RIPRachelCorrie #LongLiveTheIntifada

One thought on “We Remember Rachel Corrie, An Eternal Soldier Of The Intifada, 14 Years To The Day That ‘Israel’ Murdered Her”

  1. Beautiful (and well-deserved) tribute.
    The visceral reactions of hate the mention of her name elicits from some is an illustration of the anti-human hate unique to their tribe.

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