Vindication For The Black Sheep Is Inevitable: One Year Since Anti-Parasitic, Truth-Seeking Hero Nick Spero Passed On

by Jonathan Azaziah

Nicholas Spero saved my life. And waking up everyday knowing that this courageous soldier of truth and justice, my beloved brother and one of my closest and trusted friends, is no longer on the physical plane after departing it on this day last year, and so young at that (43 years old), is a cross almost too difficult to bear. There’s a hole in my heart and a hole in the world because of it–as Nick was a champion of the downtrodden and a knight against falsehood. There were (and are) very, very few built like him.

It was July 14th, 2017. I was yammering away with my cousin in Baghdad when the phone calls from Nick started coming in. I didn’t realize it until I hung up that he had called me almost 30 times. When I finally rang him back, he picked up and the first words out of his mouth were, “You need to get your ass out of Canada right now. They’re coming for you.” He sent me the link. B’nai B’rith and the Hate Crimes Unit of the Montreal PD had just declared war on me because of my album “Eternally Husseini”. My mug was all over the local news. “Anti-Semitism” and “Hate Speech”, not to mention “incitement to violence”, were the accusations. He was right. The Monsters, with the full force of their Shabbos Goy “law-men”, were after me. Had Nick not notified me right then and there, and had I just gone on my merry way, I would’ve been too late to get out. I’d be in a Canadian ZOG dungeon right now, not writing to you on this somber occasion. I’ll say it again: Nick Spero saved my life.

Throughout the whole Zionist witch-hunt, which was still raging when he unexpectedly and suspiciously passed on March 10th, 2018, he was there for me every step of the way. Through thick. And through thin. When I was in the dark. And when I felt like I could finally see the end of the tunnel. Talking as often as we did kept me sane in a massively insane situation that was ripping me apart mentally and emotionally–as it was preventing me from doing what I did best, i.e. smashing Dajjal.

That upset Nick a great deal too, since we had so many more programs to do; so much more research to share with the world; so many other projects to complete, including him speaking on a song series about ‘Israeli’ tech domination from my upcoming “Iraqi Ghirasi” album called “J-Spy”. Alas, obviously, that isn’t going to come to fruition now–another degree of heartbreak, as every time I go over those lyrics, I can’t help but think of Nick. Habibi. Akhi. ALLAH yerhamou. Ultimately, thanks to an assist from the Most High (SWT), Who delivered me a godsend of a lawyer, the sword of slander forged against me didn’t cut me down to size. That he wasn’t here to see me prevail over the Zionist juggernaut and its puppets, pains me still–immensely and terribly. No doubt though that he smiled from Heaven when the news came through and he chuckled that chuckle that always made others around him laugh too.

Reflecting on his life today, I think of the beginning when we first came in contact on MySpace in late 2007. I was an irreligious knucklehead that idiotically thought I could fight against this Satanist system of hegemony and degeneracy with non-spiritual means. Nick had just gotten out of the box, unplugged from the [Jewish Power] Matrix and was just starting out in understanding how deep the rabbit hole went. He didn’t know much about Judaism and Zionism then but he damn sure knew a lot about everything else–especially secret societies. My “Take The Red Pill” mixtapes were making the rounds on the social media hotspot of that era and they caught Nick’s attention. He reached out to me and we hit it off like we grew up on the same block. We started a podcast, “Black Sheep Radio”, and began exploring all the elements of the conspiracy against humanity. I dropped gems on Nick about ‘Israel’ and how it factored into world control. Nick dropped gems on me about secret societies and their interconnectedness. And together, we came to develop a deep admiration for martyred “Behold A Pale Horse” author, “Hour Of The Time” host, Anti-Zionist stalwart and patriot, Bill Cooper (rip). That’s who Nick wanted to model himself after. I must say… He did a hell of a job and came pretty damn close.

What stood out about Nick the most was his unrelenting commitment to truth. It was pure. Visceral. Deep-rooted. Abyssal even. It didn’t matter what his personal beliefs or opinions were on any given subject; nor did it matter if he had an attachment to whatever the issue was. If he had to correct something about his worldview, after careful and thorough examinations of the evidence at hand, he would. Nick and I had gone back and forth on opposite ends of the spectrum about the role of the Jesuits/Vatican in the NWO. Born into Catholicism and subsequently disconnecting from it entirely over what he perceived as hypocrisy and failure within the hierarchy of the Papacy, it was of special interest to him. We came across the work of Eric Jon Phelps, “underground-famous” for his work, “Vatican Assassins”. By a stroke of luck–or rather, as we know now, a blessing from ALLAH (SWT)–Nick got Phelps’ contact info and invited him onto Black Sheep Radio. We did two soft-ball interviews with him, both of which I felt rather hideous about especially when he spewed his poison about the Palestinian people–an indication in and of itself what he represented. Nick did too because there was just something off about the guy, he said.

Then we heard the late, great Michael Collins Piper (rip) ravage Phelps in an on-air debate and it was like all of our previous discussions had gone to the wayside. We were now on the same page. So we decided to dig into the muck. After only a week and change of searching, we uncovered that Phelps was the Vice President of an ‘Israeli’ diamonds and colored gems company based in “Tel Aviv” called Lowvehm Inc. That explained everything–his refusal to condemn ‘Israel’ for all its criminality, his “Christian” Identity lunacy and the Kabbalistic New Age products he sold as supplemental income to Lowvehm Inc.

Nick invited him on for a third interview without warning him of what we had uncovered. And after a few moments of pleasantries, we hammered him. He was so humiliated and had become so flustered that he laughably accused us of being paid off by “the Black Pope” and disconnected the call. It felt exceptionally triumphant. As a result of our work, numerous bloggers, rebel journos, podcasters, activists and others began to blast Phelps, elucidating his fraudulence further. They can all thank Nick Spero for exposing one of the worst Jewish-Zionist shills to ever emerge in the “truth movement”. And a scamming shill at that. Phelps would fade into obscurity. Nick however lives on infinitely! Indeed, it was Nick who had the guts to cast his own personal bias aside for the sake of serving humanity. It was definitely our proudest moment then and a solidification for Nick that it wasn’t any other group at the top of the pyramid but International Jewry. The rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

Bringing it all full circle, not too long before Nick’s departure from this world, I had come across a rare (and absurdly expensive) book called “The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews”, a scholarly work by Robert Aleksander Maryks. I remember messaging him with a picture of it. He replied, “Oh man! I expect an article and an appearance on my program when you’re done and when you’re free and clear from B’nai B’rith!” I expected that too my dear comrade. His optimism in that moment… that the Jews’ scheme against me was going to burn… lifted me up like he had no idea. I wish he was here now so I can share the nuggets. It turns out his instincts–yet again–were right all along. The Jesuits did and do indeed have something to do with the subversion of this beautiful planet of ours, it’s just that they weren’t carrying out their villainy in the name of the Church… but the Synagogue of Satan… As they, as the Vatican’s intelligence services, had been infiltrated and corrupted by crypto-Jews.

Over the years, we became the best of friends, sharing knowledge on anything and everything related to Global Zionism and Jewish supremacy and how it affected all the world’s peoples–White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Muslim, Christian, Pagan and more. Something that stood out to me quite prominently and incandescently, not to mention his finance, my cherished Palestinian sister Nancy Saleh, was how much Nick loved and appreciated the Qur’an, always turning to it for wisdom, despite being overwhelmingly against organized religion generally speaking. Nick respected Islam and defended Muslims while many others of similar political persuasions allowed themselves to be foot soldiers of Zion on the matter. Something else I can thank Nick for is linking me up with Anti-Parasitic Hip-Hop legend Payday Monsanto, who has mixed and mastered all five of my albums since 2014, including the one that set off B’nai B’rith and the Canadian ZOG, “Eternally Husseini”. To just lay all the cards on the table, like Nashid Abdul Khaaliq (R.A.), who passed away just a couple weeks before Nick eerily enough, my life… On every level… would not be what it is today without Nicholas Spero. I wouldn’t be the person I am, the MC I am, nor the Mouqawamist I am, without Nicholas Spero. Sincerely.

I chose to write this piece from my own viewpoint because everyone reading should experience Nick for themselves. His writings. His radio shows, most especially the programs over at Renegade. Don’t just take my word for it. Immerse yourselves in the man we could and should deem Bill Cooper’s (rip) heir. If I was to simplify, I would say straight cheese that Nick’s best trait was his fearlessness. He gave zero damns about who he upset. The “right” hated him because he stood up for left-wing Latin American governments attacked by the American regime. The “left” hated him because he was a staunch “Holocaust” revisionist. White folks talked trash about him because of his sympathies for Muslims. Brown folks bitched and moaned because he stood against the Jews’ immigration extremism and Anti-White intelligentsia stratagems. He clashed with “Anti-Zionists” who wouldn’t say “Death to ‘Israel’!” He went to war with “Anti-Parasites” who wouldn’t talk about the “Torah” or the wide-ranging, frightening spying and infiltration by Talpiot and Unit 8200. He was at the forefront of exposing the growing Zionist Lobby in Russia, which pissed off the “antiwar” types that refused to see it. Nick got under the skin of EVERYONE who didn’t see the big picture: That Gentiledom, regardless of ethnic or religious creed, needed to put their bullshit differences in a closet for a little bit while we bring the Rothschild Octopus to heel.

Being as humble as he was, he wouldn’t see it this way, but I’m going to say it and assuredly, those who knew and love him would agree: Nick was a hero. He was a truth-seeker; a truth-bringer; a truth-spreader and a truth-crusader. There was no length he wouldn’t go to as a means of getting to the truth and delivering it to his fellow man, including sacrificing his life. On that note, I told Nick that he was more Muslim, in the Husseini sense, as he was prepared to die while safeguarding what was right in the face of the Jews just like Imam Hussein (A.S.) did, than a lot of the Muslims that I know. There are things I want to say about his death… The negligence of the “doctors” who were supposed to get him out of the woods and why I find it all so infuriatingly and despicably suspicious… But I am going to refrain for now because of extenuating legal circumstances with his family. When the time is right, you can be best sure I will revisit this with a vengeance.

There may be a hole in my heart and a hole in the world because of Nick’s untimely demise, but thankfully, there is a way to fill them both: Fight the way he did and pursue truth unapologetically and dauntlessly. Remember that there are no sacred cows. Taboos are fraudulent. “Hate speech” is a crock of poppycock. And Resistance is Gentile. ALLAH yerhamak habib albi Nicholas; rest in serenity forever, Spero the Hero. Give Bill Cooper and Michael Collins Piper salaams from your favorite Iraqi in the whole wide world. I pray for the day that I see you on the Other Side… With news of our victory over the Parasites. Vindication for the Black Sheep is inevitable.

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  1. What did he die from? Were his doctors Jewish? Was the hospital owned by Jews? They know those who are their enemies and have such broad and integrative connections that once they get you in their clutches in a hospital they kill quite easily and have done it to many that are well known as their enemy. Their vengeance is enormous. It isn’t a coincidence that so many have died at an unusually young age

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