Venezuelan President Maduro accuses Spain of plotting coup

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of trying to overthrow his government, saying the Spanish leader is among those supporting an “international conspiracy” against Caracas.

Maduro said in his weekly television appearance on Tuesday that Rajoy and his conservative government are behind an international plot to overthrow his government.

“Spain finances and supports logistically, politically and diplomatically, using all the power of the Spanish government, the conspiracy and tries to topple the democratic and legitimate government of Venezuela. From Rajoy’s government, terrorism and terrorists in Venezuela are supported,” said Maduro.

The Venezuelan president also accused Rajoy (pictured above) of trying to downplay the “achievements” of Caracas.

Rajoy “pretends to hide the internal problems of Spain by bad mouthing the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution,” said Maduro.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said last Wednesday that the government is conducting an “exhaustive” review of its relations with Madrid. Rodriguez has criticized Spain for what he calls meddling in the country’s affairs, urging the Spanish government to respect Venezuela’s sovereignty.

Earlier this month, Maduro warned Spain against interfering in its affairs after the Spanish parliament passed a motion calling on Caracas to release detained opposition leaders.

Maduro at the time called Rajoy “a racist” and described the Spanish government officials as a “rotten elite” that “maggots flee from,” remarks which prompted Madrid to file a formal complaint with Venezuela’s ambassador in Spain.

Spanish political figures have increasingly condemned Venezuela over alleged rights abuses, and have defended detained political figures, including opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma.

Source: Press TV

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