Venezuela Under Siege: ‘Israel’ Enters The Fray, Mnuchin Ramps Up Sanctions, Bolton Plots Invasion

by Jonathan Azaziah

As the American regime was making its latest criminal move against Venezuela, unilaterally and illegally announcing its recognition of Juan Guaidó as President of the country, like Nicolas Maduro wasn’t democratically elected in a landslide half a minute ago… ‘Israel’ was conspicuously, suspiciously and disturbingly silent. Canada and several European states rushed to take Washington’s side in continuing the onslaught against the Bolivarian Revolution. But not the usurping Zionist entity. The official line was that the fake “Tel Aviv” regime was worried about the 5,000-6,000 Jews still in Venezuela, mainly in Caracas. This is just a smokescreen however. More than half of the Land of Bolivar’s Jews have already departed because of El Comandante Hugo Chavez’s (rip) staunch Anti-Zionist policies–a confirmation of how Zionism is majoritarian within Jewry everywhere on Earth excluding Iran. Those who remain, like all other minorities, aren’t under any sort of threat. Certainly, so long as they aren’t agitating against the Bolivarian Revolution and operating as ‘Israeli’ or Western spies, they are protected. And ‘Israel’ knows it too. Moreover, ‘Israel’ isn’t going to pretend that it hasn’t been anti-Bolivarian since DAY… GODDAMN… ONE… With it openly attempting to murder Maduro just a few months ago.

Indeed, the real reason for the cancerous Halakhic-Talmudic endeavor’s quiet is because it was maneuvering one of its top dogs into position: Elliot Abrams. The neocon lunatic is infamous for serving ‘Israeli’ interests in blood-soaked interventions against Iraq, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. He was also an architect of the US regime’s invasion of Panama and subsequent toppling of CIA drug-runner Noriega, years after cosigning the former American asset’s brutal crackdowns on the Panamanian opposition. The moment that Abrams’ new job was secure, Netanyahu announced ‘Israeli’ recognition of Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s Interim President. And Guaidó himself, asserting his credentials as a top-tier Shabbos Goy, invoked none other than the Holofraud in his thanks to Benny the Baby-Killer.

Verily, Netanyahu’s choice to attack Venezuela’s sovereignty on International “Holocaust” Remembrance Day, a fraud of frauds, was utterly strategic in nature–a psychological warfare operation to convince Gentile states sitting on the fence to join the imperialist attack on Nicolas Maduro, the “Hitler” of Venezuela. Bankroller of ‘Israeli’ colonies as well as US Ambassador to ‘Israel’ David Friedman couldn’t contain his glee over the Zionist premier’s stance and vile pro-‘Israel’ Jew Jason Greenblatt, a top Trump regime official, called him “courageous”. Like the whole Mishpucka’s in on it, huh? An illegitimate entity… Recognizing an illegitimate president… In an illegitimate coup… Then praised by illegitimate wonks… Of an illegitimate empire. Try as hard as you possibly can to hold back your vomit. If you can’t though, it’s totally understandable.

Like they were waiting for the cue from Nutty Netty, less than a day after the Zio-Tumor’s approval of Juan Guaidó as Golpista-In-Chief, John “Yosemite Goy” Bolton and Sorosite Steve “Goldman Sachs Gangster” Mnuchin announced devastating new sanctions against Venezuela and its oil company PDVSA, ripping 7 billion dollars from Venezuela right off the cuff and projecting at least another 11 billion dollars taken from the Bolivarian nation by year’s end.

Mnuchin funds at least three Zionist synagogues, Temple Emanu-El, Park East Synagogue, and Kehillat ‘Israel’, along with the Milken Institute, a neo-capitalist garbage dump bankrolled by a who’s who of Zionist warmongers, including the environment-destroying, Iran-hating Resnicks. He’s unabashedly stated that he wants to invest even more American capital into the Zio-Tumor’s technology sector (read: Talpiot) too. His bread, or should we say challah, is buttered with the Kehilla… Not with the American people. We knew that Abrams was going to be working closely with sanctions czar Sigal P. Mandelker, who has already ruthlessly targeted Venezuela, but to have her boss Mnuchin at his disposal now too, offering the full power of Treasury, is particularly frightening.

Not to be confused for a Kosher Gentile that doesn’t do enough to serve his “chosenite” masters, Bolton upped the ante further by getting caught on camera with some scribbling on his notepad that read “5,000 troops to Colombia”, as if to indicate an imminent US military incursion into Venezuela. Was this just another PSYOP to pressure Maduro into resigning? Or was this flagrant warmongering shoved right into the world’s face… Because Sahyu-‘Murica is gonna do whatever the f%#% Sahyu-‘Murica wants to do and it’s tough s%#% for anyone who says otherwise?

These menacing developments beg the question: If Maduro doesn’t call snap elections in 8 days as he has been required to do by World Arrogance — and he’s not going to follow such neo-colonial instructions; the man’s a revolutionary, not a quisling — what is the next step that the Imperium is going to take? Will it be a “shock and awe” invasion like Iraq? Or will a “Free ‘Venezuelan’ Army” be armed, trained and financed by the West, ‘Israel’ and Saudi Arabia in a throwback to Operation Condor as well as the demonic death squads of the 70s and 80s? Venezuela is under siege and prayers are needed for the upholders of El Comandante Hugo Chavez’s (rip) legacy no matter what the immediate (and seemingly dark) future holds. May ALLAH (SWT) protect the Bolivarian Revolution.

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  1. The only thing worse than all of this,are the filthy bolsonaro supporters(mostly christian zionists) calling for war against venezuela,because “zosialism” destroyed the economy.Then they will proceed to call Putin “dictator” who starves his own people because he is a “commie”(hogwash”),and how the chinese are commies too.I guess after WWIII they will sti be whining how “the left” are destroying family values.(Brazilian here)

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