Underground Hip-Hop Blog Stands With Madd Cold Against The Jewish Lobby

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Striking Star Salute to the brave gentlemen at Underground Hip-Hop Blog, one of the most widely-read underground Hip-Hop sites on the entire web, for reprinting my dear brother Ali Salaam’s Insight Media statement on B’nai B’rith’s failure to see me charged, extradited and thrown into one of the Canadian ZOG’s dungeons. I’m humbled beyond humbled that they would share my ordeal especially considering that the vast majority of rap-media outlets won’t touch it out of fear of You-Know-Who cracking down on their sorry, pathetic asses. That’s the thing though, ain’t it? EveryONE and everyTHING is “anti-Semitic” for saying that Jews wield an unprecedented amount of influence on an industry as well as a culture that accompanies it which are overwhelmingly Black, Brown and Gentile–and with a strong Islamic origin at that–but it’s not a confirmation of that very influence we’re decrying when we get shut down for saying it??!?!?!?! Mental!!!

The Jews either run the music industry and do so with malicious, greedy intentions or they don’t. And of course the truth of the matter is… THEY ABSOLUTELY DO and this pernicious hegemony should be opposed totally, vociferously and fearlessly. This didn’t start with me either. Professor Griff exposed Jewish infiltration into Hip-Hop over 30 years ago. And since then, Grand Daddy IU, Royce Da 5’9″, Chino XL, Pusha T, Joe Budden, Canibus, Lupe Fiasco, Scarface and others have all mentioned this merely in passing or directly and strongly; in interviews and their music. They subsequently came under fire for it. It’s the same in the UK ZOG, where BBC Top of the Pops presenter Reggie Yates simply said it was nice to see MCs and singers going independent instead of being “managed by some random fat Jewish guy from NW London”. Just for this, he lost his job. So apparently you can keep your gig if you’re White and rape kids for a few decades like Jimmy Savile because he was connected with the upper echelons of British Zionism. But a young, talented Black man whose family is from Ghana can’t jokingly refer to obvious truths because the Jews getting offended means he gets 86’ed. I’ve heard from comrades in the Australian ZOG who tell me that the power structure is the same there too.

Enough is enough. Hip-Hop doesn’t belong to Shlomo and his alphabet soup of corporations. Hip-Hop belongs to the people; to the Moustazafeen (oppressed people) of any color, but Black and Brown folk especially. I never, ever play the “as a…” card unless it’s absolutely necessary and here, it is certainly most applicable so I’ll roll with it. AS AN IRAQI who grew up in the streets of both Medina (Brooklyn, NY) and Shaolin (Staten Island, NY), no Jew, whether he’s an agent of ‘Israel’ from B’nai B’rith or some fat, racist, snot-nosed exec, has even the slightest right to tell me what to say, how to say it, or when to say it. I rhyme for ALLAH (SWT) first. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and his Pure Household (A.S.) second. And the downtrodden of the world who are suffering at the hands of World Zionism third. Anyone who doesn’t like it, Jew or otherwise, can find the nearest and roughest mountain in their vicinity and take the nastiest hike imaginable. Striking Star Salute once again to Underground Hip-Hop Blog… Y’all are a cut above!

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