Under Zionist Saudi Arabia’s Bombs, Millions Of Heroic Yemenis Mobilize In Sanaa For International Al-Quds Day

by Jonathan Azaziah

Said it last year and it shall be said again now with twice the vigor: NOBODY ROCKS INTERNATIONAL AL-QUDS DAY LIKE YEMEN! Millions… Yes indeed… MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of Yemenis are on the streets of Sanaa right now marching for the liberation of Palestine from the clutches of Zion. Gigantic Palestinian flags adorn the procession along with pictures of martyred Ansarullah founder Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.) and the ever-beautiful, ever-perfect banner of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance: “ALLAHU AKBAR! Death to America! Death to ‘Israel’! Curse be on the Jews! Victory to Islam!” What makes the Yemeni people so remarkable, so rooted-in-awe, so otherworldly, is that their country has been utterly Gazafied by Dönmeh Saudi Arabia but their commitment to Palestine, the holy city of Al-Quds and the pursuit of ending ‘Israel’ remains fierce. Fiercer than ever before actually and perhaps it is in fact BECAUSE of their hardships that they feel closer to Palestinians than any other previous time in history. Al-Saud’s US-‘Israeli’-UK-French-backed criminal aggression, from the siege to the bombs, the weaponization of cholera to the occupation, the backing of Takfiri terrorists to the humanitarian crisis, has had ZERO bearing on the Yemeni will to resist. Masha’ALLAH! There are more Yemenis protesting for Palestine in ’17 than in ’16, an unambiguous declaration that NOTHING will keep them from standing with Al-Quds.

Present in this million-man march are Ansarullah’s revolutionary Zaydi-Shi’a moujahideen as well as their Sunni tribal allies and soldiers from the Yemeni Army; politicians, businessmen, singers, artists and workers; men, women, children and elderly; and even the disabled. May ALLAH (SWT) elevate the rank of them all. Yemen is unified for Palestine. And as Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi reminds us often, every martyr that has fallen in Yemen is a martyr that has given his life for the Palestinian cause. This is something that is as unchangeable as Yemen’s ancient history, culture and identity. The genocidal Wahhabi tyrants in Riyadh launched the attack on Yemen for ‘Israel’ and hoped it would be over in mere months, leaving Ansarullah annihilated and the Yemeni state back under US ZOG hegemony. Instead, Yemen has stood up and maintained a resistance firmer than Jabal al-Haraz, foiling Amreeki-Yahoudi-Saudi plans and bringing Yemen into the Axis of Mouqawamah. At the heart of it all is the sincere Yemeni conviction that Palestine comes first and will always come first until total liberation. In other words, the Yemeni people are the living, breathing, fighting embodiment of everything Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) intended International Al-Quds Day to be. Yemen is Palestine and Palestine is Yemen. And soon, MORE THAN SOON, they will both be free of the Zionist cancer. #LongLiveYemen #LongLivePalestine #LongLiveAnsarullah #FalasteenIsYemensHeart #AlQudsDay38 #DeathToIsrael #DeathToSaud

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