Umpteenth Proof That The War On Libya Is A Zionist War: Khalifa Haftar Is Selling Oil To ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

What befell Libya in 2011 was designed and executed by the Pharisees from jump street. Everywhere you look, every stone you turn over, you find the fingerprints of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime and its agents inside the American ZOG. And what unfurled in 2011 was more like a culmination than a beginning. Because truth is, the Zealots have been pursuing black gold, blue gold and actual gold in Libya forever. They made a deal with Qadhafi to get rid of Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr. Then they betrayed Qadhafi and tried to murder him following Operation Trojan. The Lockerbie false flag came after that. Mossad’s psychological warfare squad, LAP (LohAma Psicologit), was responsible for both events and a plethora of subsequent others, including the dissemination of the “Abu Salim Prison Massacre” hasbara. Neocon war criminal Richard Perle, known as the “Prince of Darkness”, worked to rehabilitate Qadhafi in the West–a deception through and through because his coreligionist fellow travelers who helped him destroy Iraq, were plotting to take down Libya next through their new baby, the Foreign Policy initiative. The Libyan state was then invaded, on the Jewish revenge holiday of Purim no less, just like Iraq, and the rest… As they say… is bloody, bloody history.

A shadowy ‘Israeli’ businessman of Libyan-Jewish origins named Walter Arbib, who is the founder of Skylink Aviation, an intelligence front that had previously smuggled Israeli assets into at least three Iraqi provinces, was playing both sides of the battle just to keep all Zionist options available. Raphael Luzon, a contemporary of Arbib and the leader of the UK’s Libyan-Jewish community, worked side-by-side with the Rothschild-funded Chatham House to get the neoliberal ball rolling once Zio-NATO took over Libya. The Zionist-created propaganda channel Al-Hurra was on the ground two days after the “February 17th Revolution” began, pumping out one lie after another to justify every evil crime committed by America and company. ‘Israel’ secured a 30-year lease from the Takfiri terrorists for a military base in Libya’s oil-rich eastern lands where it could set up shop to expand intelligence operations and spy on Egypt. The “rebels” handed it over happily.

The Parasite Sidney Blumenthal–father of renowned “dissident” journalist Max Blumenthal, who, mind you, has never ONCE condemned his father’s hideous role in Libya–worked hand-in-glove with the demonic pythoness Hillary Clinton to bring private military contractors, neoliberal businessmen and the CIA on to Libyan soil to profit from the Libyan people’s suffering, not to mention set up normalization between the new collaborationist Libyan regime and the usurping Zionist entity through the traitor Mohamed Magariaf. Among such profiteering would be in Libya’s water sector. And of course Libya was (and still is) very much a Zionist water war according to the ‘Israeli’ Yeor Plan that has seen the land once known as Green, along with Egypt and Sudan, all put on the chopping block so the colonizing Jews could siphon their H20. Case in point is that before Libyans could even grasp what had hit them and what was designed to continue hitting them for years to come, the ‘Israelis’ and their partners had every single nook and cranny occupied.

Continuing with this catastrophic tragedy, we now have the latest proof of the undeniable, unequivocal truth that the war on Libya was and is a Zionist war: “Strongman” Khalifa Haftar is selling oil to the usurping Jewish entity. In a revelation covered by just about no alternative media outlet at all, Haftar’s oil exports to the Zio-Tumor begin in Ceyhan, the same Turkish port that delivers 1/3 of ISIS’s oil to the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime (the main marketer of Daeshi petrol)… Then go to Greece, which is now in a trilateral alliance with ‘Israel’ along with Cyprus and is forging cybersecurity ties with “Tel Aviv” as well as locking down a $7 billion energy project… Make one more stop at Port Said, which of course is no problem whatsoever for Egyptian Zio-cuck Sisi, a war criminal bathing in Palestinian and Yemeni blood… Before finally winding up in occupied Isdud. In exchange for the crude, ‘Israel’ provides Haftar with weapons, intelligence and aerial support from the ‘Israeli’ terrorist Air Force. The connection between the Libyan Shabbos Goy and the fake Halakhic-Talmudic regime was facilitated by Libyan-‘Israeli’ Jews. We wonder if those slippery characters were none other than Arbib and Luzon.

Haftar’s services to the CIA are well-known. He was trained, funded, protected and armed by The Company for decades and was in SUCH good-standing that he settled in northern Virginia, not too far from Langley. That was then though. And this is current events. The official mouthpieces of the American regime, the Sulzberger-controlled New York Times and the Mossad-CIA-affiliated, Bezos-controlled Washington Post, have pointed out that Haftar is at best being “kept at a distance” and is at worst, a “headache”. That’s because he has been usurped by Zion and he’s the malignant growth’s asset now. He’s been meeting with Mossad in Jordan since 2015 and even has ‘Israeli’ officers on the ground running around infiltrating ISIS, including one by the name of Binyamin Ephraim. Furthermore, he’s in so thick with International Jewry that Iranian-‘Israeli’ Jew Ari Ben-Menashe, an “ex”-Aman agent and notorious international gun runner, took Haftar on as a client following his meetings with ‘Israeli’ intelligence. Ben-Menashe’s Montreal-based firm, Dickens & Madson, has been working overtime to get Haftar on track in Washington, Brussels and even Moscow.

Speaking of Russia’s capital, notice that the Zionist media, from Reuters to Foreign Policy to the Wall Street Journal and many others, have published many an article about Putin trying (and failing, although that’s always buried at the end of the rubbish-pieces) to court Haftar. Meanwhile, none of them have tackled the gigantic, flamboyant, Shlomo-tattooed elephant in the room. That’s because they’re in cahoots with the artificial Kabbalistic construct to bury the oil connection, just like they attempted to bury the oil connection with ISIS– an ‘Israeli’ operation from soup to nuts. This burial’s especially significant too because it undermines the basis of nearly all leftistani analysis about whose energy interests are really at stake in the Arab-Islamic world and who these “wars for oil” are really being fought for. We’re talking about the shocking and infuriating September 1st, 1975 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the American regime and the Zionist blight.

This odious document states the following, “The United States Government will make every effort to be fully responsive, within the limits of its resources and Congressional authorization and appropriation, on an ongoing and long-term basis, to ‘Israel’s’ military equipment and other defense requirements, to its energy requirements and to its economic needs.” It also says, “If the oil ‘Israel’ needs to meet all its normal requirements for domestic consumption is unavailable for purchase in circumstances where no quantitative restrictions exist on the ability of the United States to procure oil to meet its normal requirements, the United States Government will promptly make oil available for purchase by ‘Israel’ to meet all of the aforementioned normal requirements of ‘Israel’.”

To simplify, whenever Zionist terrorists need oil, as per the 1975 MOU, Sahyu-Amreeka will answer their outcry and go secure the oil. As was the case with Iraq, in which war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu bragged of Iraqi oil flowing from Kirkuk to occupied Haifa, the war with Libya is indeed a war for oil. But not oil for America. Oil for the Jewish supremacist “state”. This is why Libya was annihilated. This is why Haftar is being pushed as the candidate to run the whole of the country and end the division–which Zio-NATO created to start with. But even if this falls flat, World Zionism and its interests are secure. Libya bled and still bleeds as you read this because of the Racist Rabbinical Endeavor and its twin-headed stratagem of Yinon and Yeor. The war on Libya was and is a Zionist war. Keep that in your mind’s eye when you peep any coverage saying anything to the contrary. Death to ‘Israel’. And death to the Haftar regime. May the Libyan people find a way out of this “chosenite”-concocted nightmare.

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