Trump’s Got A “Muslim Ban”, Huh? Wake Me Up When There’s An ‘Israeli’ Ban

by Jonathan Azaziah

“Muslim ban”, huh? LOL. Let’s see… Operation Susannah, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the attack on the USS Liberty which murdered 34 US sailors and wounded 171 others, the spying operations of Jonathan Pollard, Stewart David Nozette, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Ledeen, Douglas Feith, Larry Franklin and Jane Harman, the assassination attempt on Bush Senior at the Madrid Conference, Zalman Shapiro’s theft of 206 pounds of highly enriched uranium from NUMEC, the September 11th attacks, the brutal bulldozer-execution of Rachel Corrie, the killing of Furkan Dogan, the savage beating of Tariq Abou Khdeir, the shooting and subsequent brain damaging of Tristan Anderson… All attacks on America and American citizens.

Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen… They ain’t do ANY of it.

But ‘Israel’… ‘Israel’ did ALL of it.

Only “immigrants” from the “Middle East” who should be banned from entering AmeriKKKa are ‘Israeli’ Jews, for they are the fathers and mothers of terrorism, both directly and by proxy. And while we’re at it, all ‘Israeli’ Jews currently residing in the US should be deported (preferably to one of the darker, more excruciating pits of hell) immediately before they plot another false flag that puts the world in the throes of a nuclear war. They’re not just ***national*** security threats, they’re ***GLOBAL*** security threats. You think Zionist Jew Chuck Schumer, who famously said Gaza should be strangled economically, and Zionist Jew-Witch Dianne Feinstein, whose demonic husband Richard Blum banked billions of dollars off the aggression against Iraq through his Perini corporation, are gonna go after their coreligionist brethren who usurped Palestine with the same vigor in which they’re currently fake-defending Muslims? The very Muslims mind you whose ritualistic wholesale slaughter this “chosenite” hellspawn has vociferously supported under Obama for the last 8 years? Yeah, fat, and I do mean OBESE chance. Wake up and smell the burning Gentile babies. If the bullseye isn’t on ‘Israel’, then it’s a distraction; Zionist media-manufactured white noise to keep eyes off the prize. Readjust your focus. And for fuck’s sake, turn off your goddamn televisions.

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