Trump’s First Crime Against Humanity: At Least 57 Yemenis, Including 8-Year Old Nawar al-Awlaki, Slaughtered In US Raid On Al-Bayda

by Jonathan Azaziah

Time to add the name of Donald J. Trump, the American ZOG’s newest figurehead, to the laundry list of individuals responsible for shedding the blood of the innocent in Yemen. Six days ago, a US death squad operating on Trump’s orders unleashed pure hell on the village of Yaqla in the Qifah district of Al-Bayda Province. At least 30 aircraft, among them F-16s, predator drones and Apaches, bombarded the area from the sky while Navy SEAL commandos stormed through the village shooting anything and everything that moved. The Saudi-led “Operation Decisive Storm” coalition cooperated in the criminal assault. The pretext? A manhunt for several ringleaders of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The propaganda? 14 “neutralized terrorists”. The reality? Carnage wreaked on Yemeni civilians, with at least 57 murdered, including dozens of women and children. Among the martyrs is 8-year old US citizen Nawar “Nora” al-Awlaki, the little daughter of CIA asset Anwar al-Awlaki, who the Obama regime snuffed out and silenced in September 2011, and the sister of 16-year old Abdul Rahman al-Awlaki, also murdered by the Obama regime mere weeks after Anwar’s assassination. What Nora had to do with “fighting terrorism” will certainly be transported to the Memory Hole.

Already, there are some Trumpets (blind Trump supporters) either attempting to ignorantly justify this bloody and felonious violation of Yemen’s sovereignty or asking to “give Trump more time”. The former, without question, is atrocious on all fronts and shan’t be dignified. And the latter ***MAY*** have been plausible if The Donald didn’t hit the ground running in support of the states occupying, starving, besieging and bombing the Yemeni people. Within just the first three days of his presidency, Trump went ahead and approved $925 million worth of arms held over from the Obama regime to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Not too long thereafter, President Bad Spray-Tan spoke with the demented Saudi “King” Salman and they agreed on setting up “safe zones” in Syria… AND YEMEN. Do keep in mind that “safe zones” is a Zionist codeword for partition and the goal to balkanize Yemen on tribal-sectarian lines has long been a goal of the usurping Jewish entity. In the mean time, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, a puny and repulsive Wahhabi hasbaranik, praised Trump’s cabinet of maniacs, calling neocon CIA director Pompeo, war criminal Defense Secretary Mattis and anti-Venezuelan wingnut State Secretary Tillerson as “very, very impressive individuals”.

The Trump regime further showed its true colors after Ansarullah righteously and legitimately blasted a Saudi warship which was targeting Yemeni civilians. Trump and company backed their Saudi ally and even bizarrely stated that the missiles of the Houthiyeen were actually intended for US vessels. This fallacy is shamelessly intended to serve as YET ANOTHER PRETEXT for the Empire to ratchet up its illegal intervention in Yemen’s affairs. Trump’s psychopathic National Security Advisor Michael Flynn took the Yemeni Islamic Resistance’s counterattack as an occasion to baselessly and hysterically bash Iran and portray Ansarullah as nothing but a “Perisan proxy”. Beyond this, the Saudi regime has launched thousands of air strikes on Yemeni residential areas and infrastructures since Trump took office and every single last one of them has been done with American assistance.

We’ve seen Trump take a page out of the Obama playbook with his propensity for executive orders. Just as he put pen to paper for arms deals and murderous raids that maimed and murdered women and little girls, he could have just as easily signed an E.O. that pulled the American regime out of Yemen for good. He chose not to. That makes him and his regime every bit as much a party to the destruction of Yemen on the Jewish supremacist tumor’s behalf as the Obama regime which started this nightmare to begin with.

Which brings us to the elephant in the room. AQAP and ISIS have been backed lock, stock and smoking barrel by the Saudi tyrants from the very inception of the genocidal onslaught against Yemen. The terrorist groups have indeed been used as shock troops by the Takfiri Tyranny in many instances throughout the course of the war. Not only has Ansarullah repeatedly exposed this truth over the last two years, it’s also been extensively documented by Al-Masdar News, Al-Manar, Mouqawamah Music and Iran’s Press TV and Al-Alam. You know who was fighting and eliminating AQAP before there was an invasion? That’s right. ANSARULLAH. Wherever Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s Mighty Moujahideen set foot in their homeland, they mopped the floor with the Takfiri terrorists, be they AQAP, the later-to-emerge ISIS or Al-Islah (Yemen’s “Muslim” Brotherhood). Thus, by backing Saudi Arabia’s war of extermination against the Houthis as well as staging raids on Yemeni innocents who Ansarullah is trying to protect from Zio-Imperialism and Zio-Wahhabi terrorism, Trump is rebuking his campaign promise to eradicate terror and is instead fighting on the same side of it in the name of safeguarding US-Saudi ties. You want to see the Takfiri current removed from the Yemeni fray? End Al-Saud’s mad adventure and stay outta the Houthis’ way as they clean house. Everything else is hot air.

A word of history-based advice and caution for the Trump regime: Any attempts to deepen Imperialist involvement in Yemen will be met with a ferocious force unseen before by anyone currently serving at the pleasure of President Reality TV. That goes for Flynn, Mattis, Kelly and the rest of the hateful gang. Clinton gave carte blanche to Ali Abdullah Saleh to wipe out Ansarullah when it was still the unarmed Believing Youth. Bush followed suit and gave Saleh the green light to launch 5 wars against the Houthis. Obama began his presidency with the support of a Saudi-backed war on Yemen (war #6) and closed out on the same note, with that same aggression continuing today (war #7). In each instance, Ansarullah’s strength and support-base grew exponentially.

Waging war on Yemen, especially with an organism as powerful as the Houthis at the helm, isn’t just a strategic blunder, it’s a damn fool’s errand. So be careful of what your Dönmeh Saudi “buddies” want to embroil you in, Mr. Trump. And may you rot for the horror you rained down upon the people of Al-Bayda; may Nawar “Nora” al-Awlaki’s angel-face and precious smile haunt you ’till world’s end.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s First Crime Against Humanity: At Least 57 Yemenis, Including 8-Year Old Nawar al-Awlaki, Slaughtered In US Raid On Al-Bayda”

  1. It is no surprise that Trump has continued the policies of in Yemen of Obama, the same Obama he was so strongly critical of.
    YES, our new American president ordered the raid by the revengeful seals to capture a house that was allegedly full of computer info on possible Al Queda planned raids.
    In the process, a beautiful child was shot in the neck by the seals and bleed to death in two hours. My God, how can you sleep at night Mr. TRUMP having authorized this kind of action against a poor people who are literally being starved to death and murdered by the Saudi airstrikes, and land sea and air food/medicine embargo that you support?
    Trump said he would do just this in his pre election speeches. HE is following through on his promises.
    The murdered childs 16 year old brother was killed by Obama years prior.
    No wonder the people of Yemen and the middle east hate America.
    We are driving these people into the terroists arms, and one day America will pay the price for this atrocity…..the same thing we have done for years. Remember Vietnam and our great Special Forces there? Im not proud of those Green Berets. They knew what they were doing, and as Trump et all they “one day” will pay for these war crimes.
    How does the TUT site still insist that Trump and his cabinet are not controlled by a evil force?

  2. I too am getting fed up with TUT insisting that Trump is “against the Jews” and keeps saying the same old same old because he just “playing the game” and trying to covince Jews he’s “on their side”. Sorry TUT, I still love you but it’s now time to admit YOU WERE WRONG!! Trump is NO DIFFERENT than Obama, Clinton or anyone else!!

    Also, Anwar Alawlaki… I use to love his lectures. So… why did Obama kill him if he was CIA assest? Did he turn on them or what? Also, I heard Sheikh Imran Hosein speak of him positively after his death, confirmed my belief that he was a good man. I tried to find out more info on him, but I couldn’t find much. What was the deal with him?

    RIP to ALL of the precious and beautiful children and adults who were slaughtered by these tyrannical Jew pupets. Inshaallah may all of their satanic killers BURN IN HELL!!!!!

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