Trump-Tillerson-Kelly War On Venezuela Begins: US Regime Puts New Sanctions On Bolivarian VP Tareck El Aissami, Falsely Labels Him “Drug Kingpin”

by Jonathan Azaziah

All eyes should be on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In Mouqawamah Music’s analysis of Trump’s defeat of Zio-Killary Clinton, we suggested that what Supercilious Orange promised World Zionism to push him over the edge as the preferred candidate and secure the presidency was delivering the revolutionary government in Caracas on a bloody, silver platter. Sure enough, just a few weeks after Trump claimed the Oval office, he chose ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his pick for Secretary of State, a rabid anti-Bolivarian fanatic who had been in conflict with both El Comandante Hugo Chavez (RIP) and Nicolas Maduro.

Mouqawamah Music’s harsh follow-up analysis on Trump, his family history and his repugnant cabinet delved deep into Tillerson’s hostilities against Venezuela–including his subversive attempts to start a war for oil between the Bolivarian Republic and Guyana in ’15–along with the neocon Homeland Security head John Kelly who delusionally thinks Hizbullah and Iran are using Latin America (Venezuela especially) as a base for drug running. And now here we are, not even a month into Trump’s reign, and the aggression against Venezuela has begun in earnest with a new set of sanctions targeting Vice President Tareck El Aissami, Syrian-Lebanese Druze revolutionary, prominent defender of the Palestinian cause and longtime Chavista. The American regime is ridiculously and offensively calling Venezuela’s second-in-command a “drug kingpin” and has baselessly accused him of “playing a significant role in international narcotics trafficking.”

These accusations are not only fallacious but egregious and outrageous. El Aissami has been an integral part of the Bolivarian Revolution from the very beginning, serving in the National Assembly in ’05 and then working as Vice Minister of Citizen Security from ’07-’08. From there, he became Chavez’s Minister of the Interior and Justice from ’08-’12 and for the last 5 years, he’s been the successful Governor of Aragua. At the start of ’17, with the US ZOG’s economic war on Venezuela continuing to rage in the genocidal Obama administration’s last days, Maduro made a bold move to protect the integrity of the Bolivarian Revolution and tapped El Aissami for the vice presidency, praising his comrade’s “youth, experience, commitment, and courage”. The Zionist media, including Trump’s Jewish-Zionist ally (and mouthpiece) Breitbart, went ballistic, regurgitating age-old, nutcase hasbara about Tareck obtaining Venezuelan passports for Hizbullah and Hamas and recruiting Venezuelans of Arab origin then shipping them off to Hizbullah’s “training camps” in Southern Lebanon.

The hysteria has only increased over the last several weeks and culminated with a bipartisan–when are wars and “regime change” anything BUT bipartisan anyway?–letter from 34 US Congress members demanding that Trump take immediate harsh measures following El Aissami’s ascendance. Trump and company followed suit. Who was the primary author of this drivel, you ask? None other than the vile, hateful, Zionist Jewess-Gusana Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who’s been agitating against Venezuela, Cuba and other nonaligned Latin American states, not to mention any and all other opponents of World Jewry, since time immemorial. Her co-author was the Shabbos Goy, Gusano and neoliberal warmonger Robert Menendez. The sanctions on Tareck El Aissami were announced by newly confirmed Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin of Goldman Sachs and Soros Financial Management fame. These measures were most likely designed by the Orthodox Jewish supremacist sanctions czar Adam Szubin. And with Tillerson and Kelly at the helm, more attacks on the Bolivarian Republic are certainly going to follow.

In the final analysis, as pathetic as it is that it even needs to be said, Tareck El Aissami is no damn drug dealer. Quite to the contrary, during his time as Interior Minister and Aragua Governor, he LED CAMPAIGNS AGAINST DRUG TRAFFICKING AND TRAFFICKERS, helping lock up more than 100 REAL kingpins–the very filth the US regime falsely and rankly accuses him of being–including several who were extradited to Amreeka. This is a man who is for the people, of the people and by the people in each and every sense of those phrases; a civil servant of the most righteous order who has been in the trenches and in the muck with the Bolivarian Revolution from day one, fighting to overthrow the colonialist system that had dominated in Venezuela for the last several hundred years. The Venezuelan VP of Bilad al-Sham’s ancient stock dismissed the allegations against him as “miserable provocations” and maintained defiance: “The truth is invincible and we’ll see how this imperialist infamy and aggression fades. Now more than ever we have the strength to make this revolution irreversible.” Nicolas Maduro fiercely defended his friend and vice president, blasting the American ZOG’s aggression and demanding an apology.

The Trump regime’s economic terrorism against Vice President El Aissami and the people of Venezuela as a whole is a continuation of the illegal, Zionized and destabilizing policies pursued by both Obama and Bush. But as both their predecessors came to understand the hard way through failure, Trump, Tillerson and Kelly should note that such actions will not be the proverbial lumberjack chopping into a sick tree before yelling “timber!” The Bolivarian Revolution is not a government, it is not an individual, it isn’t even an institution. Like the Islamic Revolution in Iran and Ansarullah in Yemen, Chavismo is an organism – it breathes, it bleeds through its offering of martyrs, it fights and its heart, the Moustazafeen (oppressed people) of Venezuela who had no political voice prior to Chavez, beats like a drum. It cannot be broken and with the last 16 years being the absolute perfect indication, it cannot be sanctioned, color revolution’ed and regime-changed to death. The Bolivarian Revolution lives. And it will continue to do so. Godspeed to Nicolas Maduro and Tareck El Aissami as they navigate these piranha-infested waters and guide Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist and Independent Venezuela back to stability.

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