Trump Puts New Sanctions On Iran, But The Islamic Revolution Will Not Kneel Before The US ZOG

by Jonathan Azaziah

Iran is under fire as we say hello to the era of “non-interventionism” under Trump, the same as the era of “humanitarian interventionism” under Obama. Among the items sanctioned by the Trump regime’s new set of economic measures against the Islamic Republic: MEDICAL EQUIPMENT.

There are only three words applicable for this abomination: Barbaric, Criminal, and Judaic.

This isn’t going to hurt the Iranian government, the Iranian Supreme Leader or the Iranian military-intelligence establishment. It will only inflict agony on the Iranian people. The decision taken by Trump to pursue this illegal and savage action is proof-positive that regardless of who is its president, the United States of America… AHEM, excuse me… the United Snakes of IsraHELL is at war with Iran as a nation, a society, a civilization and the most important Islamic power in the world. The authorities that be–and I do mean the ***REAL*** authorities in this miserable hodgepodge of Judeo-Capitalism and Judeo-Liberalism, i.e. the shadow government run by Organized Jewry aka the Mishpucka aka the Kehilla aka Judea, Inc., aka the Rothschild Octopus–want nothing more than the elimination of the Islamic Republic as per the “game-plan” laid out in the Book of Esther. Indeed, despite The Donald’s campaign promise to scale back the “regime change” wars, what these sanctions–architected by Jewish-Zionist terrorist Adam Szubin, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence –effectively do is put the nuclear deal with Iran in major jeopardy and resurrect the path to conflict. But lest we forget, this is the Islamic Revolution we’re talking about here, not some post-colonial backwater state ripped right out of an Orientalist’s warped noggin. There is an Economy of Resistance in place and though pain will ensue for everyday Iranians, the US ZOG’s sanctions will ultimately be defied and counteracted, as they have been for the past three decades.

Thus a newsflash is in order for President Orange Peel: Carter ain’t bring down Iran. Nor did Reagan. Nor did Bush Sr. Nor did Clinton. Nor did Bush Jr. And Obama, who unleashed the “Green Revolution”, failed to do the trick either. The sons and daughters of Imam Khomeini (R.A.) have too much faith and resistance embedded in their souls to ever kneel before World Arrogance. In fact, surrendering is excluded from their very genetic code. Verily, through their Mouqawamist-Husseini spirit, the Iranian people and their sagacious leadership have defeated every threat that has come their way since the US-‘Israeli’-backed Shah was toppled right around this time 38 years ago. And make no mistake, if push comes to shove, and sanctions become war, the Islamic Republic of Iran will TRUMP Trump too. #LongLiveIran #RemoveTheSanctionsOnIran #IslamicRevolutionIsEternal

2 thoughts on “Trump Puts New Sanctions On Iran, But The Islamic Revolution Will Not Kneel Before The US ZOG”

  1. Congratulations: It is the truth and nothing but the truth from You, Jonathan Azaziah, my friend.
    Let us not give up against the ZOG, we “anti-Semites”!

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