Trump Propagandizes Against Iran In Saudi Arabia And Makes A Total Fool Of Himself

by Jonathan Azaziah

Just wanted to point out one tiny lil’ detail about the Tangerine Terrorist Trump’s buffoonish, hasbara-laced, bigotry-filled speech before the Dönmeh Saud clan in Riyadh, that’s all. Because truthfully, his comparison of Hizbullah and Hamas to the likes of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, and his hideous, fallacious allegations against Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad and our Magnetic North, Iran, have all been seen before with his predecessors and will be seen again after him and thus shouldn’t even be dignified with a retort. Indeed, Trump’s Zioganda is simply beneath the Islamic Revolution.

And here’s that aforementioned tiny lil’ detail: Supercilious Orange is speaking in front of this particular regime–Saudi Arabia–to condemn the Islamic Republic left and right, when this particular regime–Saudi Arabia–is an absolute monarchy that funds Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorism worldwide and doesn’t let its female citizens leave their homes, nor drive, nor barely even breathe without male “guardianship”. Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic–the target of his condemnation–fights Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorism and just had a democratic election with a 70% turnout to elect a “reformist” candidate and those who comprised the majority of that very turnout were women. Let that sink in. RIGHT THE HELL IN.

America’s greatest export, after its Zio-Imperialist violence of course, is its gargantuan hypocrisy. Trump reminded us all of that yet again today and moved the US-Wahhabi alliance one more step towards its inevitable collapse. As for Iran, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, Syria, Yemen and their Mouqawamist supporters everywhere? We just keep on gleefully counting down and striving to facilitate that exceptionally wonderful moment.

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