Traitors! Damned Traitors! Curses Upon The Shabbos Goyim Who Helped ‘Israel’ Pull Off 9/11

by Jonathan Azaziah

You’ve all heard the cliches about no enemy being more dangerous, more cunning and more destructive than the one inside the gates. Upon penetrating your defenses, it begins to spread its influence like an airborne toxin and slither its tentacles into places you weren’t even aware could be reached, changing the very fabric of a society, from its consciousness to its politics. The infiltration becomes so pervasive that people become more loyal to the Parasite than the Host, forgetting where which one ends and where which one starts. There is no more apt description for ‘Israel’ and how extensively embedded it is in the presidential, congressional, judicial, military, financial, media and intelligence spheres of the United States of America than this–that of a blood-sucking, deep-burrowing leech.

Nor is there a better demonstration of the sheer, unadulterated dominance ‘Israel’ possesses than the September 11th terrorist attacks. Every big criminal job, whether it’s a heist or a black op, needs an inside man. And ‘Israel’ had a network of traitors at its disposal, committed beyond committed to upholding the interests of Organized Jewry over and above America; over and above humanity. Indeed, there are MANY who deserve to be hung from lamp posts for betraying this country for the malignant tumor putrefying Palestine. But exposing the following Dirty Baker’s Dozen of Shabbos Goyim who helped the usurping Zionist entity pull off the 9/11 false flag and give birth to GWOT will get us underway properly. Time to name and shame these whores of Zion:

1. George Bush – The frontman for the neocon cabal that launched a “crusade” against Islam and unleashed a seemingly perpetual storm of chaos on the world. Skull and Bonesman. “Christian” Zionist. Goy George–yes, Goy George–was bankrolled by Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs, 9/11 conspirators; AIG bigwig Maurice Greenberg, another 9/11 conspirator; Rudy Boschwitz, Project for a New American Century (PNAC) member and, of course, a 9/11 conspirator; Leslie Wexner, of the Mega Group, who vigorously campaigned for the annihilation of Iraq; former MNBA chief and Cleveland Browns Owner, Al Lerner (L.A.); Aurora Capital Group chairman Gerald Parsky, protector of Saudi Arabia and booster of trade with ‘Israel’; Dell CEO and IOF moneyman Michael Saul Dell; Harbour Group Industries top dog Sam Fox; and a Small-Hat-rocking gaggle of others. This ain’t String Theory. The Jews owned Georgie Goy like they own Hollywood and Antwerp. Neoliberal interventionist and warmongering scumbagel Thomas Friedman said if it wasn’t for the aforementioned neocon cabal consisting of some 25 Jews–his count, not ours–the destabilization of the Arab-Islamic world wouldn’t have come to fruition. And it was George the Jew-Slave who was more than willing to let them use him as a human shield while they concretized their plans.

2. Rudy Giuliani – The “hero” who “did so much” to “clean up” New York City and “get it back on its feet” in the wake of 9/11–what a sham. He met with Ehud Olmert the night before the attacks to make sure all mechanisms of terror and toil were copacetic. He was nothing but the Jewish Criminal Network’s puppet playing a role in the grand Talmudic theater to force the “Bin Laden did it” lie down the throat of Gentiledom. Quite literally a Goy Golem. His Jewish aide Ken Kurson said Giuliani would one day be “the first Jewish president”. It’s not a secret that Giuliani’s rise to mayor was guided by the immensely powerful Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish gangs, thanks to his right hand man Bruce J. Teitelbaum, who vouched for Jewliani–I mean Giulani–to the heavy hitters who ultimately brought the Towers down like Silverstein, Lauder, etc. Today, Rudy the Rat serves as an open shill for the pseudo-Marxist death cult known as the MEK, agitating for the total destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which would complete PNAC’s hitlist.

3. Bernard Bailey Kerik – 40th Police Commissioner of New York City appointed by Giuliani. Prior to joining the NYPD, he was the head of security for the Saudi royal family. Ran point on Operation Code Angel aka Tripod II, the FEMA controlled demolition war game that coincided with the 9/11 attacks. Left his post as top cop when Giuliani stepped down from the mayoral post at the end of 2001, as if he was only there to complete his Zionist mission. Traveled to the usurping Jewish entity on August 26th, just two weeks before the WTC was reduced to ash. The official reasons were to discuss “anti-terror coordination” and “combating the ‘Israeli’-dominated ecstasy trade”. The real reasons were to get all the ducks in a row for the “big day” and get his blue bacon (police) in line for the whitewash–drilling into their heads to focus on “Muslamics, Muslamics, Muslamics”, not the actual perpetrators, i.e. the Yahoudlings.

And that’s exactly what he did, covering up the van full of explosives and Mossad agents who would tell the Feds who stopped them, “We’re not your problem. The Palestinians are your problem.” Kerik buried it. Both on paper and in the media. He’d later go to prison on charges of criminal conspiracy, tax fraud, and lying under oath due to a loan he took from ‘Israeli’ billionaire Eitan Wertheimer while he was Colonialist Provision Authority Interior Minister in Iraq. In layman’s terms, the very people he betrayed his country for–the ‘Israeli’ apes and pigs–ultimately were the cause of his political demise. Imagine our astonishment.

4. Marvin Bush – The youngest son of the war criminal Bush dynasty. Sat on the board of directors for a shadowy outfit called Stratesec aka Securacom until the summer before 9/11. His cousin, Wirt D. Walker III, was CEO. The firm provided security to the WTC until it was pulverized. Marvin the “Mensch” wasn’t just in New York City the day of, he was scheduled to be INSIDE the South Tower when the meeting was COHENcidentally moved at the last second. Forged deep links between Stratesec and Kroll Inc./Marsh Kroll, the primary WTC security company. Owned by Zionist Jew Jules Kroll, who is close with Larry Silverstein through their mutual funding of the United Jewish Appeal, Marsh Kroll initiated the mysterious power-down at the WTC the weekend before the attacks, giving the ‘Israeli’ spy ring of “art students” more than enough time to double-check the explosives framework rigged for the controlled demolition.

Right alongside Jules was his son Jeremy, an executive at Marsh Kroll since ’96. The company above Kroll Inc. was Marsh & McLennan Co. (MMC), owned by Jeffrey Greenberg, son of the previously-documented AIG criminal Maurice Greenberg, and run by Jerome Hauer, former director of Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and destroyer of the Building 7 evidence. It was the Marsh & McLennan Co. (MMC) computer room in the North Tower that Zakheim-FTS-equipped Flight 11 struck on 9/11. And Henry Kissinger’s man Paul Bremer, who’d work with ‘Israeli’ Dan Senor to pillage Iraq under the Colonialist Provisional Authority, was the slime running this particular office. Marvie the Maggot and the predominantly Anglo gang at Stratesec essentially served as cover for the thoroughly Jewish, overwhelmingly ‘Israeli’ Kroll-Greenberg-Hauer-Kissinger nexus.

5. Dick Cheney – Quintessential 9/11 villain. Mass murderer. War criminal. ‘Israel’ Firster who is so fanatical, he might as well convert to Judaism. Gave the stand-down orders to the F-16 interceptors from a DC bunker. Made countless dollars from the misery and suffering of the Afghani and Iraqi peoples through Halliburton. But when it’s all said and done, still just another proxy. Cheney was the Shabbos Goy gopher of hedge fund manger and ultra-Zionist Bruce Kovner, financier of the neocon American Enterprise Institute (AEI) where just about every hawkish, Mossad-connected Jew in the Bush administration congregated.

Dick the Dybbuk is also an errand boy for casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, frequenting many of his events over the last several years and adopting every Likudnik talking point he spews out. His chief of staff–some would say handler–Scooter Libby, another Yahoudling, would out CIA agent and neocon-opponent Valerie Plame over her opposition to the drive to eviscerate Iraq. Also covered up the Enron scandal, which, contrary to popular belief, wasn’t meant to protect Gentile Kenneth Lay but Cheney’s real overlords–the Jews; in this instance, the Jewish-Zionist Belfer family, the TRUE power behind the Enron fortune. Like Giulani, Cheney is now spending most of his time campaigning for the American ZOG to assault Iran and preserve the existence of the Zio-Tumor.

6. Condoleeza Rice – House Negro. “Christian” Zionist. A protege of Zionist deception-master and 9/11 cover-up Philip Zelikow, who she wrote a book with in ’95, and ardent defender of ‘Israeli’ crimes against humanity, declaring in 2003, “I have a deep affinity with ‘Israel’. I have always admired the history of the State of ‘Israel’ and the hardness and the determination of the people who founded it. The desire for peace runs wide and deep in the ‘Israeli’ society.” You can take a break to grab a puke-bag if you need to. While in Denver, Colorado, she lived next to ‘Israeli’ terrorist, butcher and rapist Benzion Netanyahu (L.A.), Benny Batshit’s father, and even joined the Netanyahus at their Passover Seder. In a New York Times editorial and a CNN interview, she peddled the lies originated by Jewish-Zionist hasbaraniks Jeffrey Goldberg and Judith Miller that Iraq and “Al-Qaeda” were working together. Plotted with Yahoudling World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn to strangle and pacify the Palestinian Resistance. Infamously called the genocidal ‘Israeli’ invasion of Lebanon “the birth pangs of a New Middle East”, but was humiliated by Hizbullah’s epic defeat of the aggressors. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah would go on to say that Condie’s project was “stillborn because it was an illegitimate child.”

7. Hamid Karzai – House Muslim. US-ZOG-installed Afghani President. Signed on to the rape of his own country. Laughed, clapped and cheered stupidly like a malfunctioning robotic seal as Zio-NATO destroyed Afghanistan, province by province. Took heroin kickbacks from the Mossad. His collaborationist regime was overflowing with dirty money from the CIA as well as Iranian sellout and Mossad asset Mohammad Khatami, who was stopped by Imam Khamenei and the IRGC from betraying the Islamic Revolution. Consultant with UNOCAL who worked with Henry Kissinger to bring forth the TAPI pipeline overseen by Mossadnik Yosef A. Maiman’s Merhav Group.

8. Zalmay Khalilzad – House Muslim. Bush regime’s Ambassador to the UN, where he covered up American crimes in his homeland of Afghanistan and ‘Israeli’ crimes during the Second Intifada. Consultant with UNOCAL going back to the early 90s, working closely with Kissinger and Karzai on making TAPI a reality. Token “Mohammedan” of PNAC and signatory to its “Greater ‘Israel'” agenda. The Brown/Muslim/Native face of Zio-Imperialism. NED, CSIS and Atlantic Council board member. Mentored by Albert Wohlsetter (L.A.), a neocon godfather and Cold War nuclear strategist who had intimate contacts with ‘Israeli’ intelligence. Wohlsetter was the grandsire of the Office of Special Plans (OSP), having taught and trained Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, Shulsky and others, and had also crafted the vile Iraqi traitor Ahmad Chalabi into an asset for this very group. Khalilzad would actually go on to work with his “brethren” Chalabi when he became Georgie Goy’s Ambassador to Iraq, sharing ideas on how best to spread cultural imperialism. Today, he spends much of his time working with Kurdish groups to balkanize Iraq and Iran and fulfill the ‘Israeli’ Oded Yinon plan from his position as an advisor to The American University of Kurdistan (AUK). When you’re a bastard of Jewish supremacist scoundrel Wohlsetter’s, it all comes full circle, doesn’t it?

8. Donald Rumsfeld – War criminal. Torturer. CFR stalwart. Completely horrific human being. Has spent his life in two spheres, “defense” and GMOs. Former CEO of GD Searle & Company, where he lead the legalization of cancer-causing, insanely-dangerous, fake-sugar-product aspartame. Then spearheaded Searle’s sale to slave-money-linked, Portuguese-Jew-founded, GMO juggernaut Monsanto. As Reagan’s Special Envoy to the ‘Middle East’, he coordinated with Saddam Hussein in the criminal, genocidal Imposed War on Iran. PNAC signatory. As Bush’s Secretary of Defense, he sat back and watched Rabbi Dov Zakheim pillage trillions from the Pentagon’s coffers 24 hours before 9/11. Then, he was idle as the aforesaid OSP wrecked the CIA, the DIA and other intelligence agencies to cook up the false WMD story in relation to Iraq. Why? Because despite all his crimes and the rivers of blood he’s still swimming in as we speak, like Cheney, he’s just a lackey. Rumsfeld was on the payroll of gargantuan war profiteer Cerberus Investments–owned by two of the most powerful Zionist Jews on the face of the planet, Stephen Feinberg and Michael Steinhardt, who both have direct financial ties to the shady, ‘Israeli’, Madoff-9/11-connected Bank Leumi.

10. Frank Gaffney – Arguably the most vociferous Shabbos Goy of the entire Islamophobia industry, which is fully–not in part but FULLY–Judaic-constructed, from whip to lash. PNAC signatory. Mentored by “Christian” Zionist Democratic Senator Henry M. Jackson and trained by ‘Israeli’ spy, “Clean Break” author and international war criminal Richard Perle aka the Prince of Darkness. Founded the Center for Security Policy (CSP), a notorious anti-Islam think tank, with funds from Islamophobia kingpins and queenpins Aubrey and Joyce Chernick, David Horowitz and his Freedom Center, and Sears, Roebuck & Company heiress Nina Rosenwald as well as her Gatestone Institute. Known associate of vile Yahoudlings Pamela Geller and David Yerushalmi, working with them to get anti-Muslim laws enshrined in the legal code. His sole purpose is to take angry Gentiles off the scent of ‘Israel’ and turn them into drones for what the Jews hope will be an endless “clash of civilizations” between the White Christian West and the Brown and Black Islamicate.

11. John Bolton – A self-hating Gentile if there ever was one. Give this Parasite a yarmulke already and make it official–he’s THAT Jewed-up. PNAC signatory. Regime change fanatic. Unabashed traitor who belongs in prison for overtly working with Meir Dagan, former chief of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s Mossad, to ensure Iraq would be invaded, Syria would be destabilized and Iran would be softened up to face the same fate, all in line with PNAC’s “New Pearl Harbor” agenda. Owned outright by Sheldon Adelson. Former senior fellow at Kovner-funded AEI. Board member of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), the Solarz-Perle-founded Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf, the CIA-infested Council for National Policy and Rosenwald’s Gatestone Institute.

Advocate of breaking off Taiwan from China, as per the policies pushed by fellow neocon Michael Goldfarb, Jewish owner of Orion Strategies LLC and the anti-Muslim Washington Free Beacon. Worked with former ‘Israeli’ UN Ambassador Danny Gilerman to even destabilize his own colleague, Condoleeza Rice. Such a committed servant of ‘Israel’ in fact that, according to Gillerman, he was willing to kill Americans as a means of advancing the interests of the Zio-Tumor. Alleged to have an ‘Israeli’ passport. Recipient of “Bar-Ilan University’s” Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies Guardian of Zion Award. Vocal and proud defender of the MEK; strives to see them liquidate Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) legacy and take over Iran. Now take all of that into account and shudder because this maniac is the National Security Advisor.

12. Ahmad Ajaj – Mossad’s man in the ’93 bombing of the WTC–a “dry run” for the real thing 8 years later. Trained in an ‘Israeli’ prison and used by the Zionist death squad as a PSYOP to plant the idea in the heads of unsuspecting Americans that Palestinians and terrorism went together like peanut butter and jelly. Pegged by the Zionist media as the author of the Al-Qaeda terrorist training manuals–does it get anymore ridiculous?–found (read: dropped) at the scene by the FBI. His Mossad connection was buried by Tridata Corporation–owned by 9/11 architect, ‘Israeli’ dual citizen and former Pentagon Comptroller Rabbi Dov Zakheim–which oversaw the clean-up post-bombing and gained even more inside knowledge about the Towers’ infrastructure in the process.

13. Ali al-Jarrah – A Lebanese traitor who spied for the Mossad for over 25 years, taking in over $300,000.00 in cold, hard cash alone. Holder of an ‘Israeli’ passport. His brother Yusuf was arrested with him for passing information to the Zionist occupiers too. Ali’s targets were various Palestinian Resistance groups that had a presence in Lebanon’s refugee camps as well as Hizbullah. It was information from Ali al-Jarrah that Mossad used to murder the architect of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s victories and asymmetrical warfare doctrine, Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.), as well as Syrian Arab Army General Muhammad Suleiman (R.A.), the warrior who oversaw all weapons transfers to the Mouqawamah in Palestine and Lebanon.

Ali’s first cousin, Ziad Samir Jarrah, was ALLEGEDLY one of the infamous hijackers involved with Flight 93. We write ALLEGEDLY because there is a great deal of murkiness surrounding his identity as there were two different Ziad Samir Jarrahs in the US at the time of the 9/11 attacks. Clearing up the smog and considering Ziad’s presence on the boat of Orthodox Jew, Zionist colonizer and super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s boat prior to 9/11, Mossad’s immediate proximity to ALL the alleged 9/11 hijackers in Florida, his family’s membership in Zionist-Saudi-aligned Al-Moustaqbal and his cousin Ali’s status as a top-ranking ‘Israeli’ asset, there only two plausible scenarios: Ziad was either the victim of an ‘Israeli’ framejob. Or… Ziad was an ‘Israeli’ asset too. One way or another, Ali’s at the heart of it. Either as the framer… Or the recruiter. Despicable all around.

In the spirit of fairness, we should note that whilst there were, unfortunately, so many traitors, there were two Gentiles who campaigned tirelessly to get to the truth about certain 9/11 events–work that led to them paying dearly. One… With his career. The other… With his life. The first was Special Agent Michael Dick, who was investigating the mysterious company Zim Integrated Shipping Services, the biggest cargo company in the usurping Zionist entity. The firm paid $50,000.00 to break its lease in the WTC exactly one week before the deadly attacks. Dick discovered that ZIM’s offices were being used by the ‘Israeli’ spy ring of Aman and Mossad ordnance specialists posing as “art students”. He also dug into Urban Moving Systems, the workplace of the “Five Dancing ‘Israelis'” owned by Mossadnik Dominick Otto Suter. As he got closer to the six-pointed-star-encrusted treasure chest, he was aggressively kicked off the case and transferred to a remote post in Pakistan before ultimately getting fired by Zionist “royal” and 9/11 central player Michael Chertoff.

The second was former FBI counterterrorism John O’Neil, a colleague of Michael Dick’s. O’Neil knew something smelled like Gefilte fish. Following the attack on the USS Cole, he began checking out angles unrelated to Al-Qaeda before he was blocked by Zionist Ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine and then thrown out of the country. She got the order to undermine O’Neil from her boss, genocidal Jewess Madeleine Albright, architect of Yugoslavia’s destruction and upholder of the sanctions regime against Iraq. O’Neil didn’t stop though and continued to work the case from New York.

A former CIA agent echoed O’Neil’s suspicions, saying O’Neil and his team were removed by Bodine because they were getting close to uncovering that the Cole wasn’t hit by by Al Qaeda, which didn’t have such operational capabilities, but rather an ‘Israeli’ cruise missile launched from a Zionist Dolphin-class submarine–the objective was part of Mossad’s global psychological warfare strategy to make Al-Qaeda seem near mythical in its power and misdirecting all attention from ‘Israeli’ stratagems. This brought O’Neil into direct conflict with the Bush regime itself, which ordered the FBI to can O’Neil. Frustrated, he went to the private sector for work and he was offered a job in the WTC by none other than Jerome Hauer of Kroll/Marsh/AIG fame. O’Neil’s first day at the office was 9/11. Not-so-accidentally, the Greenbergs, Hauer, the Krolls and Bremer didn’t make it in. It goes without saying that the fed-turned-truthseeker was set up and murdered by the Zionist 9/11 cabal.

Dick and O’Neil are the antithesis to all the scum mentioned before them. Patriots as opposed to traitors. Damned traitors, not only to their respective native lands but all of Earth. For 9/11 didn’t just metastasize into the begin-all, end-all reason for an unlimited war on Islam. It’s the begin-all, end-all pretext that the Empire can utilize to repress, torture, maim and kill anyone it deems a “terrorist” or an “enemy”. Going through all these bottom-feeders and their dastardly histories as well as their insidious connections, one can’t help but come to the following profound cerebration: With Gentiles like these, who in the f*** needs globe-holding, supremacist, Christ-abhorring, Muhammad-hating, terrorist, Halakhic-Talmudic, Zionist Jews? Seriously. Who needs ’em? We pray once more for the souls of all the victims of the 9/11 attacks–the innocents inside the Towers and the innocents outside the Towers, chiefly the First Responders; along with every martyr across the Islamicate murdered in the name of this false flag. Curses upon ‘Israel’. And curses upon its fifth columnists. May we one day live in a world where the phrase “Zio-traitor” is a painful, distant memory.

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