To Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid: I’m Sorry My Brother, But You Have Lost The Plot On Iran

by Jonathan Azaziah

Assalamou alaikoum wa rahmatullah wa barakatou dear Syed.

It pains me greatly and weighs on my heart heavily to write this but it was nevertheless necessary. And before I continue, a preamble is required.

I will forever be grateful and forever be proud of our collaborations. Both with our Lebanese Christian brother Mark Glenn on The Ugly Truth as well as the pieces I did that you utilized in the Brass Tacks Institute’s critical mission in countering anti-Pakistani propaganda produced by the hegemonic powers’ media–chiefly the article on NATO’s criminal massacre of dozens of Pakistani soldiers in the Salala Mountains, co-authored with my comrade Assad al-Liftawi, and the essay on the weaponization of sectarianism by Mossad and RAW to destabilize and balkanize Pakistan and by extension–ironically enough–the Islamic Republic of Iran. These works will stand the test of time when our children and grandchildren look back on how we resisted World Zionism and its junior partner, Hindutva. I wouldn’t change it for anything. And regardless of how this plays out, I consider you a brother, a friend and a teacher.

But certain things transcend brotherhood, friendship and the sacred bond between student and professor. One such thing is the Islamic Revolution–an achievement and source of power not just for Iranians. Not just for Shi’a. But for all peoples and all Muslims. Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr (R.A.), Iraq’s greatest scholar in contemporary history who was martyred brutally with his sister Sayyeda Amina (R.A.) by the satanic, tyrannical forces of the US-backed dictator Saddam al-Tikriti, instructed us accordingly, “Immerse yourselves in Imam Khomeini (R.A.) the way Imam Khomeini (R.A.) immersed himself in Islam.” Those who have done just that have transcended the realms of normality and into the halls of infinity–Lebanon’s Hizbullah, Palestine’s Islamic Jihad and Yemen’s Ansarullah most prominently. Thus, anyone who hurts the Islamic Revolution, directly or indirectly, with good intentions or bad intentions, has aligned themselves with the enemies of Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.), Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), the righteous Sahaba (R.A.) and those who carry the torches for them today–none burning brighter than the ones held by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

As far back as I know you, the defense of Iran was an imperative of yours. Never did you buy into Zionist-Saudi-American lies about Tehran and more importantly, never, EVER did you buy into anti-Shi’a sectarianism or the neocons’ “clash of civilizations” narrative about “untrustworthy Persians”. Never. You have always been a champion of Islamic unity and a rejector of anything that divides the Ummah on ethno-sectarian lines. Which makes this debacle all the more perplexing.

I have been receiving messages and social media comments for about three years now regarding what can be at best described as completely suspect comments on your part about the Islamic Revolution specifically and Shi’a generally. It has hurt me to see this. And admittedly, angered me as well. Logic must prevail though and one can’t help but notice that this radical and hasbaranik turn began after you were detained by the miserable, hideous House of Saud during Umrah, sentenced to lashes and tortured because of your principled stance in opposition to the US-Zionist-Saudi war on Yemen.

When you were finally released, after months of silence while you recuperated, you were… Different. Adversarial towards Iran. Posting with what could really be labeled as venom against Shi’a Muslims. More ultra-nationalist than Islamic-nationalist. I have been quiet about this shift until now, chalking up your strange and wrong offerings to you falling down a rabbit hole of misinformation. But you are a brilliant man–too brilliant for such faltering. I don’t know what the Saudi despots did to you or threatened you with. May ALLAH (SWT) protect you from their schemes and hasten their demise. What I do know however is that after your latest remarks, on a day when 27 moujahideen from the IRGC were murdered by an ‘Israeli’-run terrorist group, I can be quiet no longer. I’m sorry to say akhi Zaid, but on Iran, you have completely lost the plot.

On February 13th, at 10:11 am, you tweeted, “Iran is an interesting study…truth makes Iranians very angry…. Fact is that its 40th anniversary of the Revolution & still US has NEVER attacked Iran, while it has decimated entire ME, mostly Sunni regions. Iran is the necessary “evil” Israel need to decimate Arab lands…” This is categorically false on all fronts and we are going to take it to task.

1) Stating that “truth makes Iranians very angry” is an anti-intellectual generalization of a nation comprised of 80 million people inside its borders and millions more outside it–an anti-intellectual generalization that is entirely unbecoming of an analyst of your intellect. And considering that Iran is the only state in the world that holds conferences on the fraudulence of the “Holocaust”, the lies of 9/11 and the evil of Hollywood every single year, it can be deducted with rather large ease that Iranians are more committed to truth in its purest form, regardless of the threats of World Arrogance, than perhaps any other nation on the face of the Earth.

2) It’s almost laughable to read that the “US has NEVER attacked Iran”. Your book “From Indus To Oxus” is a pivotal one and it would be accurate to describe you as one of the foremost military historians on the entire Subcontinent. You should know better than to present such easily disprovable fallacies as “facts”. The American regime backed Saddam Hussein’s war against the Islamic Revolution from day one of what the Empire calls the Iran-Iraq War but what should be called the Imposed War–as it was a conflict imposed on Tehran by Washington, ‘Israel’, Saudi Arabia and the Soviet Union to bury the triumph of Imam Khomeini (R.A.)

The American regime provided Al-Tikriti with arms, ammunition, military intelligence, logistics, vehicles, billions of dollars in credits, strategic operational advice, cluster bombs and anti-armor penetrators (which were secured by the CIA), high technology and various other military components. The ‘Israeli’ regime and the Egyptian collaborationist tyrant Mubarak also assisted in this effort under a US-led operation called “Bear Spares”. That makes EVERY Iraqi assault against Iran during the war American at its root. Indeed, just like every Saudi attack in Yemen today is an American attack because it is America arming, protecting and directing the Saudis, every “Iraqi” attack on Iran was an American attack because it was America arming, protecting and directing Saddam’s thugs. All of this emerged mind you in a secret National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) of the Reagan administration written largely by National Security Council (NSC) official Howard Teicher, so it can’t be dismissed as “Khomeiniist propaganda”.

The US regime also approved 70 shipments of anthrax and other disease-causing pathogens to Iraqi scientists from 1985 to 1989. These pathogens would be converted into chemical weapons, used extensively on Iranian forces. Two Zionist Jews, 1958 Nobel Prize winner Joshua Lederberg, an American Type Culture Collection director, and the Deputy Defense Secretary then later CIA Director John M. Deutch, covered up the dangers, abuses and spread of illnesses from Saddam’s chemical weapons usage.

Just to drive the point home even further though, let’s continue our walk down memory lane, shall we? In addition to the American regime running Saddam’s war, it ABSOLUTELY DID TARGET IRAN DIRECTLY on no less than 8 occasions during the Imposed War. On June 5th, 1984, with the wounds of the Battle of the Marshes still bleeding, two Iranian Air Force F-4 Phantoms were running a training mission over Farsi Island when a United States Air Force E-3 Sentry, flanked by two F-15 Eagles from Saudi Arabia – a central backer of Saddam in the Imposed War – aggressively shot down both Iranian jets. Multiple KC-10 aerial tankers provided additional backup. The Washington ZOG’s narrative is that the Iranian aircraft violated the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia’s Arabi Island but this was an out-and-out lie. Operation Eager Glacier, which ran from ’87 to ’88, was a joint CIA/DIA operation to spy on Iranian aircraft and sabotage them as well. Operation Earnest Will, the first tactical directive of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) that involved Navy SEALs, Special Boat Units and the so-called “Nightstalkers” unit, ran from July 24th, 1987 to September 26th, 1988. These US invaders targeted the Iranian Navy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Iranian Air Force, under the pretext of “protecting Kuwaiti oil tankers”.

Operation Prime Chance ran from August ’87 to June ’89, about a year after the Imposed War, and this American aggression saw the US ZOG setting up Mobile Sea Bases in Iranian waters. The most vicious attack was on September 21st, 1987 when the Iran Ajr was attacked by the SEALs and at least five Iranians were martyred and another 26 were wounded. Operation Nimble Archer was the October 19th, 1987 US Navy attack that saw American bombs being dropped on two Iranian oil platforms. Operation Praying Mantis, launched by the Great Satan on April 18th, 1988, was a ruthless onslaught against the Islamic Republic. Over 100 Iranians were martyred and over 100 more were wounded, many severely, as Washington sunk or massively damaged half of Iran’s operational fleet.

Then there is what Washington calls the “USS Stark incident”, when it should be called Operation USS Stark, as it was a staged event which involved one of Saddam’s Dassault Falcon 50s deliberately hitting a US vessel and killing 37 American occupation sailors. The war criminal Reagan called Iran a “villain” after the affair and used it to keep on hitting Iranian naval vessels in the Persian Gulf. And lest we forget the most gruesome and sanguinary American attack on Iran of all, the US Vincennes downing of Iran Air Flight 655, which left 290 civilians martyred, including 66 children. William C. Rogers III, the captain of the USS Vincennes and a known “Christian” Zionist warmonger, was given the Legion of Merit for his “service” in the US Navy after the act of mass slaughter. That DIRECT enough for you?

Economic sanctions are a form of warfare, are they not? Well, since the Imposed War, US-led sanctions on Iran have robbed the Iranian people of hundreds of billions of dollars–and this needs no hyperlinks, it’s a well-known fact as World Arrogance brags about it–and if it wasn’t for Imam Khamenei’s “Economy of Resistance” model, they would’ve been robbed for hundreds of billions more. This sanctions regime has led to Iranians starving, being deprived of medicine and unrest getting triggered that serves as a plot against the Islamic Revolution. Does this not constitute the US attacking Iran?

Have you forgotten about Stuxnet? The US-‘Israeli’-created super-virus that launched the planet into an age of cyber world wars? It was birthed with one target in mind: Iran. And it was used on the Islamic Republic’s Natanz nuclear facility, infiltrating and subsequently sabotaging its centrifuges. Stuxnet was (and is) a “cyber bomb”. Definitely sounds like an ATTACK to me.

You’re also an expert on 4th Generation Warfare and no doubt you would consider, say, the TTP’s attacks on Pakistan Army and Pakistani civilians as American-Indian-‘Israeli’ attacks because it is Langley, “Herzliya” and New Delhi providing the TTP with its arms, training and stratagems, correct? Then how is it that this same logic is not applied to groups like the MEK, Jundallah and its reincarnation Jaysh al-Zolm, PJAK and others which are waging OPEN war on the Islamic Republic with the OPEN help of the US-‘Israeli’ Imperium and its proxies? How? The question is rhetorical as OF COURSE IT ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE and this is the final nail in the coffin of your woefully untrue assertion.

3) America has not decimated “mostly Sunni” regions across the Arab-Islamic world and this sort of sectarian language is what we find in the corporate press of the West–a corporate press controlled by Organized Jewry–it shouldn’t be coming from a person with your track record of exposing Zio-Imperialist schemes. Yemen is 40% Shi’a at least, perhaps as much as 50%. Iraq is 60% Shi’a at least, perhaps as much as 70%. Lebanon is about 1/3 Shi’a, perhaps as much as 2/5. Bahrain is nearly 80% Shi’a. And while Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan are all majority Sunni states, they also all have huge Shi’a populations. Besides, religious demographics are irrelevant as the US, ‘Israel’ and their Takfiri proxies kill us all the same, irrespective of who we believe is the rightful successor to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) Your implication is that America is killing Sunnis while leaving Shi’a alone, or even more despicably, “boosting” Shi’a, and not only is that a legerdemain of the worst kind, it gives credence to partition plans like the Oded Yinon document and sets the stage for more blood-letting across our region. It’s irresponsible at best and collusionist at worst.

4) ‘Israel’ is an aggressive, expansionist, neo-imperialist, rabbinical entity that views all of the land between Egypt’s Nile and Iraq’s Euphrates as its “Yahweh-given” birthright, it doesn’t need any “necessary evil” to engage in real estate theft, criminal aggressions, ethnic cleansing, weapons testing and genocide. The Nakba, which saw 800,000 Palestinians driven from their lands, 531 Palestinian villages destroyed and several Lebanese areas like Salha and Houla massacred, happened before there was an Islamic Republic of Iran. The Naksa, which saw the rest of Al-Quds, the West Bank, Gaza, Tiran, Sanafir, Syria’s Golan Heights and Egypt’s Sinai hijacked, happened before there was an Islamic Republic of Iran. The murderous ’78 invasion of Lebanon happened before there was an Islamic Republic of Iran. And any land grabs that went down post-toppling of the Shah, whether it was the annexation of the Golan in December ’81, the immediate aftermath of the First Intifada, the Oslo abomination, etc., occurred under the auspices of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s Jewish supremacist colonization project, not because of Iran. Suggesting that the Islamic Revolution is the reason why ‘Israel’ does what it does, and without it, ‘Israel’ would be dovish and brought to heel, is as asinine as it is erroneous.

Then, also on February 13th, at 10:12 am, you tweeted, “Iran poses NO military threat to Israel or to US. It is only used to scare the Arabs into Israeli camp & to ignite sectarian wars within the Muslim lands. With KSA already in Israeli pocket, keeping Iran as a bogey suits the Israelis to keep Arabs in line. Iran should know this.” Forgive the lack of a more eloquent phrasing my brother, but this is another pile of trash.

1) Referring back to the aforementioned Teicher document, page 4 reveals that in 1984, the usurping Zionist entity determined that the Islamic Republic of Iran was a greater threat than Iraq TO THE EXISTENCE of ‘Israel’ due to the IRGC backing liberationist forces in Lebanon. This also led to the ‘Israeli’ terrorist Yitzhak Shamir working with war criminal Donald Rumsfeld on reaching out to the Iraqis directly. While rejected on the surface by Saddam, behind closed doors, it was accepted. Verily, as elucidated on page 316 of the paperback edition of former Mossad katsa Victor Ostrovsky’s “The Other Side of Deception”, most of the targeting of Iranian cities with Iraq’s American-made missile arsenal during the Imposed War was done by none other than the ‘Israeli’ intelligence services, centrally Mossad. American satellites were used to assist in the matter. These two bombshells alone signify that Iran DOES IN FACT pose a MASSIVE military threat to ‘Israel’ and it is for these reasons that ‘Israel’ has adopted such measures as counterweights.

Now factor in that it was Iranian wealth, arms, training, advice, moral support and spiritual guidance that also led Hizbullah into triumphing over ‘Israel’ in 2000 and liberating Lebanon from a 22-year Zionist occupation, then beating the brakes off the Zio-Tumor in the 2006 July War and liberating Lebanon once more from ‘Israeli’-backed Takfiri occupation… And again you see that Iran’s military prowess doesn’t just THREATEN ‘Israel’ but THWARTS and DEFEATS ‘Israel’, thus confirming that your mischaracterization is more than unsound.

Additionally, ‘Israel’ has assassinated five Iranian nuclear scientists, Ardeshir Hosseinpour, Massoud Ali Mohammadi, Majid Shahriari, Darioush Rezaeinejad and Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, may ALLAH (SWT) be pleased with them all and grant them Jannah, as well as Brigadier General Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam (R.A.), the big brain of Iran’s missile program, and Colonel Mehdi Dehghan Yazdeli (R.A.), the chief of Iran’s drone program. ‘Israel’ also assassinated Syria’s Dr. Aziz Asber, who worked hand-in-glove with the IRGC in the name of Anti-Zionist Resistance. “Tel Aviv” fears the Islamic Republic’s military prowess so much that it has to sneakily and spinelessly move to take out key cogs in its Mouqawamist machinery and set back its security infrastructure as far as it possibly can. This is also why ‘Israel’ is constantly lobbying America and now its puppets in the Khaleej to wage war on Iran by proxy because simply put, it cannot handle the task by itself and an ‘Israeli’ incursion into the Iranian Swamp would be suicide.

2) Iran didn’t ignite a single sectarian war in Islamic lands. NOT ONE. That distinction belongs solely the American regime, ‘Israel’ and Saudi Arabia. The treacherous, traitorous Takfiri terrorists which have been wreaking havoc on our region since 2011 were created and sustained lock, stock and smoking barrel by those previously noted powers. Wahhabi delusions and hasbara aside, no comparable “Shi’a terrorist force”, formed with Iranian backing, exists. It was Shi’a Iran, Shi’a Hizbullah of Lebanon, the predominantly Sunni Syrian Arab Army, the predominantly Sunni [Palestinian-Syrian] Liwa al-Quds, the predominantly Sunni [Palestinian-Syrian] PFLP-GC, the Shi’a Iraqi Islamic Resistance, the Shi’a Zaynabyoun of Pakistan, the Shi’a Fatemiyoun of Afghanistan and Orthodox Christian Russia that defeated this scourge. A multi-ethnic, multi-communal alliance, with Iran at the heart of it, pushing back and overcoming terrorism. Suggesting anything to the contrary isn’t just an aberration of history and reality, it’s a disgusting write-off of all the sacrifices Iran has made in trying to keep our region unified in the face of the most barbaric imperialists in history.

3) ‘Israel’ doesn’t “keeps Arabs in line” with the threat of Iran. It “keeps Arabs in line” with brutal dictatorships that suppress their populations and normalize with its illegitimate occupation. Oman has normalized. The Bahraini regime has normalized too. The UAE has normalized. The ever-vile House of Saud has normalized. There is also Morocco which has normalized. And it goes on. ‘Israel’ also has no intention of “keeping Iran as a bogey”, its intention is to overthrow its Revolution and replace it with the likes of the MEK or a Shah-like figure. Hence why it is trying to destroy it at every turn, with the most recent example, on top of the ongoing 4th Generation Warfare, being its American ZOG spending some $3 million at the end 0f 2017 on renewed regime change operations.

The thing about losing the plot is that at least it can be found again, alhamdulillah. And with all the facts presented herein, you cannot in good conscience continue disseminating such falsehoods about the Islamic Republic of Iran and its resistance against the Anglo-Zionist Imperium. I pray that you recognize this truth and I also pray that you return to your former self. We need your voice against Hindutva, Zionism and Imperialism. We need your voice against corruption in Pakistan. We need your voice, PERIOD. What we don’t need is a powerful personality like you falling for Zioganda about the Castle That Khomeini (R.A.) Built and regurgitating it unchallenged. The whole of the Muslim world is better off because of the Islamic Revolution and if it hadn’t come to be, the world we’d be living in would be akin to a Judaic dystopia with ‘Israel’ seeing its “Eretz Yisrael” project expanding in prosperity. That’s another indisputable truth that I hope so very much that you see. And if not, God forbid, well then my brother… With Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini’s (R.A.) example burning in my soul, this won’t be the last time you will be hearing from me on the matter.

May ALLAH (SWT) guide you back to the Haqq. Sincerest du’a and many salaams.

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  1. Dear Jonathan,

    With Zaid Hamid’s unfortunate descent into this nonsense, I feel that someone needs to appraise you about the current state of Pakistan and how things are going here. Also I need to talk to you about the IRGC-martyring blast of 13 February 2019.

    If you could spare time and contact me on my email (or any platform) that’d be great. I’m heavily invested in ZOG awareness-spreading in Pakistan, and I’ve also kinda gotten a personal portfolio running with some freelancing these days.

    I think we could discuss a strategy moving forward.

    Yours sincerely,

    Agha Hussain

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