This May Hurt Your Feelings France, But Hell No, I Am Not Going To Pray For Nice

by Jonathan Azaziah

Here we go again. Zionist media rolls out a narrative and like clockwork, the lemmings sickeningly and predictably start their French-flag-waving and “Pray For Nice” social media campaigns. Well. I’m not going to do that nor am I going to declare one scintilla of solidarity with France. In fact… FUCK FRANCE. To hell with the colonialist, terrorist, Zionist, genocidal French regime. Straight down to the fire! This is the same gang of arrogant, Rothschild-financed psychopaths that colonized Algeria for 132 years and slaughtered millions. This is the same gang of lunatics that unleashed the most monstrous atrocities against the people of Vietnam (then known as Indochina) for 67 years of colonial occupation; the shelling of Haiphong alone comes to mind off the cuff, in which the French left over 6,000 Vietnamese murdered. This is the same gang of sanguinary maniacs that went on a murdering and raping spree in Madagascar for 61 years, leaving 100,000 innocents dead in the carnage. This is the same gang of Judeophiles that helped ‘Israel’ build its illegal nuclear weapons program and backs the Zionist tumor to the hilt up until this moment. This is the same gang of criminal hypocrites that annihilated Libya, looted Mali’s gold, supported (and continues to support) death squads in Syria and gives droves upon droves of weapons to Saudi Arabia, the grandsire of Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorism, to crush unarmed Bahrainis and mutilate Yemenis from land, air and sea.

And the indigenous White French, in near unanimity, not to mention MORE THAN A FEW House Muslims/Arabs/Browns/Blacks, supported (and continue to support) all of it. But now, after all these crimes, after all this colonialism and ongoing neo-colonialism, after all the services provided to ‘Israel’, I’m supposed to cry over a bunch dead Frogs? What the fuck do I look like, an anaconda whose secondary food supply just dried up? Get the fuck outta here. And here’s the obligatory disclaimer: I CONDEMN ALL BAD THINGS DONE BY ALL BAD PEOPLE AT ALL TIMES ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FOREVER AND ALWAYS AND AFTER THAT PLUS CHERRIES ON TOP. You happy now? Is my humanity officially validated because I made it clear that murdering innocent Europeans is wrong? ‘Cause, you know, y’all weren’t cognizant of that shit already. You need the Moozu-Booza-lum-lum-lums to actually say out loud that killing is, under whatever circumstances, bad, for you to truly know that we’re not all savage, bloodthirsty, deranged dune-devils and desert-demons, right? Again I say, get the flying fuck outta here.

While we’re at it, any Muslim, and I mean ANY Muslim, going out of his or her way to condemn something that has nothing to do with us–as Takfirism, if that’s what the Nice attack is a product of, is a Western-Zionist invention, not an extension of Islam–when the French didn’t utter a word, or stage a protest, or shed a tear, or express solidarity, or condemn their regime for complicity in the terrorism that has made Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Somalia bleed in recent weeks, you’re as much of a problem as the Imperialists in Paris themselves. For you have internalized the Orientalist “be a good Native” pathology they’ve aggressively pushed for us to accept since 9/11 and adopted the identity of a “Goy”, that is, a cattle, in every sense of the word, just like the Jewish Power Configuration wanted you to. The oppressors’ propaganda only works when you fail to resist it and fail harder to stick to your principles which are supposed to safeguard you from spiritually harmful narratives and lifestyles. We should STAY with the rejection of whatever the monsters and their media outlets are telling us to think, do and/or say because they STAY lying through their teeth.

Besides, what took place in Nice bears all the hallmarks of a Mossad/DGSE false flag, regardless of whether Daesh or another like-similar Wahhabi terror group were the trigger-men. The ‘Israeli’ one-woman-Islamophobia-machine Rita Katz has already flooded the web and MSM with “reports” about ISIS celebrating the attacks; the damage is already done. And while the trollish Hollande has already declared that France will ramp up operations in Iraq and Syria in “revenge”, the fact of the matter is, this is routine for any one of these events. Civilians weren’t terrorized and killed in Nice as a pretext to justify more intervention against Damascus and Baghdad, they were killed because there has been a hateful Jewish serial war on Islam since Mossad knocked down the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001. And the only way to keep that war going, to keep the conflict between White Westerners and the peoples of the Arab-Islamic world flowing in a “clash of civilizations”, to keep the march towards Netanyahu’s “100-year battle with militant Islam” on track, is for attacks like this to occur with regularity. All geopolitical analysis that leaves out this critical point misses the mark miserably.

So while it is tragic that more than 80 innocents have lost their lives, at the end of damn day, I actually give more fucks about ants that I may potentially step on than I do about the ultra-bigoted French. I look at France and see it working day and night to silence Dieudonne, the only person in the whole country with the courage to stand up to the Jewish “elites”. Imagine, a nation whose motto is “liberty, equality, fraternity” is scared of a man who can make peoples of all backgrounds laugh their asses off. I look at France and I see a system centered around a Prison-Industrial-Complex that disproportionately targets young Brown and Black men, who are almost always Muslim, and keeps them in abject poverty.

I look at France and see nightmarish visions of the Samson Option coming to fruition because French leaders thought it was a good idea to help Halakhic-Talmudic fanatics build nukes. I look at France and see Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, one of Lebanon’s staunchest revolutionaries, rotting in a hellhole where he has been for 29 years for a crime he didn’t commit. I look at France and see nothing but death and destruction across the entire Global South. And now, that very same death and destruction has struck Nice. False flag, “blowback” or otherwise, Malcolm X (R.A.) had a hell of a saying for instances like this: The chickens have come home to roost. Wake up and smell the evil of your regime and the “chosenites” pulling its strings French people, or the roosting has only just begun. #PrayForNiceMyFoot #IAintCharlie #ToHellWithFrance #RIPToTheMartyrsOfFrenchColonialism

3 thoughts on “This May Hurt Your Feelings France, But Hell No, I Am Not Going To Pray For Nice”

  1. I understand your frustration. I think most people in European countries are probably good people overall but just very dumb and ignorant. I live in the United States which is the most evil empire in the world but the average person is totally unaware or completely brainwashed by jewish media narratives to understand just how evil their government is. The political and media climate is very schizophrenic. On one hand we are told constantly that racism is bad and that we shouldn’t hate people for their race or religion or nationality but at the same time the media creates a narrative about different countries especially in the Middle East that dehumanizes them and justifies imperialism and intervention. Most Americans were told for instance that the war in Iraq was about freedom and democracy, which is a total lie, but the dummies bought into it without much thought and continue to do so. Always the wars are wrapped in fake humanitarianism by the zionists controlled media and government.

    When the refugee crises occurred I saw many Europeans who wanted to take them in and help. That’s fine and all but that is only one part of it. They also need to stop their governments from being involved in these wars so they don’t create so many refugees. It makes no sense to blow up someone’s home and then invite them into yours. The Pope has spoken about helping refugees but he has never talked about stopping the Zionists war machine and western imperialism which is creating the refugees.

  2. I understand that the white truck could not possibly have mown down anyone, since there was not a drop of blood on it. I also heard that the person who, supposedly, drove the truck, was somewhere else at the time, and that, when he heard his name on the news bulletins, he called the cops to plead his innocence. Then there are, apparently, reports that the attacks in Nice, and Munich, were filmed by the same zionist. Probably there to “document the event”. Lastly, there are reports that the cops in Nice ordered that all films from the CCTV cameras be destroyed. So many useful idiots are under the control of demons..

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