Third Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

The march to “Eternally Husseini” continues! Only 54 days away now!

In the wake of Iraqi Islamic Resistance group Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba (HHN) forming the Golan Liberation Brigade, a very dear Iraqi-Syrian brother of mine said to me just the other day that never before has he been as proud to be Iraqi as he is right now. And I couldn’t agree more. That our dauntless moujahideen–who are already in the midst of fighting the merciless Takfiri enemy not only on our own soil but also across the western Iraqi border on multiple fronts in the Syrian Arab Republic–would make the strategic decision to put their best and brightest on the front lines of another arena in direct confrontation with the ‘Israeli’ enemy is a testament to their heroism, their Anti-Zionist vision, their love of martyrdom, their deep-rooted commitment to the path of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and their passion for the Palestinian cause. Leading HHN’s brave fighters of course is the one and only Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi. Rendered gorgeously and perfectly here by Mohammad Hamza aka Dr. Ever-Brill (founder of Intifada Street and my beloved brother), Harakat al-Nujaba’s fiery and exceptional chief is a moujahid paralleled by very, VERY few in the Ummah today. A son of Iraq’s fiercely Husseini and poverty-stricken Shi’a south, he began his revolutionary career as a student of Al-Shahid Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr. He was a rising star at the Hawza of Najaf al-Ashrad and completed his studies with the highest honors. Despite all his accolades however, he has always remained a humble servant beholden to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.)

The despicable and collaborationist regime of Saddam Hussein would lock him up and torture him on numerous occasions out of abyssal fear of his oratory talents, stances of anti-tyranny and Anti-Imperialism, and stature among southern Iraq’s shabab. When the Americans invaded, he was one of the first persons to call all Iraqis, not merely Shi’a, to take up arms against the Anglo-Zionist occupation. His Resistance activities landed him back in a cell, this time in prisons controlled by the US aggressors, who, like their puppet Saddam, would torture the Sheikh, hoping to break him into giving up his comrades. Al-Kaabi never cracked however and would escape his confinement, join the Mahdi Army and commandeer the liberation of Najaf in the second battle for the holy city. Later on, he would co-found and lead Asa’ib Ahlul Haqq and partake in fights against the Zio-Imperialists all over Iraq. The US-‘Israeli’-Saudi formation of Daesh and the 4th Generation Warfare against the Syrian Arab Republic prompted the Sheikh to form Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba and thus become a major player in the thwarting of Empire Judaica’s designs on our region. None other than legendary Hizbullah architect Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.) personally trained Al-Kaabi in military affairs and none other than equally legendary Hizbullah Commander Muhammad “Abou Issa” Issa (R.A.)–one of the martyrs murdered by ‘Israel’ in Quneitra in January ’15–advised HHN and guided its fighters to victory in the Baghdad Belt. Let it be known that the Hajj Imad Mughniyeh School of Fighting is prosperous and glorious in the land of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) martyrdom and Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi is its greatest teacher! Lest we forget that IRGC Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani loves the Sheikh like a son and has also been intimately involved in making HHN the formidable liberationist force that it is.

Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) legacy is in safe and capable hands with Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi. This is what drove me to shout the firebrand Mouqawamist hero out on “Ornaments Adorning Us”, an ode to the martyrs of Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Syria who gave their lives in the struggle against Zionism and Takfirism. And please allow me to say, if we were raised on the blessed sands of Karbala instead of in Western ZOG capitals (New York City and London) where we utilize the artistic gifts ALLAH (SWT) gave us to liberate our people from mental slavery and support our homelands, I have no doubt that we’d be soldiers of the Sheikh and what an honor it would be to do battle for and with him. Striking Star Salute ya habibi Akram. May you live long and resist in the name of Aba Abdallah (A.S.) and we will do the same. #EternallyHusseiniComingSoon #HipHopHizbullah #MaddCold #HusseiniDayMay25th #LabaykahYaAkram #LongLiveIraq #LongLiveHarakatAlNujaba

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