There Is No Ramadan Without The Defense Of Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Striking Star Salute and Ramadan Karim to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters embarking on this arduous but effervescently spiritually-rewarding Holy Month of self-sacrifice. As those of us who are able struggle through the difficulties of refraining from food and drink, I want you to keep the following Hadith in mind from our Noble Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.): “He who does not concern himself with the affairs of my Ummah is not of my Ummah.” In this age of Dajjal, when the enemies of Islam and humanity are at their peak in their arrogance, destructive capacity and shaytanic scheming, these words ring infinitely truer. So while we should all indeed be reading Qur’an, increasing the Iman, making Salat on time, getting to Jummah, paying the Zakat and doing our Sawm, if that’s all we’re doing, it’s rather hollow, ain’t it?! Damn near Talmudic, ain’t it?! This ain’t Pharisaic Judaism! This is Islam! Islam ain’t hollow! Islam ain’t ritualistic! Islam is a living, breathing, fighting religion of justice before it’s anything else!

And in this Muhammadi-Husseini spirit, it is equally important IF NOT MORE SO for us to be standing up and raising our voices to the highest glass-shattering decibels for the Moustazafeen, particularly those Moustazafeen of occupied Palestine living through the Zionist nightmare daily; those Moustazafeen of Syria and Iraq fighting through Takfiri terrorism every moment they breathe; and those Moustazafeen of Yemen whose steadfastness remains boundless as they continue their historical resistance against Dönmeh Al-Saud’s aggression night in and night out. The struggles of the oppressed and the Mouqawamist operations of Ansarullah, Hizbullah, the Syrian Arab Army, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and the Palestinian youth don’t stop during Ramadan and thus, our solidarity and efforts to bring their triumphs to a wider audience shouldn’t either.

Ayatollah Sayyed Fadlallah (R.A.) once said, “There is a bulwark in the face of ‘Israel’, which frightens ‘Israel’, and shakes ‘Israel’, and that is Islam. We are stronger than any day previously and are only getting stronger because we are with Islam. The political dimension of Islam is the conflict with ‘Israel’ and nothing but. There is no Islam and there is no Islamic political movement which is outside of the conflict with the Zionist cancer.” Love that boldness. Got it?! Because of the Zionist-Imperialist-Wahhabi era of hegemony we’re in, there is no Islam outside of the conflict with the leading head of the beast, i.e. ‘Israel’. So #DeenUp as my brother Rafiqi Green likes to say! Ignore the rumbles of your stomachs and the dryness of your throats and scream for the suffering, downtrodden and resistant wherever they may be with all you got! Ramadan Mubarak y’all, let the light of the Moustazafeen make you stronger, brighter and guide you to Eid al-Fitr as fiercer, more patient and more faithful humans.

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