The Yugoslavia War, Now 20 Years Old, Was A Product Of Jewish Warmonger Madeleine Albright’s Hate and Quest For Revenge

by Jonathan Azaziah

It’s been 20 years to the day since the merciless NATO bombing of Yugoslavia began under the “humanitarian intervention” pretext that would go on to serve as the foundation of the Orwellian liberal-imperialist doctrine known as “Responsibility to Protect (R2P)”. This 78-day criminal war led to the final breakup of Yugoslavia after nearly a decade of CIA-Mossad-Gladio 4th Generation Warfare, in which arms flowed to every side looking for a piece of the pie, and paved the way for the “Bulldozer Revolution” which would oust
Slobodan Milošević. That regime change operation was bankrolled by Zionist Jew George Soros, who would later arrogantly admit this fact, and Junk Bond Billionaire Zionist Jew Peter Ackerman. It also served as the blueprint for all like-similar destabilizations that would utilize Takfiri terrorists as shock troops while Western ZOGs provide the air power–Libya and Syria should come to mind. A bloodbath of historic proportions that ripped apart an ancient society. And there is one individual at the beating heart of it; a satanic succubus with a savage bloodlust. Indeed, the architect of Yugoslavia’s torment has a name: Madeleine Albright, who pursued and produced this conflict out of sheer, raging hatred for Serbians.

To this very effect, war criminal, cocaine dealer and Patron “Saint” of All Things Degenerate, ZOG Figurehead 42 Bill Clinton said to her, “Thank you for being able to redeem the lessons of your life story by standing up for the freedom of the people in the Balkans.” Six years before that, war criminal and deplorable liar Colin Powell said, “I thought I was going to have an aneurysm” after this ungodly woman malevolently pondered aloud to him, “What’s the point of having this superb military that you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?” Fast forward five years into the future and in a room full of European foreign ministers, she ominously warned them as a means of bullying them into acquiescence, “History is watching us.” Skip ahead to the weeks following March 24th, 1999, with NATO’s bombs falling around Serbian men, women and children and Belgrade engulfed in flames, and she remained as malicious as ever, declaring, “Now, our diplomacy serves to back up our military.”

All of this and more can be read in the Time Magazine piece, “Madeleine’s War”, written by Jewish-Zionist establishment-mouthpiece, Rockefeller Foundation stalwart and Aspen Institute CEO Walter Isaacson. The piece was immediately reprinted by CNN to reach a wider audience. In other words… Even the Zionist media makes it known that Maddie the Murderess is the Queenpin of Yugoslavia’s destruction and dismemberment. There’s a critical tidbit on the 4th page of Isaacson’s article that solidifies our hypothesis about her true motivations. He writes that she had gone to “develop an aggressive moralism and idealism, pledging [Holofraud slogan] ‘never again’ to let the world turn a blind eye to atrocities.” He then shockingly reveals, “she urged intervention in Kosovo without worrying too much about either the geostrategic ramifications or about game planning all the contingencies.”

She didn’t care because this wasn’t about the American ZOG’s positioning on the global chessboard. The Yugoslavia intervention was primarily centered on Albright attaining revenge for her relatives that ALLEGEDLY died ALLEGEDLY at Serbian hands in the “Holocaust”; around her deep-rooted hatred for the Orthodox Christian Serbians. Like Iraq War masterminds and anti-Gentile genocide enthusiasts Wolfowitz and Perle, “Holocaust consciousness” is the essence of Albright’s political ideology, not to mention global ambition. As we wrote in a Mask of Zion piece almost seven years ago, “Jewish supremacist warmongers like Wolfowitz, Perle and the rest of their neoconservative tribal brethren are planning and ordering wars that are based on lies in the memory of the biggest historical lie of our time.” Is this not Albright to the very letter? She even declared just how she feels about the Serbian people to a group of antiwar activists who called her out for her participation in the Yugoslavia/Kosovo atrocities back in October 2012, screaming, “Disgusting Serbs! Get out!”

This open bigotry is what allowed Albright to barely bat an eyelash – while she undoubtedly cackled in Goy-hating glee in private – as NATO bombed passenger trains, humanitarian aid convoys, Serbian TV stations and bookstores. Cluster bombs and depleted uranium were unleashed on Yugoslav children and the major pharmaceutical and chemical production plants of the country were eviscerated, including Galenika, the largest medicine factory in the entire state. Towns and villages were razed to the ground. By May 15th, 1999, 115 medical institutions were damaged or totally converted to ruins. Serbian cities like Novi Sad and Nish were suffering from air pollution and cut water supplies because of NATO’s air raids. Belgrade, the capital, saw 400,000 of its citizens flee to escape the barbaric bombardment. As for the view from the ground, Kosovo “Liberation” Army (KLA) terrorists, linked intimately to organized crime, were committing bloody murder with assistance from American, British and Canadian special forces. The “Racak Massacre” was a fake. The Rambouillet “peace initiative” was a scam, initiated by… Who else?! Albright!

And the cherry on top? A decade and change after Yugoslavia died and Kosovo was birthed as a drug-ridden NATO occupation vassal headed by KLA gangsters, Maddie the “Mitzvah”-Maker’s Albright Capital Management swooped in to get a chunk of the $753 million dollar deal for Kosovo’s post and telecom company PTK.

Now do recall that this is the same psychopathic Judaic witch who declared live on television on May 12th, 1996 that she thought the sanctions on Iraq, which at that moment had sent more than 500,000 Iraqi children to their deaths in cruel, starving fashion, were “worth it”. Those very sanctions would go on to murder 2 million Iraqis, including 700,000 children. We’ll repeat: 2… MILLION… Iraqis… Including… SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND CHILDREN. 1.5 million more kids were made orphans. Iraq’s drinking water infrastructure, sewage system and electrical power were destroyed; its national healthcare and education infrastructures were shattered, as we were its textile, transportation, telecom, light and pharmaceutical sectors along with the whole social fabric of the country. “Worth it”, she said. “Worth it”. Monster, we say. Monster and nothing but.

We should not see Albright’s criminal role in Iraq’s nightmare and her domineering place in Yugoslavia’s horror as separate events. What links the Iraqi people to Yugoslavs, Baghdad to Belgrade, the Islamicate to Orthodox Christendom, is the enemy that fanatically seeks to exterminate us both; an enemy that hates Jesus Christ (A.S.) and hates us even more for loving him as well as his Virgin Mother Maryam (A.S.) and following him as our Messiah. Too often, we see Iraqis (and other Arabs/Muslims) attacking “White Christians” and Serbian nationalists (and other Eastern Europeans) railing against “Islamic terrorists”, when each of these labels are MASKS OF ZION worn by our enemy to keep us divided.

There is no more dastardly example than Madeleine Albright, a devil in a pants-suit who dares speak of “democracy” and “human rights” in every breath, like she’s a maven, like all the havoc she’s wreaked from the Balkans to the Cradle of Civilization never happened. She fronts as if she represents “The West”, but lucidly, her real allegiance is to Judea, Inc. and its quest for “Full Spectrum Dominance” through “Eretz Yisrael”. Czech Jewess Albright, born Marie Jana Korbelová, famously said that there’s a “special place in hell for women” who don’t support Hillary Clinton, her protege who has taken after her in both corruption and crimes against humanity. We beg to differ though. The real special place in hell–its deepest, darkest, hottest and most excruciating pit–is reserved for her. May all her victims, Yugoslav, Serbian, Kosovan, Iraqi, Bosnian, Rwandan, Syrian–yes, she has pushed for all-out war in Bilad al-Sham too–and more, eat away at her soul for the fiery aeons of all eternity… And then some.

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