The US and ‘Israel’ Are Trying To Wipe Out The Men Of God Who Saved Iraq And Syria From Takfiri Terrorism

by Jonathan Azaziah

Washington and “Tel Aviv” are on a rampage. A quintuple attack against Kata’ib Hizbullah — 3 illegal bombing raids on Iraqi soil and 2 illegal bombings on Syrian soil — that killed some 25 Iraqi moujahideen along with several Iraqi policemen and soldiers… Seemingly wasn’t enough. Then the shocking US drone attack that assassinated Hajj Qassem Suleimani (R.A.) and several high-ranking IRGC members, along with Iraqi Islamic Resistance leader Abou Mahdi al-Mohandes (R.A.), setting the stage for a potentially cataclysmic American-Iranian conflict… Also, seemingly, wasn’t enough. Now there has been yet another US air raid that was targeting senior Iraqi Islamic Resistance officials but instead hit a civilian medical unit of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization. The aim of the Zio-Imperium couldn’t be clearer–or more frightening for that matter: Wiping out the Men of God who saved Iraq and Syria from the Takfiri Frankenstein spawned by the Mossad and the CIA.

Initially, social media was buzzing with melancholy that Shibl al-Zaydi (pictured above), leader of Kata’ib Imam Ali, had been martyred. A close friend of Suleimani (R.A.) and Al-Mohandes (R.A.), al-Zaydi, To think he had been taken from us too… Was horrifying. Clarifications later revealed however that al-Zaydi is alive and well in Beirut, alhamdulillah. Reports then shifted to the martyrs being the Khazali brothers (Qais and Leith), the leaders of Asa’ib Ahlul Haqq, an Iraqi Islamic Resistance group that owes much of its training and strength to Suleimani (R.A.) and Al-Mohandes (R.A.), and which has also given many martyrs in the fight against the Empire. This too was later proven to be false. The brothers are fine–alhamdulillah, we say once more. It was finally unveiled that, again, a medical team had in fact been the victims of this atrocity. At least 6 were martyred and 3 others were maimed… A conclusive casualty count will continue to elude us due to the bodies being charred beyond recognition by hellfire missiles from the US drone.

Things then got more curious still. The US and its remaining puppets in the Iraqi security forces denied that there even was a strike. Nothing happened, they said. But scores of dead medics tell us otherwise. Who then executed this raid? Mouqawamah Music’s guess? ‘Israel’. After all, the usurping Zionist entity played a role in the murder of Suleimani (R.A.) and Al-Mohandes (R.A.), and had itself a bombing party in the summer of 2019, hitting numerous Mouqawamah sites across Iraq. One doesn’t need a degree in propaganda, media studies or crisis management to figure out the 411 on this entire scenario. The US and ‘Israel’ most likely got intelligence — bad intelligence, obviously, and thankfully — from local agents that the aforementioned Mouqawameen were on the move. Feeling emboldened after their previous “big kills”, they took their shot. They missed. They then tried to cover it up with lame and pathetic denials from the US side, along with typical, cowardly silence from ‘Israel’s’ side. This blatant aggression nevertheless shows how arrogant they’ve become, not to mention how comfortable they are in pursuing their Dajjalic goals on Iraqi soil.

What Washington and “Tel Aviv” are telling the world is that the men who saved the Arab-Islamic world–a region rich with cultural heritage and history that has defined humanity as we know it from north to south and east to west–from the barbarism of the Zio-NATO-made Takfiri Goy Golem, are not safe. It is open season on their heads from the Zio-Imperialists’ perspective. This is a most worrying development to say the least. As it is not only the likes of al-Zaydi and the Khazali brothers who are at the top of Zion’s hitlist, but also Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi–the Secretary-General of Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba, who has extensive links with the Lebanese Islamic Resistance and Iran’s IRGC and has been targeted for assassination by the Jewish supremacist terrorist “state” before, due to his liberationist work in occupied Al-Jaulan. Sahyu-Amreeka and ‘Israel’ did everything in their power to overrun Iraq and Syria with terrorism but came up short because of these very Muhammadi-Husseini revolutionaries in question. Now the Parasites are trying to erase their defeat by erasing these Men of God from Earth. “Blotting out Amalek”, if you will.

A folly by a gaggle of supercilious fools is all it’s going to amount to though. The project of the Resistance Axis, that of eliminating ‘Israel’, driving out the Jewish invaders back to whatever scum-hole they scurried out of, and removing the criminal military presence of Western ZOGs from the Islamicate, does not revolve around the individual, no matter how titanic the stature of any given individual happens to be. The project of the Resistance Axis is transformative on a societal level; on a national level; on a regional level; and yes, on an international level too. And the more heroes Washington and ‘Israel’ murder or maim, the more heroes they inevitably create… Like the blood of their “targets” is life-essence for our struggle and breath in the lungs of our quest for freedom from their clutches. “Victory or martyrdom” isn’t a slogan. It’s who we are. As human beings. As Muslims. As Shi’a. As Iraqis. As Mouqawamists. We’re not afraid of death… We’re welcoming of it. Because as far as we’re concerned, it’s essentially a family reunion that all our Prophets (A.S.), Imams (A.S.), Saints (R.A.) and Shouhada (R.A.) will be attending.

We recite protection supplications for all the leaders and fighters of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, in addition to their allies in Iran, Lebanon, Syria and beyond. But if martyrdom is their fate, we shan’t cry. We shall celebrate. And chant DTI, DTA and FTJ louder than before as the next contingent picks up where they left off. Victory or martyrdom… Got it?!

Before closing, allow us to put forth the following addition. Ask yourselves this, America, Canada, Europe… Do you want ISIS living next to you? How about Al-Qaeda? Ahrar al-Sham? No? Then tell the Shabbos Goyim you call “heads of state” across the NATOsphere to stop doing Shlomo’s bidding and get their filthy, slimy hands off of Iraq and its Resistance so we can finish restoring peace and prosperity to our own lands and thus… The world at large. It really gets no simpler.

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