The Unsung Heroes Of Iraq’s Harakat al-Nujaba Continue To Show They’ll Stand With Syria ‘Till The End

by Jonathan Azaziah

While we are currently in a “ceasefire” stage right now in Syria, a “ceasefire” mind you that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and has already been violated something like five or six dozen times by the Wahhabi scourge since it went into effect this past Monday, the recent victory in Aleppo’s Al-Ramouseh District was a critical one. It was the Al-Ramouseh triumph in fact that pressured the American regime into finally accepting a “ceasefire”, as its Takfiri terrorist proxies had been soundly defeated and put on the brink of annihilation–and now the American regime is actively undermining the very “ceasefire” it agreed to, which shows you just how mental the goons running the Washington ZOG are. Nevertheless, noting how strategically important the liberation of Al-Ramouseh was (and is), it’s unfortunate that the heroic role of Iraqi Resistance organism Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba (HHN) has essentially been muted even among our own camp.

HHN sent just about 1,000 fighters to Aleppo last week and these Iraqi moujahideen were on the front lines of the battle for Al-Ramouseh. Their experience and tenacity proved to be a welcome addition as they steadfastly resisted the Takfiris’ reinforcements and absorbed a great deal of punishment as the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah pushed deeper and deeper into the key areas of the district, ultimately securing freedom. This contingent of men comes after over 2,000 Harakat al-Nujaba warriors entered Halab last month. As I’ve written before, the Iraqi Islamic Mouqawamah, HHN in particular, is more than capable of fighting and winning on both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border, regardless of the sacrifices required.

There are too many Western “journos” who have grossly mischaracterized the reasons behind Iraqi Resistance groups fighting in Syria as solely religious or political. Yes, our heroes departed for Syrian soil to protect the shrine of Sayyeda Zaynab (A.S.) in Damascus after the Takfiris openly threatened to raze it to the ground. And yes, our heroes, as ideological sons of Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, correctly saw the conspiracy against Syria as a conspiracy against Iraq and the Resistance Axis as a unit, so they left their families to aid the struggle of the Syrian Arab Army and crush the scheme, for we are one. But the Iraqi intervention extends beyond these two elementary spheres. HHN and the other Iraqi Mouqawamists went to Syria because they LOVE Syria. Because they APPRECIATE Syria. And because they will NEVER FORGET that Syria stood with us, taking in our refugees, providing them shelter, giving haven to Resistance fighters and refusing to succumb to American pressure to drop its Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Zionist stance against the genocidal Western-‘Israeli’ invasion. Syria showed no fear in supporting us when we needed it most. Now we’re just returning the brotherly favor.

Whether this “ceasefire” holds or not, just like Hizbullah and the IRGC, Harakat al-Nujaba and all other chapters of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization will remain in the Syrian Arab Republic for as long as need be. Syria’s fight is our fight and vice versa, and the blood and tears that flow from the war-torn bodies of Bilad al-Sham and Bilad al-Rafidayn’s glorious ones represent a single spirit. Victory or martyrdom remains the only path we’re capable of walking. And the dauntless sons of Mesopotamia, especially those soldiers led by Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, have no problem whatsoever with either.

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