The Tragedy Of Sudan Collapsing As A Resistance State

by Jonathan Azaziah

Apart, obviously, from the 9,000+ Yemeni martyrs, most especially the more than 2,200 children, and the destruction of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the greatest tragedy of Al-Saud’s aggression against Yemen is the collapse of Sudan as a state of resistance and its adoption of a purely collaborationist, despicably sectarian identity through its participation in the slaughter of Yemenis. Once a bulwark against Zio-Imperialism, serving as a key transit point in the Hizbullah-Iranian-Syrian delivery of weapons to the Gaza Mouqawamah, Khartoum now openly mulls ties with the demonic, usurping entity that cracked the Sudanese state in half… I’m talking an exchange of ambassadors and the whole nine yards. And it gets worse.

Look at President Omar al-Bashir’s latest statement on Syria: “Even if Israel had conquered Syria, it would not have inflicted the destruction taking place there right now, would not have killed the number of people killed so far and would not have expelled people the way they are being expelled now.” Seriously Omar? You two-faced hypocrite. Nauseating ain’t even the word for this swill. Saudi petrodollars really do cause quite the transformation, don’t they? Al-Bashir and his regime have gone from actors of defiance, to actors of servility and colonization on all fronts, taking the positions of the Saudi regime on Palestine, Lebanon (i.e. the phony “Arab” League designation of Hizbullah as a terror group), Syria, Iraq, Iran and of course, Yemen. The period of potential turnaround and redemption is over. Omar al-Bashir made his choice when he sent the first batch of Sudanese warplanes and soldiers into Yemen to wreak havoc on the poorest country in the Arab world. He’s a traitor and that’s all there is to it. Verily, the Republic of the Sudan is no more; only a hollow, slave-like, Judaized, Wahhabized Saudi-Zionist colony remains.

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