The Strength and Steadfastness of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, Who Lost 6 Of His Sons, Are Otherworldly

by Jonathan Azaziah

Nigeria’s Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky has now been unjustly imprisoned for 32 months. I want you to take a long, hard look at this photo and even if tears stream down your face, don’t you dare even GLANCE away. Let it sink in. Let it hurt. Pictured here are the Sheikh and his six sons. While the Sheikh remains illegally caged by Muhammadu Buhari, the tyrannical tool of ‘Israel’, America and Saudi Arabia, the boys… ALL… of the boys… are no longer (physically) with us. Three of them, Ahmad (22), Hameed (20) and Mahmoud (18), were slaughtered by the Nigerian Army during an Al-Quds Day rally on July 26th, 2014. The other three, Hammad (17), Ali (15) and Humaid (13), were murdered in the Zaria Massacre which lasted from December 12th to December 14th, 2015 and which concluded with the criminal transportation of Zakzaky and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat to the brutal Nigerian regime’s dungeons. That the Khomeini of Africa has the strength to even wake up in the morning after watching 6 of his 9 seeds have their lives violently snuffed out, is the apex of remarkable; the pinnacle of unimaginable; and the apogee of surreal. Just… Surreal. It is a testament to his sainthood, his resolve and his revolutionary character. This is a man who will fight the oppression of Zion and its tools no matter what they do to him… No matter what they ***TAKE*** from him, like he’s fused with the essences of Prophet Ayyoub (A.S.) and Imam Hussein (A.S.) at once.

Apart from the Lebanese Mughniyeh and Yemeni Al-Houthi families, nobody in the entirety of the Islamic world has sacrificed what the Mouqawamist Zakzakys have for the struggle against the Zionist Imperium. And yet, Muslims can barely sacrifice a few words or a few moments of their time in demonstrations to call for his freedom. So again, I tell you to take a long, hard look at this photo and even if tears stream down your face, don’t you dare even glance away. Let it sink in. Let it hurt. Let the shame envelop you like a red cloud of agony. The Shi’a–apart from Iran, Hizbullah, Ansarullah and the Iraqi Islamic Resistance–have failed the Zakzakys. The Sunnis–apart from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria’s steadfast Nigerian Sunni brothers–have failed the Zakzakys. The Ummah, truly, and totally, has failed them. And it is nothing less than sickening. Rest in power to Ahmad, Hameed, Mahmoud, Hammad, Ali and Humaid. May ALLAH (SWT) give strength to the three remaining Zakzaky children (Muhammad, Nusaiba and Suhaila) and free their father and mother from their hellish captivity soon. 32 months of unjust imprisonment is 32 damn months too many.

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