The Secret Mob-Connected Jewish Hands Behind Death Row Helped The JDL Murder Tupac Shakur

by Jonathan Azaziah

With the 22-year anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s martyrdom just passing on September 13th, 2018, we sat back in the cut and looked around the regular entertainment media, both mainstream and alternative, as well as Hip-Hop media, both industry and underground, to see if anyone would bring up the facts presented by Mouqawamah Music two years ago in our groundbreaking work, “The Assassination Of Tupac Shakur: Who Did The Crime? Jewish Terrorists, That’s Who!” Perhaps, we thought, that some will even go further. Alas, not one piece–we repeat, NOT ONE–was done by any author nor any activist on any front.

So it once again falls to Mouqawamah Music–and we say this with one part thanks to ALLAH (SWT) for giving us the insight to produce such pieces and one part anger due to nobody else picking up the slack–to delve deeper into the crime that shook Hip-Hop, the African-American community and really, humanity at large, as ‘Pac’s fans are of all types and stripes from across the planet. And we have yet another bombshell to drop. The JDL, the Jewish supremacist terrorist group founded by Meir Kahane (L.A.) with the express purpose of terrorizing Black people in New York City, had help in its murdering of Shakur: The secret Jewish brain trust which was really pulling the strings at Death Row. Yeah, Suge Knight, who is undoubtedly heading to the hellfire for a lengthy, LENGTHY stint, is nothing but the Shabbos Goy puppet for a much bigger, much older, much more dangerous conspiracy.

Enter David Kenner, a fat, obnoxious, pony-tailed, black-beady-eyed New York Jew who had made his home in the Los Angeles area and was very much ingratiated in networks of organized crime and Jewish-Zionist fundraising. Beyond just being Knight’s long-time lawyer and moneychanger, he was also the silent owner of Death Row. Before extrapolating, there needs to be a little history lesson first. Prior to the record company’s founding, Kenner was running the affairs of South Central LA gangster legend Michael “Harry-O” Harris and helped him found Godfather Entertainment while the OG was in the bing on murder and drug-related charges. Knight and Kenner, who helped recruit talent for the new endeavor, set up Death Row as an arm of Godfather.

But as big-name, ultra-talented MCs hopped on board, Kenner saw the potential for enormous profits and began playing Harry-O against Suge. A typical, Judaic, Gentile-dividing tactic. Kenner figured that the stronger of the two would win, take the reins at Death Row and move forward to break the bank with him in obscene amounts. With the conflict between Harry-O and Suge becoming protracted right at the time talks of switching distribution from Time Warner to Interscope were at their peak, Kenner pushed Suge to cut out Harry-O entirely and never look back. Also in typical, Judaic, history-rewriting fashion, the criminal pair denied that Death Row was part of Godfather and even went as far as to reject Harry-O ever being involved with the label at all. They never returned Harry-O’s seed money, somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million, instead deciding to split it, ipso facto making Kenner Death Row’s co-owner alongside Knight.

Meanwhile, while playing Suge like a fiddle into thinking they were in the game together and everyone was getting their fair share, Kenner invited his pals from the SoCal chapter of the JDL into the mix. This particular division of the Jewish “Defense” League was especially ruthless and hateful, having psychopathically killed American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee regional director Alexander Odeh (rip). The JDL was extorting numerous mic-rippers, most prominently ‘Pac, and giving kickbacks to Kenner who continued to keep Suge Knight out of the loop.

We’ve always wondered HOW exactly the JDL got involved in scamming and threatening the artists of a west coast Hip-Hop label. Now we know: David Kenner, a man who runs around with the Jewish-Zionist Lansky Crime Syndicate and gives money to numerous Zionist Lobby groups including B’nai B’rith, which has direct links to the JDL through itself and its offspring, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Moreover and most critically, ‘Pac, seeing Kenner for the Parasite he truly was, fired the Jewish flimflammer a month before he was butchered in Vegas and was preparing to leave Death Row–taking the master copies of his music and all future royalties with him.

It gets deeper still. Following Tupac’s murder, as more and more blue bacon (police) sniffed around his coffers, Suge Knight turned over control of his accounts and investments to his financial advisors, David Chesnoff and Steve Steiner, both of whom were serving on his legal team with Kenner. They were lieutenants of another mafia-connected Jewish lawyer, Oscar Goodman. This means that all of Death Row’s money and its very future were in the hands of these Zionist Jews.

Goodman of course, the mayor of Las Vegas for 12 years before his wife Carolyn took over for him in 2011, is infamous for defending Zionist gun runner, crimelord and JFK killer Meyer Lansky himself, along with Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal, Herbert “Fat Herbie” Blitzstein and a plethora of other Yahoudling and Shabbos Goy personalities of organized crime. Goodman’s top dog at his former firm? Chesnoff, who followed in Goodman’s footsteps in representing the new wave of “chosenite” criminality: the ‘Israeli’ mafia. Among Chesnoff’s clients and associates include ecstasy kingpin Zeev Rosenstein and his lackeys Hai Waknine and Gabriel Ben Harosh. With the approval and blessing of Goodman–who is very active in Jewish-Zionist causes with his wife and was mentored by Zionist Jew and JFK assassination cover-up artist Arlen Specter–Chesnoff and Steiner worked hand-in-glove with Kenner through the intermediary of the JDL to keep extorting Death Row artists long after ‘Pac’s murder. When Goodman entered the political arena, the firm was handed over to Chesnoff and another Jew, Richard Schonfeld, who up until this moment, maintains much closeness with Knight and was also involved in sorting out the JDL’s “winnings”.

This nexus also raises a vital question: Were ‘Israeli’ mafia shooters assisting the Kenner-Knight-paid dirty cops and Mossad-trained JDL terrorists who shot Tupac dead? And if so, did they do it because they were getting a piece of the action from the extortion as well or as a “services rendered” sort of exchange for the hefty legal bills churned out by Chesnoff and Steiner?

Let us also consider the Las Vegas and Nevada state leaderships at the time. The mayor was Jan Laverty Jones, a member of Holofraud-indoctrination group the National Conference of “Christians” and Jews, recipient of Zionist extremist group the American Jewish Committee’s Institute of Human Relations Award and is currently the frontwoman for Harrah’s Inc., owned by Zionist Jews Leon Black’s Apollo Global Management and David Bonderman’s TPG Capital. The governor was Robert Miller, an AIPAC stooge who owes his entire political career to Zionist billionaire casino magnate Stephen Allan “Wynn” Weinberg.

Despite national and global outrage over the slaying of Tupac along with the lack of arrests in the aftermath, these two collaborationist Gentiles, bought and paid for by Zion, did not pressure law enforcement in the slightest. That kind of apathy, not to mention disregard for what most certainly could have and should have amounted to a scandal, reeks of something far more sinister. Like complicity. If some “pillar” of the gambling community had been gunned down on the streets of Las Vegas in front of hundreds of witnesses who refused to talk instead of an African-American revolutionary Hip-Hop artist, you can bet your life and your family’s lives too that Mayor Jones and Governor Miller would’ve sprung into action. Instead, they sat on their hands and made it go away, indicating as much to law enforcement or saying it blatantly with the cameras off. Bottom line is, that sort of inaction doesn’t occur unless there are orders from above. And there is no higher authority in American politics than World Zionism. A spade must be called a spade: Jones and Miller assisted in burying Makaveli’s death as a service to their Jewish overlords.

Taking all of these revelations into consideration and what you see is a familiar pattern: A Jewish machine with agents at every possible choke point strategically working to implement the agenda and deliver actual and figurative shekels to “the tribe”. Like the September 11th attacks, the 26/11 false flag that rocked Mumbai, the 7/7 bombings in London, the snuffouts of JFK and RFK, the destruction of Iraq and so many other heartrending examples. The killing of Tupac Shakur is no different. Worth more to the Jews behind Death Row dead than alive, not to mention reportedly being on the verge of reverting to Islam and potentially throwing a major monkey wrench in Zion’s imminent plans to brainwash Gentiledom en masse with “war on terror” hasbara, he was murdered and then it was intentionally unsolved. And today, while the ire from most commentators is directed at Suge Knight and his army of heavily armed swine–which he expanded at the behest of none other than David Kenner–the orchestrators and biggest political, financial and social beneficiaries were Organized Jewish Interests.

Kenner, Chesnoff, Steiner, Goodman, Schonfeld and their JDL friends may have pulled off what they considered to be the proverbial crime of the century 22 years ago, then doubling up with their coreligionist record industry executive buddies to engage in the swindle of the century by pillaging ‘Pac’s remarkable catalogue and making cheddar hand-over-fist. But such evil can only remain unbesmirched for a relatively small period. And it is long overdue that anyone who identifies with Hip-Hop–whether you’re an MC, a DJ, a beatmaker, a breaker, a graffiti artist, a historian, a clothing designer, a media producer, a documentarian or simply a fan–calls out the Zionist devils who have bathed in Shakur’s blood with money-grubbing pleasure and continue to do so. Don’t be afraid of Lyor Cohen. Doug Morris at Sony. Benjy Grinberg at Rostrum. Jeff Smulyan and his litany of radio enterprises under Emmis Communcations. Or anyone else in the same scumbagel wheelhouse.

Tupac Shakur will never be able to rest in serenity until the truth about who his assassins were comes to light. The man was fearless and ferocious in all his confrontations, whether it was the Zionist media, the US regime, the FBI, corrupt police or cultural rivals. We need to embody these qualities to expose the Jewish criminals who ended his life too soon. After all the gems he gave us and all the ways he uplifted us, we owe him. Big time. And we owe Hip-Hop too. For she has been just as slandered and abused by the Jews over this event as Tupac was and still is. The lies gotta be strafed and go. Let’s “Hit ‘Em Up” and make it so. FTJ. Prayers for the soul of Makaveli The Martyr.

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  1. oscar goodman wanted to cut a young kids thumb off for grafting in las vegas yet 2 pac the worlds biggest rap star at the time gets murdered with no witnesses after a mike tyson fight… i would want to cut my own thumb off for having such shit security measures that night

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