The Saudi War On Yemen Is A Zionist War: Top ‘Israeli’ Think Tank Declares Ansarullah Is A Threat To ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

From day one of the Yemeni September 21st Revolution that saw revolutionary Ansarullah righteously dispatching the US-Saudi-‘Israeli’ puppet regime of Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi–who “won” an “election” that only had his name on the ballot and who was really just there as a frontman for the real controller, Zionist Jew US Ambassador to Yemen Gerald M. Feierstein–those of us with the knowledge of this Yemeni Islamic Resistance’s ideology, methodology, faith, determination, courage, history and commitment told all who would listen that ANSARULLAH just shook up the world and brought Zion’s inevitable demise one step closer. Those without knowledge scoffed at the notion that the “bare-footed” and “ragtag” Houthiyeen posed an actual threat to ‘Israeli’ hegemony anywhere in the region. Scoffed back we did and continued to insist on this point–not out of arrogance or childishly trying to get a point across, but because it was fact.

The Yemeni Islamic Resistance has ALWAYS had DTI Anti-Zionism and Islamically-derived Anti-Jewish-Supremacy in the foundation of its political project. The lions of Saada have ALWAYS viewed their struggle in pan-Islamic terms and in conjunction with this, have viewed the Palestinian cause as the beating heart and shining soul of that struggle. Even after Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi met with representatives from Islamic Jihad and discussed the best ways for Yemen to assist the Palestinian Resistance, just weeks before his men liberated Al-Moukha, the last bastion overlooking Bab al-Mandeb… Still, the ignorant and godless persisted. Since then, Yemen’s Sayyed has repeatedly stated that once his nation delivers the final blow to the Saudi invaders, all focus would be turned to Palestine. And he has said further that EVEN IF THE WAR WAS STILL GOING ON, if ‘Israel’ launches any aggression against Hizbullah and its Mouqawamist allies in the Levant, his men WILL be on the battlefield standing shoulder to shoulder with the Lebanese Islamic Resistance. Bluster, the idiots–yes, gargantuan, maddening, slow-faced idiots, no need to mince words here–kept on declaring.

Well now all such naysayers, doubters, skeptics and morons have it straight from the usurping Jewish terrorist horse’s mouth. The ‘Israeli’ Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) at “Tel Aviv” University, the most influential think tank in the whole of the Tumor outside of Mossad’s Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, published a damning report on June 24th entitled “The Red Sea: An Old-New Arena of Interest”. The authors are of particular note. There is Dr. Yoel Guzansky, one of Netanyahu’s goons in the ‘Israeli’ National Security Council who focused on espionage and destabilization operations against Iran, as well as an author of several papers and books on how the stability of Gulf tyrannies strengthened ‘Israel’s’ hegemonic hold on the Maghreb and Mashreq. And the other is Oded Eran, the artificial ‘Israeli’ regime’s former ambassador to the EU, Jordan and NATO, former Secretary General of the World Jewish Congress ‘Israel’ chapter, the former Deputy Chief of the ‘Israeli’ embassy (read: subdirector of Mossad activity) in Washington and more. The INSS, mind you, has held a conference annually since 2007 to consolidate intelligence on what challenges ‘Israel’ must confront for the year to maintain its dwindling existence.

So these are not rinky-dink, two-bit, cookie-cutter halfwits who cobbled together an “analysis” to woo their fellow think tankers. No. These are high-level functionaries of the Zionist War Machine who have a direct line to all the movers and the shakers and are in fact fully representing ‘Israeli’ policy. Their conclusions on Yemen were as follows: That Ansarullah’s innovative weapons-making abilities, specifically “explosive boats” and anti-ship missiles, constitute a major threat to ‘Israeli’ freedom of movement in Bab al-Mandeb and the greater Red Sea; that Iran, Hizbullah and Ansarullah will work together to smuggle arms to the Palestinian Resistance in illegally besieged Gaza and Yemen will replace traitorous Sudan as a hub in this regard; that Ansarullah could hit ‘Israeli’ military installations in sellout Eritrea; and that Ansarullah poses a threat to ‘Israel’ overall so “‘Israel’ has a clear interest in ensuring that the Arab coalition in Yemen has the upper hand”. There’s nothing to interpret here. The “chosenite” occupiers quite literally spelled it out for all to see in hideously-Hebrew-accented English.

Remember this as Saudi Arabia’s American-and-British-provided bombs fall upon Yemeni men, women and children. Remember this as the Yemeni Islamic Resistance blows Emirati jets out of the sky and puts the GCC’s mercenaries in the dirt. Remember that the Saudi war on Yemen is a Zionist war and Ansarullah’s campaign of ferocious resistance isn’t just for Yemen but the Palestinian cause itself. Yes, Ansarullah’s Martyrs and all of Yemen’s Shouhada indeed are Palestine’s Martyrs. Never will it be allowed again for the Serpent to cover up these truths. May the Houthiyeen wear the declaration from the INSS as the most superb badge of honor. Death to ‘Israel’. Death to the House of Saud. To hell with the negativists and the hypocrites. And all the love in the world to the ever-inspiring, real-life-comic-book, against-all-odds heroes known as Ansarullah.

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