The Murder Of 6-Year Old Shi’a Muslim Zakariya al-Jaber (R.A.) Should Be A Rallying Cry For The Erasure Of Wahhabi-Takfirism

by Jonathan Azaziah

Let’s skip the usual introductions and get right down to the fine print, okay? The beheading of 6-year old Hijazi Shi’a Muslim boy Zakariya al-Jaber (R.A.) has cast light on a truth that we must all bellow at the top of our lungs louder than ever before. His murder wasn’t just a tragedy. Nor was it just a most horrific crime. It was a reflection and the encapsulation of a systemic problem in our world – not just the Islamicate but the whole planet – today. That of Wahhabi-Takfirism. The Saudi regime is monstrous, slaughterous, immoral and illegitimate for a million different, valid reasons. But even if tomorrow we liquidate this corrupt clan and topple its sickening monarchy – and insha’ALLAH we achieve this feat – the ideology which it has cultivated and disseminated with US-UK-Zionist assistance over the last century will remain. What use is it cutting off the snake’s head if it already laid eggs… The offspring within the eggs hatched… And they slithered to safety? And with the help of Langley, Vauxhall and “Herzliya” at that.

Just as ‘Israel’ isn’t a problem for the occupation regime alone, but the psychotic collective with the collective psychosis that is its 7 million Jewish criminal settlers, meaning that the Zionist entity has to go to hell and all the colonizers that comprise it need to be sent back from whence they came… Al-Saud must be overthrown and ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world that has been brainwashed with the poisonous ideology it has spawned must be deprogrammed then reprogrammed. All Wahhabi-Takfiri “mosques”, whether funded with Saudi, Qatari, Emirati, Kuwaiti or Bahraini money, must be shut down. For every Wahhabi-Takfiri is a potential terrorist. A potential sectarian killer. A potential stooge for the US-‘Israeli’ Empire’s next proxy battle that utilizes 4th Generation Warfare.

The words of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad in a 2017 interview with Japanese TV come to mind on this very issue, “What we are worried about is how can we rebuild the minds of the people that have been under the control of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra for many years; that their minds have been polluted because of the instilled ideology in their minds, this, as I said, as I called it, hateful or Wahhabi Ideology. They saw the death and the killing, and some of the children killed with their hands; innocent people. How can we rebuild those minds, or rehabilitate those minds? That’s our big concern after the crisis.” This worry should be applied globally. Wahhabi-Takfirism is not Islam. Wahhabi-Takfirism is pure, unadulterated hatred. And how many more Zakariya al-Jabers will there be if it isn’t put in check?

Verily, Wahhabi-Takfirism is a pathogen. How else can we describe a thought process that gives someone the thumbs-up to break a bottle and cut the throat of a 6-year old boy because they belong to a different Islamic school of thought? Because they send Salawat on the Pure Household (A.S.) of Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.)? And in front of the child’s mother. After they just visited the masjid of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) Have you ever heard anything sicker? It needs to be quarantined. That starts with a discussion of just how evil it is and who is responsible for its proliferation. It begins with the Saudi “royal” maggots, certainly, along with their Khaleeji allies. But you don’t win chess by eviscerating all of your opponent’s pawns. You triumph by organically overthrowing the top dogs. And there’d be no such thing as Wahhabi-Takfirism here and now, outside of a few idiotic fanatics in tiny, irrelevant pockets in Najd, if it weren’t for London and Washington. Also, considering that the virus’s founder, Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab (L.A.), and the Saudis themselves, were/are cryto-Jews and the ideological backbone of the virus is Pharisaic Judaism, you can bet your bottom dollar with a red cent on top that Global Jewry and its headquarters, ‘Israel’, are in the thick of it too.

Allowing ourselves to fall into the same usual cycle of demanding investigations, outrage and concern from the usual suspects who manufacture these very concepts to justify regime change wars… Is a colossal waste of time, firstly, and it won’t get justice for little Zakariya (R.A.), secondly. His martyrdom should become a rallying cry. One for the death of Al-Saud. One for the removal of Wahhabi-Takfirism from the Islamicate–and we do mean total erasure. One for all the innocents who have been sent to early graves because of this terrible, terrible disease of the mind and soul. One for the saving of those infected with it who haven’t quite yet crossed over to the point of no return like many Daeshis. One for the imprisonment of the “scholars” who teach it and preach it. And one for unrestrained opposition to the Zionist Empire that facilitated its growth. Al-Fatiha for the child. Prayers of resilience for his grieving mother. And proud Salawat to remind Zakariya’s (R.A.) killer and all Wahhabi-Takfiris that the Shi’a of Imam Ali (A.S.) will never abandon Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) even if you were to decapitate us all, reattach our heads, and decapitate us again. Allahumma salle 3ala Muhammadin wa ale Muhammad.

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  1. This takfiri cult, is a pariah. An abomination. Pure unadulterated evil. It and its progenitors, enablers must be captured, contained and dealt with once and for all. That especially includes and applies to the operatives in TelLIEveev.

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