The Miracle Of Yemen’s Resistance: Outnumbered 10-1 By Saudi Arabia And Co. In Besieged Hudaydah, Ansarullah Is Prevailing

by Jonathan Azaziah

Hudaydah, Hudaydah, Hudaydah. A horror scene to end all horror scenes. Massacres. Starvation. Siege. Hell from the sky. Hell on the ground. Cholera. A nightmare of gargantuan, apocalyptic proportions that cannot be described as anything other than a humanitarian catastrophe. Up to 1,000 innocents have been murdered and injured since June 13th when the assault began. Over 30,000 civilians have already been displaced and there are fears that this astronomical number will only get higher. And though you may think that Saudi Arabia, the UAE and their local proxies are solely to blame for the destruction and inhumanity, you’d be dead wrong. Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are just puppets on a string for Empire Judaica’s 5 major players: the American ZOG, the British ZOG, the French ZOG, the Canadian ZOG and ‘Israel’.

Without these demonic powers, the Wahhabi coalition of the gutless would collapse in a millisecond. Nevertheless, the aforementioned ZOGs and the Tumor have not dropped even one iota of support although global outrage is growing and colonialist Beligum found something resembling a spine and suspended arms sales to Al-Saud. Hudaydah is where the vast majority of international aid comes into Yemen… The port city can’t take much more. In light of this, the UAE says its vicious offensive has been halted but Ansarullah spokesman Muhammad Abdul Salaam has slammed this claim as an out-and-out lie, designed to “deceive public opinion” on the one hand and buy occupation forces time to regroup on the other because they’re being humiliated on the battlefield.

And this is the second part of the equation that is not being discussed either by the Zionist media — because it has been covering up Saudi Arabia’s atrocities and failures from day one — or activist groups who have their hands full rightly trying to raise awareness about the crisis engulfing Yemen’s most vulnerable citizens. US-UK-Zio-backed Al-Saud, the UAE and the Abed Rabbou Mansour Hadi loyalists–among them, Takfiri terrorists–have upwards of 26,500 ground forces occupying, besieging and pillaging Hudaydah. Ansarullah only has 2,500 moujahideen warding off the full-scale attack and attempting, successfully, to safeguard the city. In other words, the righteous men of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance are outnumbered by World Zionism 10-1 and they’re still beating the brakes off it like it ain’t even a thing. As Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah pointed out in his speech last week, despite the most ridiculous hasbara in Sahyouni and Khaleeji media–which couldn’t even provide one single picture just to ATTEMPT to back up their absurdities–the House of Saud and company DO NOT control Hudaydah Airport. Ansarullah foiled all their tries.

Yemen’s defenders have also sent hundreds–not tens or dozens but HUNDREDS–of enemy invaders to the realms of decay in Jahannam and have captured an untold number of aggressors, including an American Xe/Academi/Blackwater commander. Though the bombs of the Dönmeh monarchy and their Western overlords keep falling at a rapid rate, the missile capabilities of the Houthiyeen have not been hindered even in the slightest as ballistic projectiles including the Qaher-2 continue hitting the occupation army in Hudaydah as well as inside Saudi Arabia. Numerous armored vehicles provided by America and France have also been destroyed.

And undoubtedly the highlight, not to mention a shining testament to the ingenuity and resilience of the Yemeni Mouqawamah, is that just yesterday Ansarullah and its allies in the Yemeni Armed Forces hit the UAE usurpers with homemade drones known as the Rasid and the Qasef for the very first time. Direct hits were scored on Hudaydah’s western coast. It is not a coincidence by any means that Yemen’s heroes unleash this surprise and mere hours after the fact, the UAE, with approval from Washington and Riyadh, pulls the “ceasefire” facade. Make note that all of this brilliance comes smack dab in the middle of the UAE running covert hit squads from Hudaydah’s Al-Safwah Hotel and inflicting the most brutal of physical, psychological and sexual tortures on political prisoners being held in black site prisons illegally set up on Yemeni soil. That Ansarullah, under the astute leadership of Sayyed Abdul Malik Houthi, has fought through this agony and prevailed is… nothing but miraculous. Indeed, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance itself is a miracle.

With a staggering 22 million people in Yemen requiring food aid, among them eight million who are on the immediate brink of famine, and, according to Yemen’s Human Rights Ministry, over 600,000 Yemenis martyred and wounded from this utterly cruel war for ‘Israel’, it is of course vital for all humans to do whatever is in their power to help bring this ungodly injustice inflicted upon the Arab world’s poorest country to a screeching end. But this does not mean that we should discount Ansarullah’s victory or even worse, brush it to the side as if it is no matter. Yes, Saudi Arabia is committing genocide–let’s make that clear. But Saudi Arabia is also waging an illegitimate battle to eliminate a Zaydi-Shi’a-Islamic grassroots Resistance organism that threatens the very fabric of International Zionism and its hegemony in an ultra-strategic part of the world. It’s like the whole (colonized/Judaized part of the) planet is standing on the shoulders of the Houthiyeen in an attempt to get them to sink below the ground but all they do is stand straight… stand tall… and stand strong. Like Hizbullah’s pivotal, Earth-shaking victory in Wadi al-Hujeir during the July 2006 War as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad running roughshod over the Zionists in Gaza’s Shuja’iyah in the midst of Operation Mighty Cliff, Ansarullah’s victory in Hudaydah will prove to be the death knell for the Saudis’ aggression and change the face of asymmetrical/non-linear/guerilla war as we know it. Fighting not only for Yemen’s martyrs and Yemen’s suffering but Moustazafeen (oppressed people) all over the world, Ansarullah gives us all a reason to stand up and cheer; to hope; to fight back harder; and to remember, as long as we enjoin good and forbid evil, the forces of Shaytan cannot prosper. All praises are due to God Almighty, it truly bears repeating: The Yemeni Islamic Resistance itself, really and truly, actually and factually, is a MIRACLE. #LongLiveYemen #LongLiveAnsarullah #SaveHudaydah #FeelinLikeAHouthi #DeathToSaud

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