The Martin Luther King Jr. Paradox: From Jewish-Zionist Puppet And Uncle Tom To Pro-Palestine Anti-Imperialist Murdered By US-‘Israeli’ Agents

by Jonathan Azaziah

Reverend “Dr.” Martin Luther King Jr. was a Jewish-Zionist puppet. Don’t mean to burst your bubble. Nor piss on your parade. Nor puke at your party. Nor pour motor oil in your cereal. It’s just facts, jack. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Jewish-Zionist puppet. Born Michael King Jr. to Michael King Sr., a “Christian” Zionist preacher who changed their names to “Martin Luther” following his interaction with the Baptist World Alliance which was known for its strong stance against “anti-Semitism”, he was raised up on Scofieldist poison. The fact that Martin Luther, his late-in-life repentance “The Jews And Their Lies” aside, is considered to be a Jewish hero for initiating the Protestant Reformation and thus Judaizing Europe, is a rather stark bit of irony that shouldn’t be slightly lost on anyone. A gifted and powerful speaker, MLKJ wasn’t anywhere nearly as proficient in scholarship, and his repeated offenses of plagiarism are well-documented even by the Zionist media outlets that worship him, including the New York Times. This should make his “Dr.” title null and void. His oratory skills however caught the eyes of some mighty influential folks and due to this, coupled with his ambitions, his transgressions were overlooked and his doctorate was upheld.

Who are these mighty influential folks you ask? Why, I’ll tell you! The American Jewish Congress and its kingpin, Stanley David Levison. Not a small fish by any means , Levison was a Communist’s Communist par excellence, raising so much dough for the Communist Party USA that the FBI placed him under surveillance. He was involved with defending the Rosenbergs and the predominantly Jewish Soviet spy ring they were a vital part of. Levison would ultimately become disillusioned with Communism and focus more on liberal causes through the American Jewish Congress, which was bankrolling MLKJ and his organizations lock, stock and smoking barrel. It’s imperative to mention that the Feds began spying and abusing King because of his ties to Levison in the first place.

The New York Jewish lawyer would become King’s friend, advisor, all-around handler and even… ghostwriter. Among the pieces Levison wrote for the Reverend? The most famous of them all: “I Have A Dream”. So when you listen to that pile of kumbaya-laced drivel, know that you’re not listening to the words of an anti-racist icon, but the legerdemain of a Communist-turned-Zionist Jew using a Black preacher to further the aims of “the tribe”. During the “Uncle Tom” stage of his life, MLKJ could barely breathe without Levison’s approval. And this led to all types of recognition.

The NAACP, founded with the Judaic money of Henry Moskowitz as a counterweight to Black Nationalist revolutionary hero Marcus Garvey, gave King its Spingarn Award–a particularly perverse ceremony considering that Joel Elias Spingarn was one of the several Jews responsible for the undermining, unraveling and imprisonment of Garvey, not to mention the burying of the militancy he preached. The American Jewish Committee, another Zionist institution, gave King its American Liberties Medallion. In another shining example of hypocritical perversity, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America handed over the Margaret Sanger Award to MLKJ. The award’s namesake was married to the Ashkenazi subversive William Sanger, associated with Jewish anarchist terrorist Emma Goldman and trained in abortion activism by Minsk Jewess Fania Esiah Mindell. Moreover, she was an anti-Black eugenicist that strove for the establishment of “birth control clinics” nationwide to control the birth rates of Black communities. King accepted this award, the others mentioned and a great deal more than that without flinching or reflecting on what they really meant; what their origins were; and who exactly was handing them out.

Perhaps far more disturbing than Levison was the “Torah”-loving, Kabbalistic-Hasidic-Talmudic Jewish theologian, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who MLKJ called “my rabbi”. Beyond being a zealous Zionist who declared the genocidal ‘Israeli’ entity to be the “stream of dreaming, the sacred river flowing in the Jewish souls of all ages”, Heschel was the driving force behind the Catholic Church purging of what he deemed “anti-Jewish screeds” in the New Testament–or, you know, what everyone else on Earth would call, “truths”. As the rep for American Jews at the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, he worked day and night, in the shadows and in front of the cameras, lobbying, bullying and blackmailing not one pontiff but two (Pope John XXIII and later Pope Paul VI), to fundamentally and inexplicably change Christianity by absolving the Jews of any wrongdoing vis-a-vis Jesus (A.S.) The “Nostra aetate” would render Jewry innocent of “deicide” and accursedness as well as condemn “anti-Semitism” in a full-throated manner, completely disregarding ‘Isa al-Masih’s (A.S.) own words about the Jews and their relationship with the Shaytan. In simple terms, Heschel completed the Judaization of the Catholic Church. How any lover of Christ (A.S.), let alone a preacher of his word, could get near such a destructive individual, let alone be friends with him… Let alone refer to him as “my rabbi”… Eclipses any and all forms of comprehension.

Unbeknownst to most, a major influence on MLKJ’s life was Martin Buber, the “cultural” Zionist figure who longed for his more “secular” Zionist counterparts to adopt Hasidism in their push for creating a Jewish “state”. Between this, the Scofieldism of his youth, close ties with Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild, the never-ending whispering in his ears by Stanley Levison and later, the deep and disturbing relationship with the fanatical Rabbi Heschel, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he was a TOTAL supporter of the usurping Zionist entity. “The whole world must see,” MLKJ once declared, “that ‘Israel’ must exist, has the right to exist and is one of the great outposts of democracy in the world.” More infamous than that was his rebuke of anyone, especially African-Americans, who decried Zionism, “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking ‘anti-Semitism’!”

Not even a golem constructed by his buddy Heschel that looked just like him and named “MLKJ” would make for a more subservient Shabbos Goy/House Negro/Uncle Tom/Kosher Gentile than he was. MLKJ was World Zionism’s tool to carve out a Black community that would be compliant with its aims. Verily, the late, great Jewish dissident Israel Shahak hypothesized in “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3,000 Years”, that the many, many rabbis and other Jewish figures who supported MLKJ were doing so for the tactical reason of injecting support for ‘Israel’ into the Black community. They also hid the hideously anti-Black traditions of both Judaism and Jewish culture from MLKJ, making them at the absolute minimum, gross and gargantuan hypocrites.

But then something shifted. Through a chance encounter — or, for the believers reading, an encounter undoubtedly designed and gifted by ALLAH (SWT) –MLKJ met Malcolm X (R.A.) And their brief exchange had such a profound impact on his spiritual, political and social worldview that he knew he could never go back to the way things were. Moreover, we know now that they were much closer than previously thought and it wasn’t only Malcolm X’s (R.A.) Anti-Imperialism that MLKJ was adopting but his Black Nationalism too. One wonders if each of them weren’t savagely murdered, perhaps MLKJ would have ultimately spent enough time around Malcolm X (R.A.) that he would’ve gotten to know (and even revert to) Islam. Because of Malcolm X (R.A.), MLKJ came out strongly against the American regime’s aggression against the Vietnamese people and thus, the former can and should be credited as the inspiration behind the latter’s ACTUAL greatest speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence”, also known as the Riverside Church speech, which was delivered a year to the very day that MLKJ was killed–a proof that we assure you isn’t a coincidence, but most certainly a COHENcidence. And there’s one more thing MLKJ was moved by Malcolm X (R.A.) about: The Zionist occupation of Palestine.

Yes, after being a “Christian” Zionist for just about his whole life, MLKJ was realizing that he couldn’t be a critic of American foreign policy, in Vietnam especially, but then maintain his support for the murderous Jewish supremacist endeavor in Palestine. Much to the chagrin of his handlers, this fire was burning in him stronger and stronger with each passing day. Levison and Harry Wachtel — MLKJ’s other Jewish lawyer who managed his estate after his assassination and was also a founding member of the shady Jewish-run law firm of Rubin, Wachtel, Baum & Levin that defended a plethora of Jewish financial criminals – strongly urged him not to walk back his public support for the hateful, fake “Tel Aviv” regime.

But King cancelled a trip to occupied Palestine and spoke about Jewish subjugation of Black people in the ghettos of New York just 9 days before he was killed. He hadn’t gone Militant’s Militant quite yet but he was fast-approaching that sort of mindset. It was for this reason, undoubtedly, that Henry Schwarzchild, a publications operative for the ADL from 1962 to 1964 (the year Malcolm X [R.A.] and MLKJ met), called MLKJ a “loose cannon” and an “unguided missile” that “nobody could be quite sure of what he was going to do next”. The ADL, despite its lavish public praise of King, was actually spying on him en masse and coordinating this surveillance with the FBI. The Feds of course would go on to torment MLKJ for years, fabricating his extramarital affairs, alleging he had bastard children, accusing him of being a Soviet spy and as is widely documented, goading him into attempting to kill himself.

It’s already an established fact the American regime had its hands in the cold-blooded killing of MLKJ. This is no longer a “conspiracy theory”. It is no longer “opinion”. On December 8th, 1999, a Shelby County Circuit Court civil trial in Memphis, Tennessee, pitted the King family against Washington and it concluded with 12 jurors, after deliberations barely lasting an hour, determining that MLKJ was killed by the American regime. But there’s another player involved: The illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime. James Earl Ray, the man that the Zionist-controlled mainstream media and political establishment said was responsible for killing MLKJ, was in fact… Innocent as the day is long.

He was actually set up by a mysterious agent codenamed “Raul” who was the point person for a Mossad gun-running operation. Ray was given the identity of a Canadian man named Eric S. Galt who had top-secret security clearance at a Union Carbide warehouse in Toronto that housed a weapons project funded by the CIA, US Naval Surface Weapons Center and the Army Electronics Research and Development Command. Galt also was an asset of the 902nd Military Intelligence Group that was stealing proximity fuses and delivering them to the usurping Zionist entity’s Scientific and Technical Division–an integral part of the illegal nuclear facility at Dimona in occupied Al-Naqab. James Earl Ray himself, in his book, “Who Killed Martin Luther King?”, said that “Raul” worked intimately with a Jewish financier named David Graiver, who pillaged the American Bank and Trust Company, a restructured institution of Mossad/Permindex/JFK assassination figure TIbor Rosenbaum’s Swiss-‘Israel’ Trade Bank. The monies which were stolen were to used to bankroll the aforementioned ‘Israeli’ nuke project.

In other words, Ray was being used by an ‘Israeli’ nuclear arms smuggling ring. And the man at the heart of it, indeed the key player, was none other than Mike Harari, the infamous Mossad special operations chief who is linked to dozens (if not hundreds) of murders all over Latin America, the Caribbean and a pretty historically significant one in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963 too. With Harari in the thick of it, it’s necessary to delve deeper into the ‘Israeli’ ominousness connected to MLKJ’s murder. We know that “Raul” gave James Earl Ray two phone numbers right before the assassination, one was to the Laventhal Marine Supply Company, a front of the ADL, and the other was to a motel where the Carlos Marcello mob organization maintained an office.

Marcello represented the New Orleans interests of the Syndicate run by the staunchly Zionist true “don” of organized crime, Mossad-connected New York Jew Meyer Lansky. And William Pepper, James Earl Ray’s attorney and MLKJ-official-assassination-narrative-debunker, contends that it was Frank Liberto, a rich and powerful Memphis criminal associate of Marcello and Lansky, who had ordered the hit on MLKJ, therefore making the killing a US government/Judaic mafia job. Just like JFK. JDL operative A.J. Weberman went out of his way to try and smear Ray, declaring he was a motivated by a “hatred for the Jews” and that’s why he “blamed the Mossad”. And the ADL went out of its way to work with General Henry Cobb, a shadowy intelligence figure, to sabotage Pepper in his research and bury the truth about the MLKJ killing. When Cobb seemed to be having second thoughts about his “mission”, the ADL reminded him of the massive file they had on him to blackmail him into continuing.

Why did the American ZOG’s FBI and CIA, the Jewish mafia, the ADL and ‘Israel’–again, the very same network that clipped JFK, a chilling detail in and of itself–work hand-in-glove at various levels to end the life of a man who had once been their greatest proxy for social upheaval? Because it wasn’t just that MLKJ was gaining more and more sympathy for the Palestinian/Arab struggle against Zionism. It wasn’t just that he had broken ranks with the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee and many of the Jews he had once considered his closest friends. He was preparing to go public with a newfound position and had instructed a member of his team to make contact with the PLO for an “alliance”. James Earl Ray testified to this under oath before the House Assassinations Committee. If this ever would have come to fruition, it would have made the sort of impact… God knows best… That could have changed the very fate of not merely America but the Arab world and the Islamicate too.

The life of “Dr.” Martin Luther King Jr. is an eye-opening, heartrending depiction of what it is like to rise and fall as a Black political operator in the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa. When he was in good with the Jews… He was good. And when he began to rethink his positions on matters dear to the Jews… He was bad. He was also out. And by out… We mean dead. Originally a stooge of stooges for Organized Jewish Interests, MLKJ died a martyr for the righteous struggles of Anti-Imperialism and the Palestinian cause. We cannot place him on the same pedestal of greats like Malcolm X (R.A.), Malcolm Latif Shabazz (R.A.), Sufi Abdul Hamid (R.A.), Fred Hampton (rip), Dr. Khalid Abdul Mohammad (R.A.), Kwame Ture (rip) and Nashid Abdul Khaaliq (R.A.), but we can salute him for his change of heart and bravery despite all the pressures on top of his head to stay the course as a Shabbos Goy.

MLKJ changed. For the better. Still, we mustn’t ever discount that it was the Monsters who built him up into the national figure he became, especially since they’re trying to do the same thing today with “Women’s Rights” activists and “Woketivist Muslims”. No figure praised by the Powers That Be is worth revolutionary solidarity and no figure demonized by the Powers That Be is worth revolutionary dismissal. The man in question encapsulated both sides of that equation. It was… And is… A paradox in every sense. Indubitably. On what would’ve been MLKJ’s 90th birthday if US-‘Israeli’ agents hadn’t slaughtered him… That is the legacy we should all be reflecting on today. Reflecting deeply and solemnly too.

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  1. A most informative and homest summary of the zionidt tool and frontman who went ‘rogue’ on his handlers. Nothing more to say here, as you have so thoroughly written. Documented and corroborrated, richly, with eloquence and truth.

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