The Lyrical Menace Is Back! Promo Art For Madd Cold’s Return: Choke On Another Matzoh Ball, B’nai B’rith!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

When they tell you to be silent… You speak louder.

When they tell you stop reaching for justice… You reach prouder.

When they tell you they plan… You trust that God plans stronger.

When they tell you to give up and sit down… You stand taller.

When they tell you that you belong in the ground… You say, “Soon, you’ll see me fly.”

And when they call you “anti-Semite”, you just smile and hit ’em right between their beady eyes…

with a big FTJ and an even bigger DTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Artwork by the indefatigable and epically brilliant Mohammad Hamza of Intifada Street)

#MaddColdIsBack #AzaziahTheAnomaly
#HipHopHizbullah #IraqiGhirasiComingSoon
#IntifadaStreet #MouqawamahMusic #InsightMedia

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