The Ibrahimi Masjid Massacre: Purimism, Jewish Supremacism and JDLism Remain Alive And Deadly 25 Years After The Horror

by Jonathan Azaziah

It was like the most gruesome carnage from the craziest horror flicks you’d ever seen all put together. Bodies on top of bodies. Blood on top of blood. Savagery of the deadliest order. Yesterday marked 25 years since Baruch Kopel Goldstein (L.A.), an American-‘Israeli’, Orthodox Jewish IOF soldier, colonizer and terrorist, walked into the Ibrahimi Masjid in Palestine’s occupied Al-Khalil and and opened fire on unsuspecting worshipers. He slaughtered 29 Palestinians and wounded 125 more as they were at peace in Salat, decimating families and scarring whoever survived the slaughter for the rest of their lives. Trained as a “doctor” at Yeshiva University, one would think that the purpose of his profession was to save people, not kill, maim and destroy them. One who thought that though would be one who didn’t know anything about Judaism.

Goldstein, born simply as Benjamin, was a member of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s (L.A) Kach. The party, as it is widely known, took its name from the Jewish terrorist organization Irgun’s motto, “Rak Kach (Only Thus)”, essentially Zionist short-hand for “ONLY the ‘Jewish people’ can live in ‘Israel’, THUS all ‘Others’ must go’. It was an eliminationist/exterminationist gang that proudly and openly sought to expel all non-Jews from occupied Palestine and even declared that it wouldn’t support any ‘Israeli’ regime that didn’t adopt this exact position with equal open fervor–something the Zio-Tumor itself admits, while also confirming that Kahane (L.A.) was such an anti-Black racist, he even campaigned against Black Jews. After all, Kahane (L.A.), bankrolled for nearly fifteen years by ultra-rich Manhattan real estate developer and accountant Robert Jacobs, described as the monstrous rabbi’s “financial angel” on page 149 of the groundbreaking work “Zealots For Zion” by Robert Friedman (rip), came to prominence through the vehicle of anti-Blackness. Laying the groundwork in Laurelton, Queens with fellow Betar terrorist and arms smuggler Morton Dolinsky in 1967 and making it official in 1968, Kahane’s (L.A.) infamous Jewish ‘Defense’ League (JDL) was started to stop Black people from moving into Jewish-controlled suburbs across New York and also undermine the Black Power movement (once more, see “Zealots for Zion”, pages 48-49).

The illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime, as lucidly evidenced in the Foreign Ministry hyperlink above, has tried to distance itself from Kahane (L.A.), depicting him and his followers as “extremists” who “harm” the “true democratic character” of the fake Jewish “state”. This is but a ruse. At the highest levels, even before Kahane (L.A.) made his way to occupied Palestine, networks of the ‘Israeli’ military-intelligence-industrial-complex, led by none other than arch-terrorist Yitzhak Shamir (L.A.), worked with the JDL (and the ADL too) to conduct sabotage operations against the Soviet Union and provoke Soviet Jewry’s “exodus”. Remember this going forward when you read “critical” pieces about Kahane (L.A.) in the Jewish communal press by “chosenite” writers who pretend the repugnant rabbi was anathema to ‘Israel’. Briefly covering this true history was necessary to understand just who it was that Goldstein (L.A.) was an acolyte of. It was in 1984 that the Ibrahimi Masjid murderer ran for Knesset under the hateful, anti-Gentile banner of Kach, the same year Kahane (L.A.) got in. Upon doing so, he made legislative proposals on the Knesset floor to revoke the citizenship of ’48 Palestinians and ban Jewish-Gentile marriages (and intercourse). His inspiration? The Code of Jewish Law laid out by Maimonides (L.A.) in his Mishneh Torah.

There was another book guiding Kahane, Goldstein and the rest of the Kach/JDL lot: The “Torah”. As Kahane (L.A.) said, “For us the Jewish people, the ‘holy’ nation, there are no foolish concepts such as ‘live and let live.’ There’s no such concept in the Jewish world because ‘God’ won’t let us live in lawlessness, and unbridled freedom, as we wish. If there’s no ‘Torah’, there won’t be peace, serenity or rest. The pigs (read: not actual swine but the indigenous Palestinian people, who are viewed as ‘animals’ by occupier Jews) will take over the country.” Indeed, not just the Mishneh Torah, other writings of Maimonides (L.A.), the Talmud, the Kabbalah and a great many more writings from the rabbinical “sages” held dear by Judaism, but the rewritten and forged “Torah”–the foundation for the Halakha and the Old Testament. It is on this note in which we remind everyone reading that the Ibrahimi Masjid Massacre was carried out on the Jewish revenge holiday of Purim. Moreover, Goldstein (L.A.) actually saw himself as reenacting Purim, i.e. slaughtering the “enemies” of Judea, Inc. Ian Lustick documents this fact on page X of the preface of his fascinating albeit far-too-soft book, “For the Land and the Lord: Jewish Fundamentalism in ‘Israel'”.

And before anyone says that this was merely the deranged action of a deranged man who had a deranged reading of the “divine” Judaic religion, let’s look at some more “mainstream” events, shall we? The Highway of Death in the Zionist-engineered Gulf War. The Zionist-engineered ’03 invasion of Iraq. And the Zionist-engineered ’11 invasion of Libya. All launched on Purim. Goldstein (L.A.) wasn’t being “extreme”. He was right the hell at home and right the hell in league with the transnational policies of Organized Jewish Interests. It’s also known that Goldstein, a “doctor” as aforementioned in paragraph one, adamantly refused to treat Arabs–including collaborationist soldiers in IOF. In fact, he rebuked treating Gentiles, PERIOD. Despite him being reprimanded for this “Torah”-and-Maimonides-derived position, and despite attempts made by Zio-liberals to get him kicked out of IOF, nothing happened. Why? Because according to Haaretz military correspondent Amir Oren, he was “protected by highly placed people in senior ministries” (pages 96-97 of “Jewish Fundamentalism in ‘Israel'” by Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky).

It went beyond this though. The whole political establishment of the genocidal Zionist entity backed him and it was this backing that led to the February 25th, 1994 crime against humanity. The defense of Goldstein (L.A.) was so deep that even three hours after the mass killing, war criminal Rabin (L.A.) and his team discussed spinning the terrorism as the work of either a psychopath or a devoted doctor who had a temporary mental breakdown (once more, see “Jewish Fundamentalism in ‘Israel'”, page 99)–so as not to harm ‘Israel’ or the image of Judaism worldwide, of course.

To put it bluntly, “Tel Aviv” is the JDL/Kach and the JDL/Kach is “Tel Aviv”. It’s just that whenever something particularly unspeakable takes place that not even the Zionists’ worldwide control of the mass media can obfuscate, the “extremists” serve as useful scapegoats while the stratagems of Global Zionism move along. Nevertheless, they are ALL on the same page. As Israel Shahak illuminates in his masterpiece “Jewish History, Jewish Religion”, he personally witnessed a Gentile being left for dead because it was Halakhically forbidden to save him on Shabbat (pages 1-2). He informs further, using the writings of famous Bratislava rabbinical authority Hatem Sofer (L.A.), whose positions have been part of the ‘Israeli’ legal code since 1966, that Gentile women in labor can’t be helped nor can Gentiles be healed on Shabbat–especially Muslims and Christians because they’re like Amalekites. What did Rabbi Sofer (L.A.) draw on to reach such a brutal and supremacist conclusion? The “Torah” (pages 83-84). Case in point: Goldstein (L.A.) wasn’t an “extremist”. He was a true blue Jew. Following his genocidal “Torah”. And his genocidal rabbis. Without any filter.

Goldstein (L.A.) didn’t make it out of the Ibrahimi Masjid alive after his slaughterous rampage, getting beaten to death after being caught by several heroic Palestinians who miraculously managed to avoid the bullet shower. Following his descent into Jahannam, the “luminaries” of the Rabbinate came out in droves to support him. Rabbi Yaacov Perrin notoriously declared “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” Rabbi Shmuel Avidor Hacohen, a pioneer of the “religious” Zionist movement and champion of un-secularizing ‘Israelis’, said, “Baruch Goldstein was the greatest Jew alive, not in one way but in every way… There are no innocent Arabs here… He was no crazy… Killing isn’t nice, but sometimes it is necessary.” Chabadnik fanatic Yitzhak Ginsburg oversaw the publication of a book which deemed Goldstein (L.A.) “THE saint”–not “a” saint but “THE saint” and demanded that the Judaic “God” avenge his blood. Due to the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime’s failure to stand by the murderer [in public], Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Herschel Schachter, a renowned Talmudist authority, said that Rabin (L.A.) “hated ‘God’ and the ‘Torah’.” And Rabbi Avraham Hecht, chief of the Shaare Zion synagogue and President of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, said in defense of Goldstein (L.A.), “The ‘Torah’ permits the most extreme action against those who harm our fellow Jews.”

And still, the memory of the Kahane-Goldstein project hasn’t died, mind you. Goldstein (L.A.) is venerated by occupying, colonizing Yahoud in Palestine on Purim every single year. In the ‘Israeli’ terrorist army, the Goldsteinist mistreatment of even Palestinian collaborators remains as rampant as ever. And right this second, for everyone paying attention, Kahane’s (L.A.) successors, the Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Strength) party, are returning to the Knesset after baby-killer Benjamin made an alliance with them. These sociopaths follow the edicts of Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu and Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer, arguably the vilest Judaic authorities in the entire Entity, and one of their leaders is the founder of anti-Gentile, anti-Christian, anti-assimilationist Lehava. And while “liberal” American Jewry is feigning outrage, it’s all for show. Because the Lehava-founding terrorist we are speaking of is Ben-Zion “Benzi” Gopstein, a majorly devoted follower of Kahane (L.A.) at the heart of numerous Jewish expansionist NGOs backed by American-Jewish and ‘Israeli’ Welfare Ministry funding–once again showing the incestuousness between the so-called “extremists” and the so-called “mainstream”.

Now granted, there are geopolitical implications here. Netanyahu is trying to make his incoming regime so toxic that all the talk of Trump’s “ultimate peace deal” dies and the can of the “peace process” can continue to be kicked along while “Eretz Yisrael” fattens and fattens. But on a deeper level, this was the natural, unholy progression of everything ‘Israel’ has always been. As the JDL founder said on his own, “Inside every Jew, lives a small Kahane.” In other words, the Jewish “state” is becoming more Jewish as time passes and the fig leaves, costumes, masks and double-speak are getting employed less and less.

That’s the REAL reason US Jews are up in arms over the alliance between Netanyahu, Otzma Yehudit and the other fanatics, Habayit Hayehudi. Not because they aren’t the same type of supremacists. But because they want Jewish power to be discussed (and exercised) “out of the earshot of the Goyim”, as JJ Goldberg, the liberal Zionist author of “Jewish Power: Inside The American Jewish Establishment”, infamously scoffed. Netanyahu’s a messianic maniac. He gives zero damns about what Gentiledom thinks. And that he made this renegade announcement to COHENcide with the anniversary of what he would call Goldstein’s (L.A.) “mitzvah” in occupied Al-Khalil, shouldn’t be lost on anyone. He’s saying, particularly to the American ZOG, “Remember February 25th, 1994. Likud and the sons of Kahane can do that again at any moment. To any people. In any city.” This is as much a threat to pitiful Western “concerns” about ‘Israeli’ intransigence as it is a more emphatic declaration of genocide and ongoing Nakba against the Palestinian people.

Now 25 years after the Ibrahimi Masjid Massacre, we see that Purimism, Jewish supremacism and JDLism, the three-in-one of Judaic psychopathy if you will, are still quite alive and deadly. And if the phenomenon of Kahanism isn’t discussed for what it truly, TRULY is, the unmasked “Torah” made manifest, then the Martyrs (R.A.) of that evil and abominable crime will continue to cry out from beyond the grave in agony… And in vain. Goldstein (L.A.), perhaps Kahane’s (L.A.) most devoted disciple, very well may have inadvertently done humanity a favor in committing that heinous act. Because in his barbarity and sheer malevolence, we were shown what the endgame for the Zionists always was and always will be. Transfer. Expulsion. Ethnic cleansing en masse. Genocide. Which means “peace”, either in the “two-state” or “one-state” form, is nothing more than a farce.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Kahanism’s entire premise, derived from the “Nile to Euphrates” concept from Genesis 15:18, is that of “no more Arabs”. But in expressing this fanaticism as such, it betrayed that the only true solution for Palestine is “no more Jewish colonizers” and their “transfer” back to where they came from; or better still, an isolated place like Birobidzhan where they can be perpetually quarantined. and no Jewish “state” can ever form again. If there is a lesson to be learned from the Halakhic-Talmudic bloodshed of Palestinian innocents on this day two and a half decades ago… It is most certainly that. Verily, for Palestine to finally see liberation from the River to the Sea, and to be returned to full health, we must identify what made the land formerly known as Canaan sick to begin with: Not merely Zionism. But the Judaism from which it stems from.

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