The Global War On Syria, Now 8 Years Old, Remains ‘Israeli’ At Its Very Core

by Jonathan Azaziah

Today marks 8 years since the global–we could and should even say, damn-near-intergalactic–war on the Syrian Arab Republic began under the guise of “revolution”. 8 years since hordes upon hordes of Takfiri terrorists, with some estimates numbering in the hundreds of thousands or upwards of a million, from more than 100 countries descending upon Syria with the unwavering, unlimited support of the world’s most despicable oppressors, colonizers and tyrants. 8 years since one of the world’s safest countries, and the sole military backer of the Palestinian people and their righteous cause at the state level, was destabilized, setting off a wave of terrorism and horror that has left half a million souls martyred and almost ONE THIRD of the entire population displaced–both internally and externally. 8 years of ruthless subversion that cracked the global antiwar movement worse than in half as so many people failed to see the scheme. 8 years of broken friendships and fractured alliances.

Lest we forget though that one friendship that failed to break… One alliance that absolutely did NOT fracture… Is that of the Resistance Axis. Indeed, lest we also forget that the last 8 years have seen a MAGNIFICENT resistance and an OTHERWORLDLY steadfastness by the Syrian people and their Lebanese, Iranian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghani and Russian brothers which have clipped the wings of the vultures and uplifted Syria from the black hole of potential regime change. A conspiracy, we remind you, that started out as ‘Israeli’ and remains ‘Israeli’ at its very core up until this exact moment.

Because just 24 hours ago, on the eve of the 8-year anniversary of Zion’s onslaught against the nation where Jesus (A.S.) will return and pray behind Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.), the Syrian Arab Army, in the towns of Inkhel and Al-Hara in the countryside of Daraa, liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies last summer, massive ‘Israeli’ weapons caches utilized by the Takfiri terrorists were found. There were machine guns, RPGs, anti-armor weaponry, high-tech spec ops binoculars, grenades, ammunition of all sorts and advanced communications devices in the unearthing. This discovery also comes in the midst of neocon war criminal Lindsey Graham parading himself around as a Zionist whore whilst meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, Baby-Killer-In-Chief of the usurping Judaic endeavor, and promising “Bibi” that he will push for the US ZOG to formally recognize the Golan Heights–illegally occupied by the Zio-Tumor in 1967 and illegally annexed in 1981–as ‘Israeli’.

The efforts of Graham–who, alongside Hell-residing maniac John McCain and Jewish supremacist hawk Joseph Lieberman, was instrumental in kicking off the enormous US arms transfers to the Takfiri terrorists–are already paying off, as for the first time ever, America’s annual “human rights” report (a joke, anyway) calls Al-Jaulan “‘Israeli’-controlled” instead of “‘Israeli’-occupied”. This will give a boost to the “Let The ‘Chosen People’ Have The Golan, You Anti-Semites!” legislation introduced last month by the Shabbos Goyim Marco Rubio (owned by Jewish-Zionist billionaire Norman Braman), Ted Cruz (up to his neck in Jewish-Zionist cash, including from NORPAC bigwig Trudy Stern), Tom Cotton (bankrolled by Bill Kristol and his Emergency Committee for ‘Israel‘) and Mike Gallagher (an Iraq invader and RAND Corporation creature who is AIPAC-approved and funded by Willow Asset Management, the baby of the obscenely pro-‘Israel’ Jewish Policy Center prez Michael David Epstein). 8 years in and Global Zionism and its agents keep banging on. Arrogant as ever, they just won’t admit their operation to dislodge Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and chop up the Resistance Axis is a failure in every single way.

This is Judaic superciliousness made manifest. Indeed, the predominant motivating factor ideologically speaking. Syria is viewed as an integral part of “Eretz Yisrael” as per the genocidal, expansionist teachings of the corrupted, Masoretic “Torah”. Syrians themselves are looked upon as Sargonites–the descendants of the ancient Assyrian king Sargon II, who conquered Canaan and dispersed the remaining Hebraic rebels, kicking off the “Lost Tribes” mythos–as well as Ishmaelites and Amalekites by extension due to their unbreakable alliance with the Islamic Revolution in Iran. But admittedly, there is an element, a powerful one at that, of desperate, strategic survivalism as well, because ‘Israel’ wants to siphon Syria’s vital natural resources after it has wreaked havoc on Palestine’s environment. Day by day, the very organic infrastructure of the Palestinian people’s lands collapses at the hands of the Zionist eco-terrorists who burn trees, torch orchards, dry up rivers, poison soil, dump toxic waste, irrevocably alter aquatic systems with mechanical monstrosities like dams and ruin crops. That’s why ‘Israel’ is after the Syria’s gold trifecta: Black, blue and yellow.

And we do mean ‘Israel’. Not Western colonialist powers–which are all ZOGs anyway. But ‘Israel’. The usurping Zionist entity, not the EU, is the number one buyer of Syrian oil (black gold) stolen by ISIS, which is, in and of itself, a Zionist creation that was spawned to take the global, 100-year war on Islam into the future. Additionally, through the Jewish-colonizer-run corporation Genie Energy, which features a board of Zionist globe-holders like Rothschild, Murdoch and Steinhardt, ‘Israel’ is pillaging the oil and gas in the occupied Golan Heights.

The usurping Zionist entity, which is pursuing a balkanization strategy as per the guidelines set forth in the plan of of Oded Yinon, also seeks to hijack Syria’s water (blue gold) through the two-pronged reincarnation of 1974’s Yeor Plan and 1982’s Operation Oranim. ‘Israel’ calls this “hydraulic security”, a stratagem of IOF war criminal Aaron Yariv. And as for Syria’s yellow stuff, the actual gold, the American ZOG was caught making a deal with ISIS two weeks ago in exchange for 50 tons of Syrian golden nuggets valued at over 2 billion dollars. This massive stock-up of precious metal is either going to end up in the coffers of the private, neoliberal “Federal” Reserve, set up by the Rothschild dynasty and owned by several interlocking Jewish families, or in the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime itself. Smuggling gold is an ‘Israeli’ specialty after all, as the arrest of Zionist criminals Reuven Rosen and David Cohen in Japan’s largest gold-smuggling operation in history clearly demonstrates.

Taking all of this into account, both the latest news and the overviews, it’s not in doubt that ‘Israel’ is the architect of Syria’s bleeding; the primary mover and the central shaker; the propaganda mastermind, from the Bana al-Abed fraud to the atrocious, blood-soaked, Al-Qaeda-connected White Helmets; the destabilizer-in-chief. Which means that Syria’s 8-year resistance and defeat of this shaytanic scheme is a victory over Global Zionism and arguably, the greatest victory ever in this regard considering what was at stake for the Resistance Axis and the Palestinian cause. From the emails of war criminal Hillary Clinton, we see it was Organized Jewish Interests dictating US policy, with the idea of giving a “boon” to the ‘Israelis’ occupiers’ security by toppling Dr. Assad, isolating Hizbullah and dealing a blow to Iran.

So yes, it is important to highlight the role of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. America and Britain. France and Germany. Turkey and Jordan. Canada too, not to mention Australia and Denmark. The ZOG in New Zealand as well. But on this simultaneously and paradoxically somber yet sublime occasion, we recognize that it was our main enemy, ‘Israel’, Dajjal’s HQ, that made the lives of Bilad al-Sham’s people hell in the first place. A hell it will not be forgiven for. And a hell it will pay for in the not-too-distant future when Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi and Hijazi lands are totally free of the Halakhic-Talmudic cancer. ALLAH (SWT), Souria, Bashar w bas. Death to Zion.

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