The FBI Abducted Marzieh Hashemi On An Alleged FARA Violation, But Lets The Dual-Citizen Zionists Who Own MSM Roam Free

by Jonathan Azaziah

Finally. Some clarity as to why exactly 59-year old wife, mother, grandmother, Press TV news anchor and Anti-Zionist revolutionary journalist Marzieh Hashemi was abducted, imprisoned and numbered like a criminal by the oppressive anti-Black intelligence apparatus known as the FBI. Multiple sources connected to Press TV are reporting her detainment is part of some sort of FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) investigation into Press TV itself. The ZOGified Dept. of Justice is apparently inquiring as to whether or not Press TV violated FARA and if Marzieh Hashemi is part of this imaginary violation. What makes all of this so very horrifying is that the Zio-Feds can technically hold Marzieh – or anyone else snatched up in this Orwellian circus – indefinitely. Right up until they testify in whatever cooked-up case the American regime presents.

Many have pointed the fingers at Kosher Gentiles and frothing-at-the-mouth neocons John Bolton and Mike Pompeo for being behind Marzieh’s plight. And they very well could be playing a role. But we have another name to throw into the mix: Sigal P. Mandelker, an ‘Israeli’ Jewess born on stolen land in occupied Palestine, who now serves as the Treasury Department’s Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. Her position was created in 2004 under the neocon-run Bush administration and it was held by three Zionist Jews before her, Stuart A. Levey, David Cohen and Adam Szubin, all of whom had a special interest in subverting Iran. Mandelker is no different. And as former CIA counterterrorism chief Philip Giraldi noted in an October 2017 piece that fiercely criticized the FBI’s attacks on Russia’s alternative news networks RT and Sputnik, FARA violations put you in the wheelhouse of Treasury. Which means they fall in Mandelker’s lap. Is the ‘Israeli’ Jewess, an unregistered foreign agent herself, tormenting Marzieh as part of her department’s 15-year destabilization of Iran? It most certainly seems so.

Needless to say, this reeks to the world’s highest mountaintops of hypocrisy because the Islamic Republic of Iran, while institutionally, politically, militarily, financially and spiritually opposed to the arrogance of the United Snakes of IsraHELL, is not anywhere close to Washington’s top espionage threat. In fact, not even Russia or China are. That distinction falls to America’s best buddy in the whole wide world: Zion. That’s right. Zion spies on America more than anyone, represents its biggest regional intelligence danger and is responsible for its biggest breaches. Even the CIA’s Near East Division itself begrudgingly and humiliatingly admits it. So since that’s the case, and media networks are commonplace spots for intelligence operatives to gather in, why aren’t the Treasury Department, the Justice Department and the Islamophobic, Zionized FBI going after the Yahoudlings who control nearly all of America’s corporate media conglomerates as well as those Yahoudlings who have overt ties to the ‘Israeli’ press? Again, we insist… Why?

Aviv Nevo, Time Warner’s biggest shareholder and thus the controller of CNN, is an ‘Israeli’ Jew with all sorts of shadowy linkages to the fake Halakhic-Talmudic regime and is selling an ultra-Zionist worldview to Americans on a daily basis. Why hasn’t he been arrested and imprisoned under FARA?

Rupert Murdoch, the son of a Chabadnik Jewess, which grants much greater credence to the rumors that have swirled for years that he’s a dual-citizen ‘Israeli’, is the owner of Fox News. He’s been pumping Americans full of neocon hasbara for years, championing the lies that led to the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq especially. He also buried his own reporter Carl Cameron’s devastating 4-part series about ‘Israeli’ spying on America and Zionist connections to 9/11. Why hasn’t he been arrested and imprisoned under FARA?

Les Moonves, the long-time CEO of CBS and still said to be very much involved in the day-to-day despite his resignation several months ago, is the damn great-nephew of terroristic ‘Israeli’ founding father David Ben-Gurion, and maintains myriad familial connections to the illegitimate Jewish “state”. Sumner Redstone, Moonves’s boss, is the majority shareholder in CBS/Viacom, and routinely celebrates the usurping Zionist entity’s murderous birthday, had Anti-Zionist ads pulled down from CBS billboards and sits on the Executive Board of the thoroughly Zionist Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston. Why haven’t they been arrested and imprisoned under FARA?

The bigwigs at Comcast/NBC/MSNBC are Brian Roberts and David L. Cohen. Both Jewish. Both hardcore Zionists. Both heavily involved in raising money on the cancerous “chosenite” endeavor’s behalf. Why haven’t they been arrested and imprisoned under FARA?

Seth Klarman, who funds quite literally every major Zionist organization in the US, bankrolls the Islamophobia machine more so than anyone other than Nina Rosenwald [a queenpin Zionist Jewess], and is strangling the hurricane-ravaged island of Puerto Rico with about a billion dollars in debt, is also the founder of the Times of ‘Israel’, which includes on its board a former director of the Mossad, Efraim Halevy, a war criminal who has ties to the September 11th false flag. Why hasn’t Klarman been arrested and imprisoned under FARA?

Then there are all of the ‘Israelis’ and Zionist Jews who work at Jewish communal media organizations like Tablet, Forward, Moment Magazine, the Jewish Press, the Algemeiner, the Jewish Journal, Commentary and many others. What ties do they have with Mossad, Shin Bet, IOF, Aman, Talpiot and Unit 8200? And yes, why haven’t they been arrested and imprisoned under FARA?

We could go on but we’ve undoubtedly beaten the brakes off this dead (Zio-)horse beyond redundancy.

Indeed, it’s all quite absurd because we know that America won’t touch any of these Parasites, as America isn’t just America but Shaytan al-Akbar. Part and parcel of the JNWO. The engine of Dajjal. And such a system would never harm its actual rulers. Instead, it goes after innocents like Marzieh Hashemi for possessing the dauntlessness to challenge this hegemony with all her heart, all her soul and all her voice.

But if there is a silver lining to the oppression that the Nawlins-girl-turned-Khomeiniist-warrioress has endured at the hands of the Zio-FBI, it’s that this entire debacle ferociously exposed the ugly, duplicitous face of Washington for all to see–all, meaning, those unafraid enough to take off their blinders and step into the City of Knowledge. It’s “freedom and democracy” everyday unless you’re a Black Shi’a Muslim Hijabi woman with a Mouqawamist streak. Then… Rights… Become “rights”. Freedom… Becomes “freedom”. And democracy… Becomes “democracy”. You become a non-person in the eyes of a regime run by Monsters who believe they’ve been perpetually “chosen” by a “God” that isn’t really God. You become a true Goy of Goys.

We will be asked about Marzieh Hashemi on Judgment Day. Where we were… What’d we do for her… Did we speak up or did we not. Don’t be a coward. Don’t fall into the group that was silent. This woman bears the qualities of Lady Zaynab al-Kubra (A.S.) herself, as well as Iraq’s Sayyeda Amina bint al-Huda (R.A.) and Iran’s Commander Marzieh Hadidchi (R.A.), due to her outspoken commitment to the truth; due to her resistance against the Yazid (L.A.) and the Shimr (L.A.) of today. She ain’t afraid of no Zionist apes and pigs. Why should you be? The scoundrel presiding over her case, Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell, asserted she was supposed to be freed nearly 48 hours ago. She hasn’t been though. She remains imprisoned despite the fact she has not been charged with a crime. While all the aforesaid Zionists who have the blood of tens of millions of pure souls on their hands are still footloose and fancy-free. A sick, sick world we live in. The beating of the drums for her freedom continues in solidarity and in ever-burning rage.

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