The Anatomy Of A NATO Deflection Operation: ISIS Reoccupies Palmyra To Distract From Aleppo Victory

by Jonathan Azaziah

In the midst of the liberation of Aleppo, which to date is the biggest victory of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies over this felonious five-year conspiracy, a terrible tragedy occurred exactly one week ago in the Homs countryside. Tadmur aka Palmyra was reoccupied by the genocidal Wahahbi cult commonly called Daesh. While this dreadful turn of events took the Resistance Axis by surprise, it tellingly did not shake up Western capitals, nor the Zionist media, which remained relatively calm about the matter. It is this silence from the former and passivity from the latter that betrays the dirty hands of the Empire in the reborn Takfiri theft of Palmyra.

At the beginning of this hostile takeover, details remained scant about how the crime was pulled off. But after official reports were released by the Syrian and Russian MoDs, we have full elucidation: What went down was a NATO deflection operation through and through. Knowing that the Resistance Axis and Russia were focused on finishing the job in eastern Aleppo and freeing the city for good, the American ZOG activated its ISIS proxies and issued a directive to re-enter Palmyra to take the Syrian government’s attention off Aleppo and force it to focus on the ancient desert city, somehow saving its precious “moderate rebels” in the process. Well. That was Washington’s hope, anyway. The end result is something emphatically different.

This is how it happened. Starting at dawn last Saturday, as Syrian Arab Army reinforcements were pouring into Aleppo to retake the remaining nine districts in the eastern pocket of the city, Daesh stormed Tadmur from all sides with a massive contingent numbering more than 5,000 terrorists. Within a few hours, ISIS overran the SAA’s positions in the center of the “Desert Pearl” and proclaimed victory although Syria’s defenders remained valiant and held the line, keeping up their fierce resistance. This refusal to surrender broke the will of the Wahhabi psychopaths and allowed the SAA to regain Palmyra. Unfortunately however, ISIS’s pullback didn’t last for long and the Takfiri terror gang sent in hordes of suicide fighters in a new offensive. The Syrian Arab Air Force and Russian Aerospace Forces began pounding the Daeshis with heavy raids but the terrorists just seemed to keep on coming. By Saturday evening, units from the elite Desert Hawks Brigade (Liwa Suqour al-Sham) arrived, injecting new life into Resistance forces and enabling them to strengthen the counterattack. Still though, this wasn’t enough.

As Saturday turned into Sunday, ISIS had called in even more terrorists from Deir Ezzor and Raqqa. A critical decision was now at hand for the SAA and Russia. Continue fighting what was amounting to a (temporary) losing battle, or move the tussle to the suburbs and outskirts whilst evacuating as many civilians as humanly possible. The Syrian Arab Republic’s heroes went with option two and with Russian assistance, helped more than 80% of Palmyra’s residents leave the city. With Syrian soldiers retreating, Tadmur then officially fell to Daesh. Emboldened by their success, the Daeshis got their dander up and kept moving, re-stealing numerous gas fields, the historic Assyrian town of Al-Qaryatayn and getting dangerously close to the ultra-vital T-4 Military Airport, which Russia revamped months ago to carry out swift raids on potential incursions from Iraq. We’ll return to this fluid battlefield situation in a moment.

Many pro-Assad activists, writers and intellectuals wondered out loud in rage at both the Syrian government and Moscow, screaming something to the effect of “How could they be so foolish?” and “how could they ‘let’ this occur?” But this reactionary response doesn’t get to the heart of the matter, it is totally misplaced as blame should always rest at the feet of Syria’s enemies, not Syria’s friends, and it in fact serves as cannon fodder for the Mainstream Media Monopoly and allied intelligence agencies seeking to divide the pro-Syria ranks.

Besides, let us be unequivocally honest: No matter how zoomed-in Syria and Russia were on completely cleansing Aleppo of Takfiri terrorism, is it really a logical conclusion that they’d be so wrapped up in that operation that they’d become negligent and incompetent and allow Palmyra to go down the tubes back to Wahhabiistan when it was such a major blow, both strategically and from a public relations perspective, to the Empire? Of course not. This is especially true for Russia, which sent its highly-trained sappers right into the belly of the Wahhabi beast to de-mine the “Pearl of the Desert” and held an exceptionally gorgeous concert with its Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra in an enormous counter-hasbara victory for both Russia itself and Syria. Question is then, what prevented the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Federation from taking the measures necessary to stop such a travesty? Who interfered?

Russia revealed in several of its missives on the incident that the reinforcements Daesh sent into Tadmur from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor originally came from Mosul. But this is tremendously odd because number one, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd al-Shaabi) announced weeks ago that all major and minor roads linking Mosul to Raqqa were cut off and Tal Afar, the Takfiri terrorists’ main supply line to Syria from Iraq, had been surrounded, thus rendering it useless. And number two, there were sandstorms in the desert region that comprises the Syrian-Iraqi border last weekend. Then there is the Washington ZOG’s “anti-ISIS” coalition, which halted all operations until Spring, so it couldn’t POSSIBLY have had anything to do with this scenario, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. The US-led “anti-ISIS” coalition still has all of its equipment in the area. It is here where the American regime is exposed like the naked king of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

American drones were confirmed to be in the sky watching Daesh’s massive transfer of fighters, artillery pieces and armored vehicles from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor into Palmyra. Russia and Syria didn’t see it coming because the American regime was jamming all communications in the area, exactly like it did when it massacred over 100 Syrian Arab Army soldiers on Thardeh Mountain in Deir Ezzor. How did Daesh navigate through the sandstorms? American satellites, guiding them on a fully mapped route through the desert because Hashd al-Shaabi did indeed cut all the main and secondary Mosul-Raqqa roads. As conflict subsequently reignited in Palmyra, the American regime continued to direct ISIS until Palmyra fell. All the while, the Zionist media dropped Aleppo completely out of its updates, as if the biggest victory in the entire Syrian war ceased to be of any importance, and gave nonstop coverage to the unfolding catastrophe in Palmyra but was so nonchalant in its reportage that it was difficult not to mistake it for approval of the Daeshis’ advance–and, make no mistake, that’s EXACTLY what it was. None of this was lost on Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, who raised many of these very points in his excellent December 14th, 2016 interview with RT and also noted that ISIS’s occupation of Tadmur was directly linked to Obama (formally) waiving restrictions on arms to “rebel” outfits in Syria.

The White House’s cynical Zio-Imperialist strategy was three-pronged: Throw a monkey-wrench in the mix to slow or outright kill the liberation of Aleppo as well as to resurrect the Iraqi-Syrian terrorist corridor via the desert near Palmyra and potentially pave the way for the total reopening of the Homs front in a crass attempt to prolong a conspiracy which flat-lined long ago. All three aims are failures. Aleppo is now 100% terrorist-free, solidifying that ISIS’s muscle-flexing in Palmyra was nothing but a distraction. And the idea that the Daeshis could push all the way into the Old City of Homs is utterly asinine when their gains beyond Palmyra have been overturned and their hold on the desert oasis city is shaky at best, thus invalidating the notion that these terrorist stooges could hold the Iraqi-Syrian border line when faced with resistance by both the SAA and Hashad al-Shaabi.

Bringing it full circle, let us return to the battlefield. After Russian First Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov said Russia would do everything in its power to expel Daesh from Tadmur, Resistance forces have been clawing their way back to establish full control over Palmyra and its surrounding areas. Al-Qaryatayn has been regained and the ISIS offensive on the T-4 Military Airport has been shredded, thanks to the SAA recapturing the road that links the Assyrian town to the strategic base. And it gets even worse for the un-Islamic “State”. Reinforcements from the Syrian Arab Army’s 800th Regiment of the Republican Guard’s paratrooper division have arrived to reinforce T-4 and then move on to Palmyra proper. Hizbullah has done the same. The Iraqi Resistance should follow suit imminently. The clock is ticking faster and faster on Daesh’s hold over Tadmur.

What we’re bearing witness to, truly, is the desperation of a dying empire. No longer can the Anglo-Zionist Imperium impose its will on Global South states and expect them to fall in line with all things hegemonic. Now, the Great and Little Satans must resort to the equivalent of geopolitical parlor tricks with outlandish propaganda campaigns and proxy armies which melt away like candles in saunas when placed side by side with a regional powerhouse like Syria and its allies. Unipolarity simply ain’t what it used to be; on front after front, it is losing to multipolarity. And there is no place where this defeat is more evident than Syria. Yes, it is saddening and frustrating that Palmyra has fallen again to ISIS. But Palmyra was freed before by the Syrian-Hizbullahi-Iraqi-Iranian-Russian alliance and it shall be freed again. This isn’t optimism but certainty. Remember, the US regime, ‘Israel’, the Zionist media, the Takfiri terrorists, the GCC despots and the NATO states never thought Aleppo would be liberated. Now the enemies of Syria gag on their doubts. Expect them to choke even harder soon, because Palmyra Victory 2.0 is fast approaching.

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